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Undergraduate Leaves

5/4/15 Note: Back2UA Program for undergraduates was initiated in Fall 2014.

Short-term Leave (Back2UA)

Undergraduate students who have missed no more than two consecutive regular (Fall/Spring) semesters may return without applying for readmission or requesting an official Leave of Absence.  To qualify for the External LinkBack2UA Program, students must be in good academic standing (not on probation or disqualification) and must have degree-seeking status.

Upon returning to the University, students should meet with an academic advisor before enrolling.  They will then be eligible to register with their class during priority registration and/or during open registration.

Note:  Only U.S. citizens and students with permanent resident or other immigrant status are eligible for the automatic short-term leave process.

International Student Leave

Degree-seeking international students may be eligible for a one or two-semester leave of absence.  Students should complete a Leave of Absence Form and submit it to the External LinkOffice of International Student Services for approval.

Military Leave of Absence (MLOA)

The University of Arizona supports students who are members of the United States armed forces and reserve units.  An undergraduate or graduate student who is a member of the U.S. military, National Guard or other armed forces reserve unit who is called or ordered to active duty elsewhere may be granted a Military Leave of Absence (MLOA) from the University for the period of active duty and up to one year after returning from active duty.  Students with the MLOA need not apply for readmission or pay readmission fees.  MLOA allows those students to preregister for classes during their priority registration period prior to the term when they plan to return to campus. 

The MLOA application is available online from the External LinkRegistrar’s Office forms site.  The completed application, to be submitted to the Registration & Transcripts Office in Administration 210 prior to the student’s departure from the University, must be accompanied by a copy of the military orders indicating the date on which the student must report for active duty elsewhere.  When students are called to active duty after classes begin, they should withdraw from all of their classes by submitting a Complete Withdrawal, in addition to filing the MLOA for subsequent terms.  If students receive financial aid and/or live in a UA residence hall, they are responsible for contacting the External LinkOffice of Student Financial Aid and/or External LinkOffice of Residence Life.

For assistance with the MLOA form, students should contact their college dean's office.

Information for All Students on Leave:

  • Residence Hall students should immediately contact the External Link Residence Life office at 621-6501 or 621-1241.
  • The University reports enrollment status to lenders and loan service entities as "not attending."  Students are advised to contact their lender(s) for repayment information and grace period expiration.
  • The University suspends students' insurance and the use of University facilities.

Students who aren't eligible for any of the above leave options and who aren't enrolled for a regular semester (Fall/Spring), must apply for readmission with the External LinkOffice of Admissions.  

For further information about these policies contact your academic advisor or:

External Link Office of the Registrar
The University of Arizona
Administration Building, Main Floor Lobby
Phone:  (520) 621-3113

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