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Academic Policies

Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO)

3/1/10: Amendments #2 and #3 are effective with the GRO filing dates for Fall 2011 regardless of Catalog.

Before applying for GRO, please read External Link"The Truth about GRO"

  1. Undergraduates who have not received a bachelor’s degree from this University may repeat under the Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO), only once, certain courses in which they received grades of C, D, or E.
  2. All undergraduates who have attempted fewer than 60 University Credits (i.e., units in residence at the UA) at the time of application for GRO are eligible. Students with 60 or more attempted University Credits may retake courses in accordance with the Course Repeat Policy but without use of the GRO.
  3. Graduate students are not eligible for GRO.
  4. The repeat GRO attempt department, course number, and grading type must be identical to the first attempt.
    1. The use of GRO for Tier Two courses is limited to courses with the same title and course number.  GRO of Tier One courses will be limited to courses with the same title (formerly the subtitle), although course prefixes and numbers may differ.
    2. The use of GRO to replace UA main campus courses with UA South courses or vice versa, is limited to courses with a corresponding course prefix (e.g., ANTH-UA main prefix, and ANTV-UA South prefix), the same course number and title, and which have been determined to be equivalent as indicated in the Catalog course description.
  5. "Credit by Exam", "Grade by Exam", "Individual Studies" courses, "Correspondence" courses, "Success Courses," and "Pass/Fail" courses cannot be taken under GRO. Individual Studies is defined as courses with numbers ending in 91 (Preceptorship), 92 (directed research), 93 (internship), 94 (practicum), and 99 (independent study).
  6. A total of 3 courses, not to exceed a maximum of 10 semester hours, may be repeated under GRO.
  7. A GRO repeated course grade will replace only one previous grade. (Example: if a course has been graded more than once, the GRO repeated course grade will replace only one of the graded courses.)
  8. Students must file a GRO request form in the Office of the Registrar, Administration Building, Room 210.  The request form is available only during GRO filing periods. See the exact External Link GRO Filing Deadlines and the External Link GRO Information page.
  9. The repeated attempt under GRO is the grade used in the calculation of the grade-point-average (GPA), even if lower than the first attempt, except in the case of #10 below. Both grades earned in the first and the GRO repeat attempts will remain on the academic record. If a student passes the first attempt, but fails the repeat attempt, the failing grade is calculated in the grade-point-average; however the units earned in the first attempt may be applied toward degree requirements.
  10. GRO repeat attempt grades of O, W, WP, WF, WO or XO will count as attempts, but will not replace the grade in the first attempt.
  11. When the final grade for the GRO repeat attempt has been processed in the Office of the Registrar, the cumulative grade-point-average will be adjusted. Grades of I, K, and Y are not final grades.
  12. Total earned units (i.e., term and cumulative units) will not be affected by GRO, but only the units for one attempt of a GRO-repeated course will be applied toward a degree program.
  13. University, college or department policies or certain circumstances may limit the option to use the Grade Replacement Opportunity. Neither the department nor the Office of the Registrar is responsible for the loss of this opportunity due to changes in course offerings, such as course cancellation, unit change, time change, etc.
  14. After filing the GRO form, it becomes the STUDENT's RESPONSIBILITY to notify the External Link Office of the Registrar, Administration Bldg. Rm. 210, of ANY CHANGE that may affect the registration in the course being repeated.

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