Academic Policies

Substitutions for Approved General Education Courses

Substitutions are not encouraged, and will be granted only for extraordinary circumstances. The college dean'soffice approves all substitutions other than those based on disability.

Students requiring a substitution based on disability should first contact the External Link Disability Resource Center. The Disability Resource Center will review the student's record and, when appropriate, recommend a substitution which must then be approved by an academic advisor in the student's college.

Tier One and Tier Two substitutions granted by one college/major will be honored by the student's subsequent college/major, if any.  Substitutions for Foundations requirements (English composition, math, second language) may or may not be accepted by the student's new college/major.

Students requesting a substitution for an approved Tier One, Tier Two, or Foundations course, for any reason, must request and receive approval for the substitution prior to enrolling in the substitute course. Contact your External Link college advisor for more information about the approval process.

In the absence of direct course equivalents, Arizona community college AGEC-approved courses may be substituted for UA-approved general education courses with the approval of the student'scollege in advance of enrollment in the substitute course.

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