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Academic Policies

Credits from Community Colleges

While there is no limit to the total number of units of course work that may be transferred from an accredited community college to The University of Arizona, no more than 64 of those units may be applied toward the requirements for a bachelorís degree. The choice of the 64 units is at the discretion of the student in consultation with an advisor.

Transfer students are encouraged to complete freshman and sophomore level general education course work at their community colleges. Transferability of courses of independent study, internship, or practicum will be determined by the appropriate department or college at The University of Arizona and may be restricted both in number of units and in degree applicability. Students who have taken community college courses in these categories may petition for an exception.

While all courses offered for transfer will be accepted by the University according to these rules, the specific lower-division requirements of various curricula vary widely. In order to complete the baccalaureate program in the normal time span, the student should consult the appropriate college and the advisor in the appropriate university department to determine requirements of a particular program.

Community college courses which are equivalent in content to university upper-division courses (course numbers 300-499) will be transferable as equivalents, but with lower-division credit. These courses need not be repeated at the University, but will not count toward the required number of upper-division credit hours.

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