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Faculty Members


Rabe, Suzanne M - Director, Legal Writing; Associate Clinical Professor, Legal Writing & Research; BA, 1976, Arizona State University; JD, 1979, University of Arizona

Racy, John C - Professor, Psychiatry; Assistant Dean, Student Affairs; BA, 1952, MD, 1956, American University of Beirut

Rafelski, Johann - Professor, Physics; Professor, Arizona Research Labs; DIPLOMA, 1971, DRPHILNAT, 1973, University of Frankfurt

Raghavan, Srini - Professor, Materials Science & Engr; BSC, 1968, Vivekananda College; BE, 1971, Indian Institute of Science; MS, 1973, PHD, 1976, University of California

Ragin, Charles C - Professor, Sociology; BA, 1972, University of Texas at Austin; PHD, 1975, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rahman, Tauhidur - Assistant Specialist, Agricultural/Resource Economics; Assistant Professor, Agricultural/Resource Economics; MA, 1997, Delhi School of Economics; PHD, 2004, Washington State University

Rains, Stephen A - Assistant Professor, Communication; BS, 1999, Bradley University; MS, 2001, Illinois State University; PHD, 2005, University of Texas at Austin

Ram, Sudha - Professor, Management Information Systems; BS, 1979, University of Madras; MBA, 1981, Indian Institute of Management; PHD, 1985, University of Illinois Urbana Campus

Ramakumar, Sanjay - Assistant Professor, Surgery; BA, 1992, MD, 1994, University of Missouri

Ramasubramanian, Sriniva - Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BE, 1997, Birla Institute of Technology and Science; PHD, 2002, Iowa State University

Ramaswami, Mani - Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; Professor, Neurobiology; Professor, Bio5 Institute; MS, 1984, Indian Institute of Technology; PHD, 1990, California Institute of Technology

Ramberg, John S - Professor Emeritus, Systems & Industrial Engineering; BS, 1961, University of Minnesota; MS, 1966, PHD, 1969, Cornell University

Ramohalli, Kumar N - Professor, Aerospace & Mechanical Engr; BE, 1967, Bagalore University; ME, 1968, Indian Institute of Science; PHD, 1971, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rance, Naomi E - Associate Department Head, Pathology; Professor, Pathology; Professor, Neurology; Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy; BS, 1973, University of Maryland; PHD, 1975, MD, 1983, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Rand, Michael S - Chief, Biotechnology Support Services; Veterinary Specialist; Adjunct Associate Professor, Vet Science & Microbiology; BA, 1977, University of Colorado; DVM, 1982, Colorado State University

Ranger-Moore, James - Associate Professor, Public Health; Division Director, Epidemiology & Biostatistics; BS, 1981, Manhattan College; MA, 1989, PHD, 1991, Cornell University

Rankin, James R - Associate Professor Emeritus, Teaching/Teacher Education; AB, 1954, Colgate University; AMT, 1955, Harvard University; PHD, 1963, University of Chicago

Ransdell, Diane R - Senior Lecturer, English; BA, 1982, University of Illinois at Champaign-urbana; MA, 1990, PHD, 1997, University of Arizona

Rapcsak, Steven Z - Professor, Neurology; Professor, Psychology; MD, 1978, Medical School of Szeged

Rapoport, Amnon - Professor, Management & Policy; Professor, Eller Center; BA, 1961, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; MA, 1963, PHD, 1965, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rasmussen, Craig - Assistant Professor, Soil,water & Environ Sci; BS, 1996, PHD, 2004, University of California at Davis

Rasmussen, William O - Associate Professor, Agric & Biosystems Engr; Adjunct Associate Professor, Renewable Natural Resources; BS, 1964, MS, 1966, University of Idaho; PHD, 1973, University of Arizona

Ratner, James R - Professor, Law; MA, 1980, JD, 1980, University of California at Berkeley

Raval, Suresh Somnath - Professor, English; BA, 1966, MA, 1968, Bombay University; MA, 1970, Louisiana State University; PHD, 1974, University of Washington

Rawan, Atifa R - Librarian; BA, 1969, University of Hawaii; MA, 1971, New York University; MLS, 1977, University of South Carolina

Ray, Dennis T - Professor, Plant Science; University Distinguished Professor; Professor, Arid Lands; Faculty Associate, Academic Programs; BS, 1970, MS, 1974, PHD, 1981, University of Arizona

Ray, Donald E - Professor Emeritus, Animal Sciences-Ins; BS, 1957, MS, 1959, Oklahoma State University; PHD, 1961, Iowa State University

Reagan, John A - Extra Help, Faculty; BS, 1963, MS EE, 1964, University of Missouri; PHD, 1967, University of Wisconsin

