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Academic Policies

Course Numbering System

The number by which a course is designated indicates the level of the course:

100-299:  Lower-division courses primarily for freshmen and sophomores.

  • 100-199:  Primarily introductory and beginning courses.
  • 200-299:  Intermediate-level courses.

300-499:  Upper-division courses primarily for juniors and seniors.

  • 300-399:  Advanced-intermediate-level courses.
  • 400-499*:  Advanced-level courses.

500-599*:  Graduate courses. Open to exceptionally well-qualified seniors with the prior written approval of the course instructor and the Graduate College.  See the Graduate Credit for Seniors policy.

600-699:  Graduate courses. Not open to undergraduate students.

700-799:  Graduate courses limited to doctoral students.

800-899:  Courses limited to students working toward degrees offered by the colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Public Health. Not available for credit toward other degrees.

900-999:  Independent graduate study involving research, thesis, or dissertation. Not open to undergraduates.

*  Certain 400- and 500-level courses with the same number and title may be convened jointly. Students may receive credit for such courses only once, whether jointly convened or separately, unless designated repeatable in the course description or unless special approval is granted by the student's major advisor.



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