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Faculty Members


Oaxaca, Ronald L - Professor, Economics; BA, 1965, California State University; MA, 1969, PHD, 1971, Princeton University

Obiora, Leslye A - Professor, Law; LLB, 1984, University of Nigeria; LLM, 1988, Yale Law School; JSD, 1996, Stanford Law School

Obregon, Richard R - Coordinator, Mexican Studies in Music; BM, 1973, University of Arizona; MM, 1976, University of Southern California

Obrien, James P - Summer Session Instructor; BS, 1961, Portland State College; M ED, 1966, Central Washington State College; PHD, 1969, University of Colorado at Boulder; MBA, 1986, Arizona State University

Obrien, Michael J - Assistant Professor, Radiology; BS, 1992, University of California at Davis; MD, 1997, University of Vermont

Obrzut, John E - Professor, Special Ed, Rehab & Sch Psych; BA, 1967, MA, 1969, Northern Arizona University; PHD, 1974, University of Minnesota

Ochman, Howard - Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics; Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; Professor, Bio5 Institute; BA, 1975, Vassar College; PHD, 1984, MS, 1998, University of Rochester

Odegaard, Nancy N - Conservator, Arizona State Museum; Professor, Anthropology; Professor, Materials Science & Engr; BA, 1977, University of Redlands; MA, 1981, George Washington University; PHD, 1997, University of Canberra

Ofiesh-Peters, Nicole - Associate Professor, Special Ed, Rehab & Sch Psych; BA, 1985, California State University at Sacramento; MA, 1990, San Francisco State University; PHD, 1997, Pennsylvania State University

Ogden, Kimberly L - Professor, Chemical & Environ Engr; Professor, Agric & Biosystems Engr; Interim Department Head; BS, 1986, University of Pennsylvania; MS, 1988, PHD, 1991, University of Colorado

Oglesby, Elizabeth A - Assistant Professor, Latin American Studies; Assistant Professor, Geography & Regional Devel; BA, 1986, Tufts University; MA, 1996, PHD, 2001, University of California at Berkeley

Ohala, Diane K - Assistant Professor, Linguistics; BA, 1988, University of New Hampshire; MA, 1992, PHD, 1996, University of Arizona

Olarrea, Antonio - Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese; BA, 1986, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; MA, 1992, PHD, 1997, University of Washington

Oleary, James W - Professor Emeritus, Plant Sciences-Res; BS, 1960, MS, 1961, Ohio State University; PHD, 1963, Duke University

Olenyuk, Bogdan Z - Assistant Professor, Chemistry;

Olivares, Olivia - Assistant Librarian; BS, 1987, Northern Arizona University; MA, 1995, University of Arizona

Olsen, John W - Department Head, Anthropology; Professor, Anthropology; Regents Professor; BA, 1976, University of Arizona; MA, 1977, PHD, 1980, University of California at Berkeley

Olsen, Mary W - Specialist, Plant Pathology; Professor, Plant Pathology; BS, 1976, PHD, 1982, University of Arizona

Olson, George B - Professor Emeritus, Veterinary Sci & Microbio-Ins; BS, 1958, Wisconsin State College; PHD, 1965, Notre Dame University

Olson, Gerald W - Agent, 4-H Youth Development; BS, 1978, MS, 1984, University of Arizona

Olson, Robert L - Head Coach, Men's Basketball; Adjunct Associate Professor, Physical Education; BS, 1956, Augsburg College; MA, 1963, Chapman College

Olszewski, Edward W - Astronomer, Steward Observatory; Adjunct Professor, Astronomy; Lecturer, Astronomy; BS, 1974, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; MS, 1978, PHD, 1982, University of Washington

Oneil, Daniel John - Associate Professor Emeritus, Political Science; BA, 1959, MA, 1961, Louisiana State University; PHD, 1966, University of Texas

Orbach, Barak Y - Associate Professor, Law; BA, 1997, LLB, 1997, Tel Aviv University; SJD, 2002, Harvard Law School

Orbach, Marc Joel - Associate Professor, Plant Pathology; BS, 1979, University of Michigan; PHD, 1988, Stanford University

Ordonez, Lisa D - Associate Professor, Management & Policy; Associate Professor, Psychology; BA, 1988, MS, 1992, PHD, 1994, University of California at Berkeley

Orlen, Steven L - Professor, English; BA, 1964, University of Massachusetts; MFA, 1967, University of Iowa

Orourke, Mary Kay - Associate Professor, Public Health; Research Scientist, Respiratory Sciences; Research Associate Professor, Medicine; BA, 1972, Alfred University; MS, 1976, PHD, 1986, University of Arizona

Orr, Barron J - Assistant Specialist, Arid Lands; Assistant Professor, Arid Lands; Assistant Professor, Renewable Natural Resources; BA, 1984, Indiana University; MIA, 1988, Columbia University; PHD, 2000, University of Arizona

Orr, Michelle D - Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts; BS, 1991, Northwestern University; MFA, 1997, PHD, 2003, University of California at San Diego

Ortega, Dan R - Department Head; Professor, Military Science Tactics;

Ortiz Jr, David - Associate Professor, History; BA, 1987, University of Colorado; MA, 1990, PHD, 1995, University of California at San Diego

Ota, Peggy T - Vice President, Enrollment Management; Associate Professor, Management Information Systems; AB, 1966, Cornell University; MS, 1969, PHD, 1972, University of Pennsylvania

Otero, Lydia R - Assistant Professor, Mexican American Studies; MA, 1995, California State University at Los Angeles; PHD, 2003, University of Arizona

Ottman, Michael J - Specialist, Plant Science; BS, 1979, MS, 1982, University of California at Davis; PHD, 1985, University of Illinois

Otto, Charles W - Professor, Anesthesiology; Associate Professor, Medicine; BA, 1963, Swarthmore College; MD, 1968, University of Missouri

Otto, Karen A - Senior Lecturer, Accounting; BS, 1989, University of Illinois at Urbana-champaign; MS, 1993, Old Dominion University; PHD, 1999, Boston University

Outwater, Eric K - Professor, Radiology; BS, 1979, University of Michigan; MD, 1985, University of California at San Diego

Overall, Patricia M - Assistant Professor, Sch of Info Resources & Library Sc; BA, 1968, University of Arizona; MA, 1973, PHD, 1978, Stanford University

Overpeck, Jonathan T - Director, Inst for the Study of Planet Earth; Professor, Geosciences; Professor, Atmospheric Sciences; AB, 1979, Hamilton College; MSC, 1981, PHD, 1985, Brown University

Ovitt, Theron W - Professor, Radiology; BA, 1961, Vanderbilt University; MD, 1965, Marquette University

Owen, David W D - Associate Professor, Philosophy; BA, 1971, Trent University; B PHIL, 1973, D PHIL, 1979, Oxford University

Oxnam, Maliaca G - Associate Librarian; MA, 1999, University of Arizona

Ozel, Feryal - Assistant Professor, Physics; BS, 1996, Columbia University; MS, 1997, Niels Bohr Institute; PHD, 2002, Harvard University


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