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Academic Policies

Completion of the UA General Education Requirements
with Transfer Courses

Transfer credits from other accredited institutions earned before a studentís initial enrollment at the University will be applied to the studentís UA General Education requirements as decided by the college declared by the student at the time of initial admission. Transfer credits earned by UA students will be applied to the General Education requirements by the college of the studentís primary major at the time the courses are taken. Those decisions will be honored by a studentís subsequent colleges, if any. With a change of major, the student is responsible for completing any additional or higher level General Education requirements as specified by the new major.

Guiding Principles for Transfer Course Work

  1. The Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) is an appropriate path for Arizona community college students in most majors to complete the University of Arizonaís General Education Requirements, with the additional need to establish the second language proficiency requirement. Students with a certified AGEC will have satisfied the lower-division General Education requirements in accordance with statewide transfer policies.
  2. The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is an appropriate path for California community college students to satisfy most of the University of Arizona's General Education Requirements, with the possible addition of 1 - 2 laboratory science courses, a diversity emphasis course, and the second language proficiency.
  3. The University of Arizona Tier One and Two curriculum is the recommended path for students beginning at the University of Arizona.
  4. The University of Arizona will apply up to the maximum number of transfer course credits while maintaining the underlying principle of its General Education curriculum; that is, that each student will experience a coherent, consistent foundational body of knowledge.
  5. Arizona public community college courses that satisfy the defined AGEC subject areas will apply to the Universityís Foundations, Tier One and/or Tier Two study areas in accordance with approved guidelines.
  6. Transfer credit should be applied for all students according to the same guidelines regardless of where the work is earned. [Note: AP/CLEP/IB credit will be treated identically with transfer credit.]
  7. Demonstration of proficiency in a second language is a graduation requirement.
  8. The University of Arizona will apply transfer courses that are deemed equivalent to UA courses that satisfy Foundations, Tier One and Tier Two Requirements in accordance with approved guidelines.


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