Rebel, Hermann G - Associate Professor, History; BA, 1966, University of Toronto; PHD, 1976, University of California at Berkeley

Reed, Kathryn L - Interim Department Head, Obstetrics & Gynecology; Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology; BA, 1973, Pomona College; MD, 1977, University of Arizona

Reed, Pamela G - Professor, Nursing; BSN, 1974, MSN, 1976, PHD, 1982, Wayne State University

Reel, Sally J - Clinical Professor, Nursing; Associate Dean, Practice; BS, 1982, Salem College; MS, 1986, West Virginia University; PHD, 1994, University of Virginia

Rees, Jay C - Associate Professor, Music; Associate Director, Bands; BM, 1984, University of Miami; MM, 1995, University of Arizona

Regan, John W - Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology; Associate, Center for Toxicology; AB, 1972, MS, 1975, University of California at Berkeley; PHD, 1981, University of Arizona

Reggiardo, Carlos - Research Scientist, Vet Science & Microbiology; Chief Diagnostician, Vet Science & Microbiology; DVM, 1967, Universidad de la Republica; PHD, 1975, Iowa State University

Rehm, Thomas R - Professor Emeritus, Chemical & Environmental Engr; BS, 1952, PHD, 1960, University of Washington

Reid Jr, James J - Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1964, MA, 1968, University of North Carolina; PHD, 1973, University of Arizona

Reid, Charles P - Director, School of Natural Resources; Professor, Natural Resources; BSF, 1961, University of Missouri; MF, 1966, PHD, 1968, Duke University

Reid, Edward F - Associate Professor, Music; BM, 1982, MM, 1987, Eastman School of Music

Reiley Jr, David H - Associate Professor, Economics; AB, 1991, Princeton University; PHD, 1996, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Reiman, Eric M - Professor, Psychiatry; BS, 1977, Duke University; AB, 1977, Oxford University; MD, 1980, Duke University College of Medicine

Reimer, Margaret - Associate Professor, Philosophy; BA, 1984, Trinity College; PHD, 1992, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Reinmuth, Audrey H - Adjunct Lecturer, Speech,language & Hearing; BS, 1955, MS, 1959, PHD, 1961, University of Pittsburgh

Reiter, Jocelyn S - Professor Emerita, School of Music; BM, 1959, Eastman School of Music; MM, 1962, University of Nebraska at Lincoln; ARTIST DIPLOMA IN OPERA, 1972, ARTIST DIPLOMA IN LIED, 1973, Hochschule Mozarteum at Salzburg

Renger, Ralph F - Associate Professor, Public Health; BSC, 1986, University of Calgary; MA, 1988, University of Western Ontario; PHD, 1992, University of Calgary

Renno, Lucio R - Assistant Professor, Latin American Studies; BA, 1995, MA, 1997, University of Brasilia; PHD, 2004, University of Pittsburgh

Rensing, Christopher G - Assistant Professor, Soil,water & Environ Sci; BSC, 1988, MS, 1992, PHD, 1996, Free University of Berlin

Restifo, Linda L - Associate Professor, Neurobiology; Associate Professor, Neurology; BA, 1978, University of Pennsylvania; MD, 1984, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; PHD, 1986, University of Pennsylvania

Restrepo, Juan M - Associate Professor, Mathematics; Associate Professor, Physics; Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences; BS, 1983, New York University; MS, 1987, PHD, 1992, Pennsylvania State University

Reyes, Iliana - Assistant Professor, Language, Reading & Culture; BA, 1995, University of California at Sacramento; MA, 1998, PHD, 2001, University of California at Berkeley

Reyes, Veronica - Assistant Librarian; BA, 1995, University of Arizona; MLS, 1996, University of Pittsburgh

Reynolds, Stanley S - Vice Dean, Eller College of Management; Professor, Economics; BA, 1976, Miami University Oxford Campus; MA, 1977, PHD, 1983, Northwestern University

Rhoades, Gary D - Department Head, Educational Admin & Higher Education; Professor, Higher Education; BA, 1976, MA, 1978, PHD, 1981, University of California at Los Angeles

Rhodes, Everett O - Agent, 4-H Youth Development; Director, Project Centrl; BS, 1971, MA, 1985, University of Arizona

Richard, Ralph M - Professor Emeritus, Civil Engineering/Eng Mechanic; BS, 1952, University of Notre Dame; MS, 1956, Washington University; PHD, 1961, Purdue University

Richardson, Randall - Interim Department Head, Geosciences; Professor, Geosciences; BA, 1972, University of California at San Diego; PHD, 1978, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Richter, Roland - Associate Professor Emeritus, German Studies; AB, 1960, MA, 1963, PHD, 1970, University of California at Los Angeles

