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Faculty Members


Wagenheim, Lisa K - Librarian, Reference-Electronic Services; Assistant Librarian; BA, 1996, JD, 2000, University of Arizona; MA, 2001, University of Washington

Waits, Juanita O - Area Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences; BA, 1973, Arizona State University; MS, 1986, University of Arizona

Walker, Christopher K - Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; Associate Professor, Optical Sciences; Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BS, 1980, Clemson University; MS, 1981, Ohio State University; PHD, 1988, University of Arizona

Walker, Frances Ann - Professor, Chemistry; Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics; Regents Professor; BA, 1962, College of Wooster; PHD, 1966, Brown University

Walker, Henry A - Professor, Sociology; BA, 1971, MA, 1974, University of Missouri at Kansas City; PHD, 1979, Stanford University

Walker, Mark A - Department Head, Economics; Professor, Economics; BA, 1964, University of California at Santa Barbara; MA, 1966, PHD, 1970, Purdue University

Wallendorf, Melanie - Professor, Marketing; BA, 1974, Southern Methodist University; MA, 1977, PHD, 1979, University of Pittsburgh

Waller, Peter M - Associate Professor, Agric & Biosystems Engr; BS, 1981, MS, 1989, PHD, 1992, University of California at Davis

Waller, William S - Professor, Accounting; BS, 1971, University of Illinois; MS, 1974, Northern Illinois University; PHD, 1981, University of Washington

Walsh, Craig T - Assistant Professor, Music; BM, 1993, Mannes College of Musit; MFA, 1997, PHD, 1999, Brandeis University

Walsh, James Bruce - Professor, Public Health; Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Associate Department Head, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Professor, Bio5 Institute; Adjunct Professor, Plant Science; Adjunct Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; Adjunct Professor, Animal Science; BS, 1979, University of California at Davis; PHD, 1983, University of Washington

Walter, Frank G - Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine; BS, 1980, University of North Dakota; BS, 1982, University of North Dakota School of Medicine; MD, 1984, Washington University School of Medicine

Walworth, James L - Associate Specialist, Soil,water & Environ Sci; Associate Professor, Soil,water & Environ Sci; BS, 1976, MSC, 1980, University of Wisconsin; PHD, 1985, University of Georgia

Wang, Feiyue - Professor, Systems & Industrial Engr; Adjunct Professor, Mining & Geological Engineering; BS, 1982, Shandong Institute of Chemical Engineering; MS, 1984, Zhejiang University; PHD, 1990, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Wang, Meiling - Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BS, 1991, East China Institute of Technology; ME, 1994, Chinese Academia of Sciences; MS, 1997, University of California at Berkeley

Wang, Qiu-Dong - Associate Professor, Mathematics; BS, 1982, Nanjing University; PHD, 1994, University of Cincinnati

Warburton, Jeffrey L - Associate Professor, Theatre Arts; BFA, 1973, Florida Atlantic University; MFA, 1975, Florida State University

Ward, Robin A - Assistant Professor, Teaching & Teacher Education; BA, 1986, Immaculata College; MA, 1989, Villanova University; PHD, 1997, University of Virginia

Ward, Samuel - Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; BA, 1965, Princeton University; PHD, 1971, California Institute of Technology

Ware, George W - Professor Emeritus, Research Admin; BS, 1951, MS, 1952, University of Arkansas; PHD, 1957, Kansas State University

Warneke, James A - Associate Professor, Surgery; BS, 1979, University of California at Riverside; MD, 1982, University of California at Los Angeles

Warner, Natasha - Assistant Professor, Linguistics; Assistant Research Social Scientist; BA, 1991, University of Minnesota; MA, 1995, PHD, 1998, University of California at Berkeley

Warnock, John P - Professor, English; BA, 1963, Amherst College; BA, 1965, MA, 1968, Oxford University; JD, 1968, New York University Law School

Warrick, Arthur Will - Professor, Soil,water & Environ Sci; Professor, Hydrology & Water Resources; BS, 1962, MS, 1964, PHD, 1967, Iowa State University

Washburn, Franci A - Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies; Assistant Professor, English; BA, 1997, MA, 2000, PHD, 2003, University of New Mexico

