Academic Policies

Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC)

The Arizona public community colleges and the three state universities, including the UA, have agreed upon a common structure for a general education core curriculum. This common structure is called the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC). AGEC is composed of a minimum of 35 semester units of lower-division general education course work that prepares the student for transfer.

Students transferring from an Arizona community college to one of the state universities have the option of completing the lower-division general education requirements at the university or completing the AGEC while at a community college.

Completing the AGEC will fulfill the following lower-division general education requirements at the University: composition, mathematics, Tier One and Tier Two. The University reserves the right to verify that an AGEC certified by a community college conforms to State-approved policy before the AGEC is applied toward a UA degree. Students with an AGEC are still required to fulfill lower-division program requirements, second language, and prerequisites within their college and major/minor area of study to complete a UA degree. The requirements to satisfy the AGEC are available through the Arizona community college advising centers.

In the absence of a complete certified AGEC, transfer students from Arizona community colleges may meet their general education requirements with a combination of AGEC-approved courses taken before their initial enrollment at UA, along with subsequent UA general education course work.

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