Ricketts, Jill M - Assistant Professor, French & Italian; BA, 1983, Stanford University; PHD, 1991, University of Rochester

Ridley, Carl A - Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences; Professor, Psychology; Adjunct Professor, Communication; BS, 1964, MA, 1968, University of Georgia; PHD, 1969, Florida State University

Riehle, Michael A - Assistant Professor, Entomology; Assistant Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1993, MS, 1996, University of Wisconsin; PHD, 2002, University of Georgia

Rieke, George H - Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; Professor, Planetary Sciences; Professor, Lunar & Planetary Laboratory; Regents Professor; BA, 1964, Oberlin College; MA, 1965, PHD, 1969, Harvard University

Rieke, Marcia J - Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; SB, 1972, PHD, 1976, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Riggs, Michael W - Associate Professor, Vet Science & Microbiology; Associate Professor, Pathology; BS, 1981, DVM, 1983, Texas A & M University; PHD, 1987, Washington State University

Rigney Jr, Ted S - Assistant Director, Nurse Practitioner Program; ADN, 1992, City College of San Francisco; BSN, 1995, University of Phoenix; MS, 1999, University of California at San Francisco

Riley, Mark R - Associate Professor, Agric & Biosystems Engr; Associate Professor, Chemical & Environ Engr; Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engr; Associate Professor, Bio5 Institute; BSE, 1990, University of Michigan; MS, 1994, PHD, 1995, Rutgers University

Riley, Michael J - Associate Curator, Public Programs; BA, 1983, California State University at Hayward; MA, 1986, University of Arizona; PHD, 1993, University of Texas at Austin

Rimsza, Lisa M - Associate Professor, Pathology; BS, 1985, MD, 1992, University of Arizona

Riordan, Mary L - Associate Librarian, Information Services; BA, 1970, MLS, 1980, University of Arizona

Ritenbaugh, Cheryl - Professor, Family & Community Med; Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1968, Rice University; MA, 1971, PHD, 1974, University of California at Los Angeles; MPH, 1979, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Ritter, Leslie S - Associate Professor, Nursing; Associate Professor, Neurology; BS, 1974, MS, 1981, MS, 1992, PHD, 1996, University of Arizona

Rivera, Alexandra P - Assistant Librarian; BS, 1995, Northern Arizona University; MS, 2004, University of Michigan

Rivero, Eliana S - Professor, Spanish & Portuguese; BA, 1964, PHD, 1967, University of Miami

Robbins, Paul F - Associate Professor, Geography & Regional Devel; BA, 1989, University of Wisconsin; MA, 1994, PHD, 1996, Clark University

Robbins, Richard A - Professor, Medicine; BS, 1972, MD, 1976, University of Nebraska

Roberts, Boriss - Associate Professor Emeritus, Russian and Slavic Studies; BA, 1944, University of Riga; MA, 1961, PHD, 1972, University of Pennsylvania

Robichaux, Robert H - Distinguished Professor; Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; BS, 1974, University of Houston; MS, 1976, PHD, 1980, University of California at Davis

Robinson, David M - Assistant Professor, English; BA, 1986, Princeton University; MFA, 1989, New York University; MA, 1993, PHD, 1998, University of California at Berkeley

Robinson, David P - Associate Professor, Teaching & Teacher Education; BA, 1965, MA, 1969, MA, 1973, PHD, 1977, Stanford University

Robinson, Faye L - Associate Professor, Music; BA, 1964, Bennett College

Robinson, William J - Professor Emeritus, Tree Ring Laboratory; BA, 1957, MA, 1959, PHD, 1967, University of Arizona

Rodriguez, Greg S - Assistant Professor, Mexican American Studies; BA, 1990, California State University; MA, 1996, PHD, 1999, University of California at San Diego

Rodriguez, Jeffrey J - Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BS, 1984, University of Texas at Austin; MS, 1986, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; PHD, 1990, University of Texas at Austin

Roe, Charles R - Professor, Music; BM, 1963, Baldwin Wallace College; MM, 1964, University of Illinois

Roe, Denise - Professor, Public Health; Associate Dean, Academic Affairs-Public Health; Associate, Center for Toxicology; BA, 1977, University of California at Los Angeles; MS, 1979, University of Colorado; DR. S, 1988, University of California at Los Angeles

Roeske, William R - Professor, Medicine; Professor, Pharmacology; AB, 1963, University of California at Berkeley; MD, 1970, Stanford University Medical School

Rogers, Barbara J - Professor, Art; BSC, 1959, Ohio State University; MA, 1963, University of California at Berkeley

Rohrbaugh, Michael J - Professor, Psychology; Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences; AB, 1965, Dickinson College; MA, 1967, PHD, 1970, Kent State University