Waterstone, Marvin - Associate Professor, Geography & Regional Devel; Associate Professor, Hydrology & Water Resources; BA, 1976, MA, 1978, University of Colorado; PHD, 1983, Rutgers University

Watkins, Joseph C - Associate Professor, Mathematics; BA, 1974, MA, 1976, University of Tennessee; MA, 1978, PHD, 1982, University of Wisconsin

Watson, Ronald R - Professor, Public Health; Research Professor, Family & Community Med; Adjunct Professor, Nutritional Sciences; BS, 1966, Brigham Young University; PHD, 1971, Michigan State University

Watson, Samuel L - Artist in Residence;

Waugh, Linda R - Professor, French & Italian; Professor, English; Professor, Anthropology; Chair, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching Grad Interdisc Prog; Professor, Language, Reading & Culture; BA, 1964, Tufts University; MA, 1965, Stanford University; PHD, 1970, Indiana University

Wearing, John P - Professor Emeritus, English; BA, 1967, University of Wales; MA, 1968, University of Saskatchewan; PHD, 1971, University of Wales

Weaver, Albert B - Professor Emeritus, Interdis Graduate Prog Admin; AB, 1940, University of Montana; MS, 1941, University of Idaho; PHD, 1952, University of Chicago

Webster, Nora E - Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing; BA, 1980, Reed College; MS, 1990, Yale University

Wedel, Andrew B - Assistant Professor, Linguistics; Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Studies; BA, 1986, Swarthmore College; PHD, 1992, University of California at Berkeley

Weekes, Ann - Associate Professor, English; BA, 1976, PHD, 1986, University of Arizona

Wegner, Thomas N - Lecturer Emeritus, Animal Sciences-Res; BS, 1955, Michigan State University; MS, 1956, Colorado State University; PHD, 1964, University of California at Davis

Wehr, Jan - Associate Professor, Mathematics; MS, 1982, Warsaw University; PHD, 1989, Rutgers University

Wei, Shih J - Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology; BA, 1996, MD, 2000, Washington University

Weihs, Karen L - Associate Professor, Psychiatry; BA, 1975, University of Northern Iowa; MD, 1979, University of Iowa College of Medicine

Weinand, Martin E - Professor, Surgery; BS, 1980, Emory University; MD, 1984, St. Louis University

Weinberg, Norman G - Professor, Music; BM, 1975, University of Missouri at Kansas City; MM, 1977, DMA, 1993, Indiana University

Weiner, Douglas R - Professor, History; BA, 1974, Columbia College; MA, 1976, M PHIL, 1979, PHD, 1984, Columbia University

Weinert, Ted - Associate Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; BA, 1975, University of California at Berkeley; PHD, 1984, Yale University

Weinstein, Donald - Professor Emeritus, History; BA, 1948, MA, 1950, University of Chicago; PHD, 1957, University of Iowa

Weinstein, Ronald S - Department Head, Pathology; Professor, Pathology; Director, Arizona Rural Telemedicine Demonstration Proj; BS, 1960, Union College; MD, 1965, Tufts University School of Medicine

Weisband, Suzanne P - Associate Professor, Management Information Systems; Associate Professor, Communication; PHD, 1988, Carnegie Mellon University

Weiss, Barry D - Professor, Family & Community Med; Professor, Family & Community Med; MD, 1976, State University of New York at Buffalo

Welburn, William C - Associate Professor, Sch of Info Resources & Library Sc; BS, 1975, Syracuse University; MSLS, 1978, Atlanta University; PHD, 1991, Indiana University

Wells, Donald A - Professor Emeritus, Economics; BA, 1953, Depauw University; MA, 1958, University of Virginia; PHD, 1960, University of Oregon

Wells, Michael A - Regents Professor Emeritus, Biochem/Molecular Biophysics; BA, 1961, University of Southern California; PHD, 1965, University of Kentucky

Welsh, William A - Professor, Political Science; Professor, Family & Community Med; BS, 1961, MA, 1962, PHD, 1965, Northwestern University

