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Faculty Members


Ibrahim, Darian M - Associate Professor, Law; BS, 1996, Clemson University; JD, 1999, Cornell Law School

Impey, Christopher D - Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; Distinguished Professor; BSC, 1977, Imperial College of Science & Technology; PHD, 1981, University of Edinburgh

Indik, Julia H - Assistant Professor, Medicine; AB, 1982, Princeton University; PHD, 1986, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MD, 1996, University of Arizona College of Medicine

Indik, Robert A - Associate Professor, Mathematics; SB, 1978, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; PHD, 1982, Princeton University

Ingram, Helen M - Professor Emerita, Political Science; Research Fellow, Southwest Studies Center; BA, 1959, Oberlin College; PHD, 1967, Columbia University

Innes, Robert D - Professor, Agricultural/Resource Economics; Professor, Economics; BA, 1981, MBA, 1984, PHD, 1986, University of California at Berkeley

Inomata, Takeshi - Associate Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1986, MA, 1988, University of Tokyo; PHD, 1995, Vanderbilt University

Insel, Kathleen C - Assistant Professor, Nursing; BSN, 1970, University of Wisconsin; MS, 1976, University of Rochester; PHD, 1993, University of Arizona

Irvin, Benjamin H - Assistant Professor, History; BA, 1991, University of the South; JD, 1994, University of Kentucky College of Law; MA, 1996, Bowling Green State University; PHD, 2003, Brandeis University

Isenberg, Marjorie A - Dean, Nursing; Professor, Nursing; BSN, 1964, University of Pittsburgh; MSN, 1967, DNSC, 1978, Boston University

Iserson, Kenneth V - Professor, Emergency Medicine; BS, 1971, MD, 1975, University of Maryland; MBA, 1986, University of Phoenix

Ismael, Jenann - Associate Professor, Philosophy; BA, 1989, Reed College; MA, 1993, PHD, 1996, Princeton University

Ittelson, William H - Professor Emeritus, Psychology; BS, 1942, Columbia University; MS, 1948, PHD, 1950, Princeton University

Ivey, Paul E - Associate Professor, Art; BA, 1982, University of Oklahoma; MA, 1987, PHD, 1992, State University of New York at Binghamton


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