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9/13/10:  Policy revised to increase choice of Catalogs for all currently enrolled undergraduates.

The General Catalog is the University's primary official source of departmental, college and university-wide information related to academic programs. Courses, programs and policies that govern progress towards completion of an undergraduate degree are described in the General Catalog. 

Students maintaining continuous enrollment follow the requirements outlined by the Catalog in effect when they first enroll in the University of Arizona or in a public Arizona community college or university (i.e., term of admission). The Catalog of the term of admission prescribes, at the minimum, the General Education curriculum and the set of academic policies that govern progress toward completion of a degree.  The Catalog of the term of admission also describes the program requirements of the student's major(s) and minor(s), unless the student selects a subsequent Catalog in order to declare a newly established major or minor that was unavailable during the term of admission.  In this situation, the Catalog of the admission term holds for the degree components indicated above, but a more recent Catalog is designated for (a) the major requirements and related policies, or (b) the minor requirements and related policies.  Thus, a student's primary Catalog may be supplemented by one or more newer Catalogs that pertain solely to a major and/or a minor. 

Alternatively, student may choose to follow all of the program and policy requirements outlined by any single Catalog in effect during subsequent terms of continuous enrollment. Each student is responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies described in the Catalog chosen.  See All UA Academic Catalogs.

Students admitted or readmitted to a public Arizona community college or university during a summer term follow the requirements of the Catalog in effect the following Fall semester. Students transferring among Arizona public higher education institutions must meet the admission requirements, residency requirements, and all curricular and academic requirements of the degree-granting institution.

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