Westbrook, Denise S - Senior Lecturer, Computer Science; Associate Head; BS, 1988, University of South Alabama; MS, 1990, PHD, 1998, University of Southwestern Louisiana

Westerland, Chad L - Assistant Professor, Political Science; BA, 2000, Gonzaga University; MA, 2001, PHD, 2004, Stony Brook University

Westerman, Kimberly D - Lecturer, English; BA, 1988, University of North Carolina at Wilmington; MFA, 1993, University of Arizona

Wexler, David B - Senior Lecturer, Law; BA, 1961, Harpur College, State University of New York; JD, 1964, New York University Law School

Wheaton, Steve R - Lecturer, Mathematics; BS, 1976, University of Maine; MA, 1988, University of Arizona

Wheeland, Ronald G - Professor, Medicine; BS, 1969, MD, 1973, University of Arizona

Wheeler, Diana E - Professor, Entomology; BS, 1972, Duke University; MS, 1977, University of Delaware; PHD, 1982, Duke University

White, Cynthia - Associate Professor, Classics; BA, 1976, Chestnut Hill College; MA, 1978, Villanova University; PHD, 1991, Catholic University of America

White, Donald H - Professor Emeritus, Chemical & Environmental Engr; B CH E, 1940, Ohio State University; MS, 1942, PHD, 1949, Iowa State College

White, Karen M - Associate Professor, Art; BA, 1989, Rutgers University; MFA, 1994, Virginia Commonwealth University

White, Susan M - Associate Professor, English; Supplemental Compensation, Faculty; BA, 1978, University of California at Berkeley; MA, 1981, PHD, 1987, Johns Hopkins University

Whiteford, John H - Director, Latin American Area Center; Professor, Latin American Studies;

Whiting, Frank M - Professor Emeritus, Animal Sciences-Res; BS, 1956, MS, 1968, PHD, 1971, University of Arizona

Whitmer, Evelyn B - Assistant Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences/Community Health Progs; BS, 1995, M ED, 2000, Northern Arizona University

Widdifield, Stacie G - Professor, Art; BA, 1975, MA, 1981, PHD, 1986, University of California at Los Angeles

Wiersma, Frank - Professor Emeritus, Agric/Biosystems Eng-Res; BS, 1948, MS, 1950, South Dakota State College; PHD, 1966, Oklahoma State University

Wild, Peter T - Professor, English; BA, 1962, MA, 1967, University of Arizona; MFA, 1969, University of California at Irvine

Wilder, Joseph C - Editor-In-chief/Senior Editor, Journal of the Southwest; Director, Southwest Studies Center; BA, 1975, MLS, 1977, University of Arizona; MA, 1979, PHD, 1986, University of Notre Dame

Wilder, Margaret O - Assistant Professor, Latin American Studies; Assistant Professor, Geography & Regional Devel; BA, 1981, BA, 1981, University of Notre Dame; MA, 1985, MA, 1985, University of Chicago; PHD, 2002, University of Arizona

Wildner-Bassett, Mary E - Department Head, German Studies; Professor, German Studies; BA, 1974, Eastern Illinois University; MA, 1978, University of Wisconsin; PHD, 1983, Ruhr University

Wiles, Peter S - Assistant Professor, Mathematics; BS, 1995, Pacific Lutheran University; PHD, 2001, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Wilhelm, Mari S - Associate Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences; Director, Institute for Children, Youth & Family; Associate Professor, Public Health; BS, 1972, University of Nebraska; MA, 1978, PHD, 1982, Michigan State University

Wilkinson, Richard H - Professor, Classics; Professor, Near Eastern Studies; BA, 1975, Ambassador College; MA, 1982, California State University; MA, 1984, PHD, 1986, University of Minnesota

Willard, Thomas S - Associate Professor, English; BA, 1967, MA, 1968, George Washington University; PHD, 1978, University of Toronto

Willerton, John P - Associate Professor, Political Science; Supplemental Compensation, Faculty; BA, 1975, MA, 1977, Michigan State University; PHD, 1985, University of Michigan

Williams Jr, Robert A - E Thomas Sullivan Professor, Law; AB, 1977, Loyola College; JD, 1980, Harvard University College of Law

