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Faculty Members


Jackson, Ruth Carolyn - Assistant Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences; BA, 1994, MS, 1995, Arizona State University

Jackson, Sally A - Vice President, Learning & Info Technol & Chief Info Officer; Professor, Communication; AB, 1974, AM, 1976, PHD, 1979, University of Illinois Urbana Campus

Jacobs, Clinton Otto - Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Education-Ins; BS, 1949, MS, 1953, Kansas State University; ED D, 1966, University of Missouri

Jacobs, Curtis S - Professor, Communication; AB, 1976, MA, 1977, PHD, 1982, University of Illinois Urbana Campus

Jacobs, Elizabeth T - Assistant Professor, Public Health; BS, 1993, Bowling Green State University; MS, 1996, Purdue University; PHD, 2001, University of Arizona

Jacobs, Jeffrey W - Professor, Aerospace & Mechanical Engr; BS, 1980, MS, 1982, PHD, 1986, University of California at Los Angeles

Jacobs, Katharine L - Associate Specialist, Soil,water & Environ Sci; Associate Specialist, Water Resources Research Center; Associate Professor, Soil,water & Environ Sci; Deputy Director, Sahra; BA, 1977, Middlebury College; MLA, 1981, University of California at Berkeley

Jacobs, Stephen F - Professor Emeritus, College of Optical Sciences; BS, 1951, Antioch College; PHD, 1956, Johns Hopkins University

Jacobs, William J - Professor, Psychology; BA, 1972, University of Washington; PHD/MA, 1978, Dalhousie University

Jacobson, Elaine L - Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology; Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1967, PHD, 1970, Kansas State University

Jacobson, Myron K - Professor, Medicinal Chemistry-Pharmacology & Toxicology; Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1965, University of Wisconsin; PHD, 1969, Kansas State University

Jacobson, Shoshana - Lecturer, Judaic Studies; BA, 1983, MSW, 1984, University of Michigan

Jacquod, Philippe R - Associate Professor, Physics; DIPLOMA, 1992, Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich; PHD, 1997, University of Neuchatel

Jaeschke, Hartmut W - Professor, Pharmacology; Associate Director, Liver Research Institute; M SC, 1981, PHD, 1983, University of Tubingen

Janakiraman, Narayanan - Assistant Professor, Marketing; BE, 1993, Government College; MBA, 1995, Pondicherry University; PHD, 2003, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Janik, Nina - Associate Professor, Dance; BFA, 1973, University of the Americas; MFA, 1975, University of Utah

Janssen, Robert J - Associate Professor Emeritus, Veterinary Sci & Microbio-Ins; AB, 1953, Cornell College; MS, 1955, PHD, 1957, State University of Iowa

Jeffery, R Brooks - Associate Dean, Architecture; Coordinator, Preservation Studies; B ARCH, 1983, University of Arizona

Jenkins, Jennifer L - Associate Professor, Media Arts; BA, 1982, University of Arizona; MA, 1983, University of Chicago; PHD, 1993, University of Arizona

Jenkins, Shannon L - Clinical Assistant Professor; BS, 1993, Weber State University; DO, 1998,

Jensen, Henning - Professor Emeritus, Philosophy; BA, 1948, University of British Columbia; PHD, 1969, Harvard University

Jensen, Merle Harold - Professor Emeritus, Research Admin; Assistant Dean, Agriculture & Life Sciences; Associate Director, Agricultural Experiment Station; BS, 1963, California State Polytechnic College; MS, 1965, Cornell University; PHD, 1968, Rutgers University

Jensen, Richard C - Associate Professor Emeritus, Classics;

Jensen, Richard G - Regents Professor Emeritus, Biochem/Molecular Biophysics; BA, 1961, PHD, 1965, Brigham Young University

Jessen, Poul S - Professor, Optical Sciences; Professor, Physics; BS, 1987, MS, 1989, PHD, 1993, University of Aarhus

Jeter, Wayburn S - Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology and Toxicology; MS, 1948, BS, 1948, University of Oklahoma; PHD, 1950, University of Wisconsin

Jiang, George J - Assistant Professor, Finance; BSC, 1983, MA, 1986, Nanjing University; MA, 1994, PHD, 1996, University of Western Ontario

Jimenez, Victor - Agent, 4-H Youth Development; BA, 1969, Arizona State University; MA, 1993, Northern Arizona University

Job, Constantin - Associate Research Engineer, Arizona Research Labs; Assistant Research Engineer, Radiology; BSEE, 1972, College of Technology

Joe, Jennie R - Professor, Family & Community Med; Director, Native American Research & Training Center; BS, 1964, University of New Mexico; MPH, 1970, MA, 1975, PHD, 1980, University of California at Berkeley

