Academic Policies

Repeating a Course

An undergraduate or graduate student may attempt the same course at the University no more than twice, whether the student completes the course with a passing or failing grade (i.e., C, D, E, S, P, F, I) or whether the student audits, withdraws or is administratively dropped from the course (i.e., O, W, E, WO, XO). Thus, a student who drops a course any time after the first withdrawal deadline (e.g., after the second week of the semester) has had one attempt with that course. Repeating a course with the Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) counts as an additional attempt.

Excluded from the count of attempts is a complete withdrawal from the University (i.e., WC grade), a course cancelation by the department offering the course, and courses that are designated as repeatable for credit.

Original grades of A or B may not be repeated, except as specifically provided by departments on a course-by-course basis. Additionally, designated Success Courses may not be repeated.  When a completed course with a passing or failing grade is repeated without use of the GRO, the cumulative grade-point-average (GPA) will reflect the grades earned in the first and second attempts. Credit will be applied only once to the degree program, unless the course is designated repeatable for credit by the department.

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