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Academic Policies

General Education Curriculum

The University-wide General Education Curriculum helps students attain the fundamental skills and broad base of knowledge that all college-educated adults must have, whatever their specific areas of concentration (i.e., the major and minor). The experiences of General Education encourage students to develop a critical and inquiring attitude, an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of subject areas, acceptance of persons of different backgrounds or values, and a deepened sense of self. The goal of General Education is to prepare students to respond more fully and effectively to an increasingly complex and ambiguous world.

All degree-seeking, undergraduate students must satisfy the requirements of the UA General Education Curriculum by completing a series of basic college courses:

  • Foundations – English Composition, Mathematics, and Second Language courses
  • Tier One – Traditions & Cultures, Individuals & Societies, and Natural Sciences courses
  • Tier Two – Humanities, Individuals & Societies, Natural Sciences, and Arts courses
  • Diversity Emphasis – Gender, Race, Class, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, or Non-Western Area Studies (one course)
General Education policies pertaining to transfer students:

Your Specific Requirements:

To see the requirements specific to your major and degree program, consult the general Academic Advisement Reports or your personal Advisement Report inExternal LinkUAccess Student.  Please direct questions to your External Linkacademic advisor.

Office of Instruction and Assessment:

 The External LinkOffice of Instruction and Assessment administers the UA's General Education Curriculum.


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