Williams, Barbara A - Assistant Librarian; BA, 1990, Michigan State University; MLS, 1996, Wayne State University

Williams, Edward J - Adjunct Professor, Political Science; Professor Emeritus, Political Science; BA, 1960, MA, 1961, Duquesne University; PHD, 1966, Johns Hopkins University

Williams, Jean Marie - Professor, Psychology; BA, 1965, MA, 1967, University of Iowa; PHD, 1975, Florida State University

Williams, John G - Professor, Nuclear & Energy Engineering; Director, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory; BA, 1967, Oxford University; PHD, 1971, London University

Williams, Michael L - Professor, Dance; BM, 1978, University of Kentucky

Williams, Stuart K - Director, Biomedical Engineering; Professor, Biomedical Engineering; Professor, Bio5 Institute; Professor, Physiology; Chair, Biomedical Engineering-Graduate Interdisciplinary Program; BA, 1974, MS, 1976, PHD, 1979, University of Delaware

Williams, Susan Q - Associate Professor, Dance;

Williams, Tammy L - Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing; BSN, 1997, MSN, 1999, Kean University; MBA, 2003, University of Phoenix

Williams, Walter H - Professor, Radiology; BS, 1963, University of Missouri; PHD, 1968, Purdue University; MD, 1980, Yale University

Williamsen, Amy - Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese; BA, 1979, University of Missouri at Columbia; MA, 1981, University of Toronto; PHD, 1985, University of Southern California

Williamson Jr, Paul J - Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing; BA, 1990, Life Pacific College; MSN, 2002, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

Willie, Mary A - Associate Professor, Linguistics; Associate Professor, American Indian Studies; BS, 1975, Northern Arizona University; MA, 1988, PHD, 1991, University of Arizona

Willis, Carol L - Director, County Extension; Associate Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences; Interim Director, County Extension-Greenlee County; BS, 1968, Northern Arizona University; MS, 1969, Arizona State University

Willott, Elizabeth - Lecturer, Entomology; BS, 1982, University of Calgary; PHD, 1989, University of Arizona

Wilson, Clifton E - Professor Emeritus, Political Science; BS, 1950, MA, 1953, University of Utah; PHD, 1964, University of Minnesota

Wilson, Jean M - Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy; BS, 1980, University of California at Riverside; PHD, 1985, University of California at Davis

Wilson, Paul N - Professor, Agricultural/Resource Economics; BS, 1970, Arizona State University; MS, 1975, University of Arizona; PHD, 1982, University of Minnesota

Wilson-Sanders, Susan E - Director/Attending Veterinarian, University Animal Care; Veterinary Specialist, University Animal Care; Professor, Vet Science & Microbiology; Research Lecturer, Medicine; BS, 1970, DVM, 1971, MS, 1976, Texas A & M University

Wimmer, Gayle E - Professor, Art; BFA, 1967, Pratt Institute; MFA, 1971, Tyler School of Art

Wing, Rod A - Professor, Plant Science; Director, Plant Genomics Institute; Professor, Bio5 Institute; BA, 1980, University of California at Berkeley; PHD, 1987, University of California at Davis

Wing, William H - Professor, Physics; Professor, Arizona Research Labs; Professor, Optical Sciences; Professor, International Studies; BA, 1960, Yale University; MS, 1962, Rutgers University; PHD, 1968, University of Michigan

Winslow, Dianne J - Professor, Theatre Arts; BA, 1975, University of Puget Sound; MFA, 1977, University of California

Winzerling, Joy J - Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Arizona Research Labs; Associate Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1975, MS, 1977, PHD, 1990, University of Arizona

Wirsching, Paul H - Professor Emeritus, Aero & Mechanical Engineering; BS CE, 1957, St. Louis University; MS, 1959, Notre Dame University; PHD, 1970, University of New Mexico

Wirth, Mary J - Professor, Chemistry; Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1974, Northern Illinois University; PHD, 1978, Purdue University

Wispe, Jonathan R - Professor, Pediatrics; BA, 1972, University of Oklahoma; MD, 1979, MS, 1985, University of Iowa