Joens, Lynn A - Professor, Vet Science & Microbiology; BA, 1969, Wartburg College; MA, 1974, Drake University; PHD, 1977, Iowa State University

Johns, Kenneth A - Professor, Physics; BA, 1981, MA, 1983, PHD, 1986, Rice University

Johnson, Bob G - Professor Emeritus, Special Ed,rehab & Sch Psych; BS, 1955, MS, 1956, Kansas State Teachers College; ED D, 1961, University of Missouri

Johnson, Bruce P - Assistant Professor, Teaching & Teacher Education; BS, 1979, Northern Arizona University; MS, 1982, George Williams College; PHD, 1998, University of New Mexico

Johnson, David G - Professor, Medicine; Professor, Pharmacology; Chair, Institutional Review Board; BA, 1962, Yale University; B MSC, 1964, Dartmouth College; MD, 1967, Harvard University

Johnson, Jack D - Professor Emeritus, Arid Lands; BA, 1959, San Diego State College; MS, 1967, PHD, 1971, University of Minnesota

Johnson, John Fenton - Associate Professor, English; BA, 1975, Stanford University; MFA, 1982, University of Iowa

Johnson, Keith M - Associate Professor, Music; BA, 1963, Luther College; MM, 1966, University of Southern California; DM, 1976, Indiana University

Johnson, Lauri M - Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture; BS, 1975, Cook College; MLA, 1994, University of Illinois

Johnson, Paula D - Assistant Veterinary Specialist; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Vet Science & Microbiology; BS, 1981, University of Arizona; DVM, 1987, Colorado State University; MS, 1992, University of Arizona

Johnson, Roy A - Professor, Geosciences; BS, 1975, Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology; PHD, 1984, University of Wyoming

Johnson, Vern R - Associate Dean, Engineering & Mines; Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BS, 1960, PHD, 1965, University of Utah

Johnston, Robert S - Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing; BA, 1975, Pomona College; MBA, 1977, University of California at Los Angeles; AS, 1991, Pacific Union College; BS, 1992, Loma Linda University; MS, 1999, University of Arizona

Joiner, Keith A - Dean, Medicine; Professor, Medicine; Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy; Professor, Public Health; BA, 1970, University of Chicago; MD, 1974, University of Colorado; M.P.H., 2003, Yale University School of Medicine

Jokipii, Jack R - Professor, Planetary Sciences; Professor, Lunar & Planetary Laboratory; Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; Regents Professor; BS, 1961, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; PHD, 1965, California Institute of Technology

Jones III, John P - Department Head, Geography & Regional Devel; Professor, Geography & Regional Devel; BA, 1977, University of Flordia; MS, 1979, Florida State University; PHD, 1984, Ohio State University

Jones, Bradford S - Associate Professor, Political Science; BS, 1987, Southeast Missouri State University; MA, 1990, University of Missouri at Columbia; PHD, 1994, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Jones, Christopher K - Associate Agent, Agriculture Natural Resources; BS, 1987, Northern Arizona University; MS, 1995, University of Arizona

Jones, Dennis L - Director, School of Art; Professor, Art; BA, 1967, University of Miami; MFA, 1970, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Jones, Douglas E - Librarian; BA, 1970, MS, 1973, University of Arizona

Jones, Elaine G - Associate Professor, Nursing; BSN, 1974, University of Arizona; MS, 1979, University of Maryland; PHD, 1986, University of Arizona

Jones, Kimberly A - Associate Professor, East Asian Studies; BA, 1980, Carleton College; AM, 1987, PHD, 1990, University of Michigan

Jones, Marci D - Assistant Professor, Orthopedic Surgery; BA, 1989, Johns Hopkins University; MD, 1994, University of Vermont

Jones, Marie A - Associate Professor, Teaching & Teacher Education; BA, 1967, Colorado State University; MA, 1970, Adams State College; PHD, 1988, University of Colorado

Jordan, Kenneth A - Professor Emeritus, Agric/Biosystems Eng-Res; BS, 1952, MS, 1956, PHD, 1959, Purdue University

Jorgensen, Richard A - Associate Professor, Plant Science; MS/BS, 1973, Northwestern University; PHD, 1978, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Joseph, Miranda - Associate Professor, Women's Studies; Associate Professor, Geography & Regional Devel; BA, 1984, University of Pennsylvania; PHD, 1995, Stanford University

Joshi, Kirti N - Assistant Professor, Mathematics; BS, 1987, MS, 1991, PHD, 1996, University of Bombay

Jost, Barbara H - Associate Professor, Vet Science & Microbiology; BSC, 1983, PHD, 1989, Monash University


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