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Faculty Members


Fagan, Timothy C - Professor Emeritus, Medicine; AB, 1969, Stanford University; MD, 1973, University of California at Los Angeles

Fahey, J Gregory - Associate Vice President, Government Relations; BA, 1968, Arizona State University; MA, 1971, Princeton University

Fairchild, Patricia C - Associate Professor, Physical Education; BS, 1962, MA, 1965, Sam Houston State University; PHD, 1969, University of Oklahoma

Falco, Charles M - Professor, Optical Sciences; Chair, Condensed Matter Physics; BA, 1970, MA, 1971, PHD, 1974, University of California at Irvine

Falk, Lisa - Assistant Curator, Education; Teaching Associate, Language, Reading & Culture; BA, 1982, Oberlin College; MAT, 1987, George Washington University

Falk, Torsten - Assistant Professor, Neurology; MS, 1992, Universitat Kaiserslautern; PHD, 1996, Hamburg University

Fallahi, Mahmoud - Associate Professor, Optical Sciences; MSC, 1986, PHD, 1988, Universite Paul Sabatier

Fallis, Don T - Associate Professor, Sch of Info Resources & Library Sc; Adjunct Associate Professor, Philosophy; BA, 1985, BA, 1987, MA, 1991, PHD, 1995, University of California at Irvine

Fan, Paula - Professor, Music; Regents Professor; BM, 1973, University of Arizona; MM, 1974, PHD, 1981, University of Southern California

Fan, Xiaohui - Associate Professor, Astronomy; Associate Astronomer, Steward Observatory; BS, 1992, Nanjing University; MS, 1995, Chinese Academy of Sciences; PHD, 2000, Princeton University

Fane, Bentley A - Professor, Vet Science & Microbiology; BS, 1983, Brandeis University; PHD, 1988, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fang, Li-Zhi - Professor, Physics; Professor, Astronomy; DIPLOMA, 1956, Peking University

Fangmeier, Delmar Dean - Professor Emeritus, Agric/Biosystems Eng-Res; BSC, 1954, BSC, 1960, MSC, 1961, University of Nebraska; PHD, 1967, University of California at Davis

Fares, Hanna F - Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; BS, 1987, American University of Beirut; MS, 1988, University of Michigan; PHD, 1995, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Faris, William G - Professor, Mathematics; BA, 1960, University of Washington; PHD, 1965, Princeton University

Farlin, Stanley D - Director, County Extension; Agent, Community & Economic Development; BSC, 1961, University of Nebraska; MSC, 1963, Colorado State University; PHD, 1967, University of Illinois

Farmer, Terri J - Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing; BS, 1979, MS, 1997, University of Arizona

Farrell, James - Associate Professor, Chemical & Environ Engr; Assistant Professor, Civil Engr & Engr Mechanics; BS, 1984, Miami University; MS, 1987, PHD, 1993, Stanford University

Farrell-Poe, Kathryn L - Specialist, Agric & Biosystems Engr; BS, 1979, University of Nebraska at Lincoln; MS, 1984, PHD, 1990, Purdue University

Farwaneh, Samira - Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Studies; Assistant Professor, Linguistics; Assistant Professor, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching Grad I; PHD, 1996,

Fasel, Hermann F - Professor, Aerospace & Mechanical Engr; BS, 1966, University of Stuttgart; MS, 1967, University of Kansas; PHD, 1974, University of Stuttgart

Fass, Ronnie - