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Faculty Members


Zabludoff, Ann I - Associate Professor, Astronomy; Associate Astronomer, Steward Observatory; SB, 1986, SB, 1987, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; AM, 1988, PHD, 1993, Harvard University

Zaghloul, Raik A - Assistant Librarian; BA, 1982, State University of New York; MA, 2003, University of Arizona

Zaimes, George N - Assistant Specialist, Natural Resources; Assistant Professor, Natural Resources; BS, 1997, MS, 1999, PHD, 2004, Iowa State University

Zajac, Edward E - Professor Emeritus, Economics; BE, 1950, Cornell University; MSE, 1952, Princeton University; PHD, 1954, Stanford University

Zakharov, Vladimir E - Professor, Mathematics; Regents Professor; BS, 1963, Novosibirsk State University; MS, 1966, PHD, 1971, Institute of Nuclear Physics

Zandt, George - Professor, Geosciences; BS, 1973, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee; PHD, 1978, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Zanger, Margaret E - Associate Professor, Practice; MA, 1985, MSL, 1989, Unknown

Zaritsky, Dennis F - Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; BS, 1986, California Institute of Technology; PHD, 1991, University of Arizona

Zavisca, Jane R - Assistant Professor, Sociology; BA, 1993, MA, 1996, Columbia University; MA, 1999, University of California at Berkeley

Zawaideh, Mona A - Assistant Professor, Pediatrics; MD, 1997, Jordan University of Science and Technology

Zdechlik, Lisa J - Assistant Professor, Music; BM, 1981, BM ED, 1981, University of Northern Colorado; MM, 1992, San Diego State University

Zedeno, Maria N - Associate Research Anthropologist; Associate Professor, Anthropology; MA, 1987, PHD, 1991, Southern Methodist University

Zegura, Elizabeth Chesne - Associate Professor, French & Italian; AB, 1971, Bryn Mawr College; MA, 1974, PHD, 1976, Duke University

Zegura, Stephen L - Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1965, Stanford University; MS, 1969, PHD, 1971, University of Wisconsin

Zeigler, Bernard P - Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BS, 1962, Mcgill University; MS, 1964, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; PHD, 1968, University of Michigan

Zelinski, Brian J - Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engr; BS, 1978, Ohio State University; PHD, 1987, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Zenenga, Praise - Assistant Professor, African American Studies; BA, 1991, MA, 1993, University of Zimbabwe; PHD, 2004, Northwestern University

Zeng, Dajun - Associate Professor, Management Information Systems; PHD, 1998, Carnegie Mellon University

Zeng, Xubin - Professor, Atmospheric Sciences; BS, 1984, University of Nanjing; MS, 1987, Chinese Academy of Sciences; PHD, 1992, Colorado State University

Zepeda, Ofelia - Professor, Linguistics; Professor, Language, Reading & Culture; BA, 1977, PHD, 1984, University of Arizona

Zhang, Beichuan - Assistant Professor, Computer Science; BS, 1995, Beijing University; MS, 1997, PHD, 2003, University of California at Los Angeles

Zhang, Donna D - Assistant Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology; MS, 1994, PHD, 1997, New York University

Zhang, Zhu - Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems; BE, 1996, Tongji University; MS, 1999, Fudan University; PHD, 2005, University of Michigan

Zhao, Jianliang - Professor, Management Information Systems; BS, 1982, Beijing University; MS, 1985, University of California at Davis; MS, 1990, PHD, 1992, University of California at Berkeley

Zheng, Zhiping - Associate Professor, Chemistry; BS, 1987, MS, 1990, Peking University; PHD, 1995, University of California

Ziegler, Miriam M - Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry; BS, 1967, Bucknell University; MA, 1969, PHD, 1973, Harvard Medical School

Zinsmaier, Konrad E - Associate Professor, Neurobiology; Associate Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; DR RER NAT, 1990, Julius Maximilian Universitat

Ziolkowski, Richard W - Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; SC B, 1974, Brown University; MS, 1975, PHD, 1980, University of Illinois Urbana Campus

Ziurys, Lucy M - Professor, Chemistry; Professor, Astronomy; Director, Smt/12m Radiotelescope Observatories; BA, 1978, Rice University; PHD, 1984, University of California at Berkeley

Zizza, Frank - Associate Professor, Ua South; Division Chair, Science,technology & Professional Studies-Ua South; BA, 1979, City University of New York; PHD, 1985, University of California at Berkeley

Zohar, Yitshak - Professor, Aerospace & Mechanical Engr; Professor, Bio5 Institute; BSC, 1981, MSC, 1984, Israel Institute of Technology; PHD, 1990, University of Southern California

Zou, Changping - Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology; MD, 1983, Beijing Medical University; MSPH, 1990, PHD, 1994, University of Texas

Zreda, Marek G - Associate Professor, Hydrology & Water Resources; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; Associate Professor, Geosciences; BS, 1986, University of Warsaw; MS, 1990, PHD, 1994, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Zwinger, Lynda M - Associate Professor, English; BA, 1977, University of Minnesota; PHD, 1984, State University of New York at Buffalo

Zwolinski, Malcolm J - Professor, Watershed Management; Supplemental Compensation, Faculty; Associate Director, Renewable Natural Resources; BS, 1959, University of New Hampshire; MASTER'S, 1961, Yale University; PHD, 1966, University of Arizona


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