Academic Policies

Class Attendance and Administrative Drop

5/7/14 Note: Course withdrawal (administrative drop) deadlines given below are effective for all undergraduates as of Fall 2014.

Students are expected to be regular and punctual in class attendance. The University believes that students themselves are primarily responsible for attendance. Instructors will provide students with written statements of their policies with respect to absences. Excessive or extended absence from class is sufficient reason for the instructor to recommend that the student be administratively dropped from the course. For those courses in which enrollment is limited, missing the first class session may be interpreted as excessive absence. If this action is filed in the External Link Office of the Registrar by the end of the second week of classes (the tenth day of regularly scheduled classes), it will result in cancellation of registration in the course. The date the administrative drop is posted on the class roster in UAccess Instructor Center determines how the drop affects the student's academic record:

  • Prior to the end of the 2nd week of classes in Fall/Spring (see External LinkDates & Deadlines for shorter terms), the course will be deleted from the student's permanent record.
  • An administrative drop in weeks three through ten of Fall/Spring (see External LinkDates & Deadlines for shorter terms) will result in the grade of W, regardless of whether the student is passing at the time.
  • The grade of XO is awarded for students who are administratively dropped for courses taken for audit after the External Link deadline to drop without a grade of W.
  • After the end of the 10th week of classes in Fall/Spring (see External LinkDates & Deadlines for shorter terms), administrative drops will not be processed.

The student may notify the External Link Dean of Students Office when an absence from class of one week or more is unavoidable. The office will maintain a file of such reports available to instructors upon request.


Administrative drop is an instructor's option, not an obligation. Instructors are not required to drop students who fail to attend class. Any student who intends to drop or withdraw from a course must do so following drop and withdrawal instructions. Students who remain enrolled in a course throughout the term but fail to attend class may receive an E grade for the course.

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