Witte, Marlys H - Professor, Surgery; BA, 1955, Barnard College; MD, 1960, New York University School of Medicine

Wojtkowski, Maciej P - Professor, Mathematics; PHD, 1978, Moscow State University

Wolfe, Paula J - Associate Librarian; BA, 1972, Central Connecticut State University; BA, 1985, University of California at Santa Crua; MS, 1987, University of California at Santa Cruz; MLS, 1993, San Jose State University

Wolfson, Catherine L - Associate Librarian, Information Services; BA, 1968, University of Arizona; MA, 1973, University of Missouri

Wondrak, Georg T - Assistant Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology; PHD, 1997, Technische Universitat Berlin

Woodard, Dudley B - Professor, Higher Education; BA, 1962, MA, 1965, PHD, 1969, Ohio University

Wooders, John C - Professor, Economics; BSC, 1986, University of Toronto; PHD, 1991, Cornell University

Woods Jr, Winton D - Senior Lecturer, Law; AB, 1962, JD, 1965, Indiana University

Woods, Rex A - Vice Director, Music; Professor, Music; BA, 1976, Brigham Young University; MM, 1979, University of Arizona; JD, 1988, Arizona State University

Woodson, Drexel G - Associate Research Anthropologist; Associate Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1973, Yale University; MA, 1978, PHD, 1990, University of Chicago

Woolf, Neville J - Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; BSC, 1956, PHD, 1959, Manchester University

Woolfenden, James M - Professor, Radiology; BA, 1964, Stanford University; MD, 1968, University of Washington

Woosley, Raymond L - Professor, Medicine; Professor, Pharmacology; BS, 1964, Western Kentucky University; PHD, 1967, University of Louisville; MD, 1973, University of Miami

Worobey, Michael - Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Assistant Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1997, Simon Fraser University; PHD, 2001, University of Oxford

Woronov, Terry E - Assistant Research Anthropologist, Bureau of Applied Res in Anthro; BA, 1980, Georgetown University; M ED, 1994, Harvard University; PHD, 2003, University of Chicago

Wrenn, Robert L - Professor Emeritus, Senior Vp Campus Life Office; BA, 1955, Macalester College; MA, 1959, PHD, 1962, Ohio State University

Wright, Bruce A - Associate Vice President, Economic Development; Adjunct Instructor, Geography & Regional Devel; BA, 1971, Willamette University

Wright, Ewan M - Professor, Optical Sciences; Professor, Physics; BSC, 1980, PHD, 1983, Heriot-watt University

Wright, Glenn C - Associate Research Scientist, Plant Science; BS, 1984, Colorado State University; MS, 1987, PHD, 1991, Texas A & M University

Wright, J Edward - Professor, Judaic Studies; TH B, 1980, Multnomah School of the Bible; MA, 1982, Western Seminary; MA, 1987, PHD, 1991, Brandeis University

Wright, Stephen H - Professor, Physiology; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; BS, 1972, MA, 1974, University of California at Davis; PHD, 1978, University of California at Irvine

Wu, Jiang - Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies; PHD, 2002, Harvard University

Wu, Jianjun - Assistant Professor, Economics; BA, 1996, MA, 1999, Zhongshan University; PHD, 2005, Northwestern University

Wung, Shu-Fen - Associate Professor, Nursing; BS, 1993, University of Dubuque; MS, 1995, PHD, 1999, University of California at San Francisco

Wyant, James C - Dean, College of Optical Sciences; Professor, Optical Sciences; Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BS, 1965, Case Institute of Technology; MS, 1967, PHD, 1968, University of Rochester

Wygnanski, Israel J - Professor, Aerospace & Mechanical Engr; BS, 1961, MS, 1962, PHD, 1964, Mcgill University

Wyman, Leisy T - Assistant Professor, Language, Reading & Culture; BA, 1989, Duke University; PHD, 2004, Stanford University

Wymore, A Wayne - Professor Emeritus, Systems and Industrial Engr; BS, 1949, MS, 1950, Iowa State College; PHD, 1956, University of Wisconsin

Wysocki, Vicki H - Professor, Chemistry; Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics; Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1982, Western Kentucky University; PHD, 1987, Purdue University


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