Romagnolo, Donato - Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences; Associate, Center for Toxicology; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Animal Science; Associate Professor, Bio5 Institute; LAUREA, 1983, University of Padova; MS, 1988, PHD, 1993, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ

Romano-Homoki, Molly E - Assistant Professor, Teaching & Teacher Education; BA, 1989, MA, 1995, PHD, 1999, University of Arizona

Romero, Andrea J - Assistant Professor, Mexican American Studies; Assistant Professor, Psychology; Assistant Professor, Family Studies & Human Development; BA, 1993, Texas A & M University; MA, 1995, PHD, 1997, University of Houston

Romney, C Park - Associate Agent, 4-H Youth Development; BS, 1976, MS, 1978, Brigham Young University

Rosales, Cecilia B - Associate Professor, Public Health; BS, 1976, University of Arizona; MD, 1987, Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez; MS, 2000, University of Arizona

Rosenblatt, Jay M - Associate Professor, Music; BA, 1977, MA, 1991, University of California at Los Angeles; PHD, 1995, University of Chicago

Rosenbloom, Sandra - Professor, Planning; Professor, Architecture; Adjunct Professor, Renewable Natural Resources; AB, 1966, MPA, 1967, PHD, 1975, University of California at Los Angeles

Rosenzweig, Michael L - Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; AB, 1962, PHD, 1966, University of Pennsylvania

Rosser, Rosemary Anne - Associate Professor Emerita, Educational Psychology; BA, 1967, University of California at Santa Barbara; MA, 1973, PHD, 1976, University of Arizona

Roth Gordon, Jennifer F - Assistant Professor, Anthropology;

Roth, Louise M - Assistant Professor, Sociology; BA, 1992, Mcgill University; MA, 1998, PHD, 2000, New York University

Roth, Robert L - Resident Director, Maricopa & Citrus Agricultural Centers; Professor, Agric & Biosystems Engr; BS, 1967, Montana State University; MS, 1971, PHD, 1983, University of Arizona

Rowe, Clare P - Associate Professor, Theatre Arts; BFA, 1981, College of New Rochelle; MFA, 1983, Maryland Institute of Art

Rozenblit, Jerzy W - Department Head, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; MS CE, 1980, Technical University of Wroclaw; MSC, 1983, PHD, 1985, Wayne State University

Rubinstein-Avila, Eliane - Assistant Professor, Language, Reading & Culture; BA, 1990, MA, 1994, San Francisco State University; ED D, 2000, Harvard University

Ruiz, Joaquin - Dean, College of Science; Professor, Geosciences; BS, 1977, University of Miami; MS, 1980, PHD, 1983, University of Michigan

Ruiz, Richard - Interim Head, Teaching & Teacher Education/Physical Education; Professor, Language, Reading & Culture; AB, 1970, Harvard College; MA, 1976, PHD, 1980, Stanford University

Rule, Amy E - Librarian; BA, 1969, University of California at Irvine; MLS, 1977, University of California at Berkeley

Rund, John V - Associate Professor Emeritus, Chemistry; BS, 1959, University of Illinois; PHD, 1962, Cornell University

Runyan, Raymond B - Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy; Associate Research Scientist, Sarver Heart Center; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; BA, 1972, Macalester College; MS, 1976, Florida State University; PHD, 1983, Texas Tech University

Rupley, John A - Professor Emeritus, Biochem/Molecular Biophysics; BA, 1954, Princeton University; PHD, 1959, University of Washington

Ruscher, Charles B - Lecturer, Finance; BA, 1978, Bridgewater College; MBA, 1989, James Madison University; PHD, 1998, University of Arizona

Rush, Mark - Associate Professor, Music; BM, 1979, University of Colorado; MM, 1981, Yale School of Music

Russell, Stephen M - Associate Professor Emeritus, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; BS, 1953, Virginia Polytechnic Institute; PHD, 1962, Louisiana State University

Russell, Stephen T - Associate Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences; BA, 1988, Wake Forest College; MA, 1989, College of William & Mary; PHD, 1994, Duke University

Rutherfoord, John P - Professor, Physics; BS, 1964, Union College; PHD, 1968, Cornell University

Ruyle, George B - Specialist, Range Management; Research Scientist, Range Management; Professor, Range Management; BS, 1977, Arizona State University; MS, 1980, University of California at Berkeley; PHD, 1983, Utah State University

Ryan, Kenneth J - Dean for Academic Affairs, Medicine; Professor, Pathology; Professor, Microbiology & Immunology; MD, 1966, University of Washington

Ryan, T Lee - Associate Professor, Psychology; BM, 1979, MM, 1981, BS, 1988, University of Toronto; MA, 1989, PHD, 1992, University of British Columbia

Ryan, William E - Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; PHD, 1988,


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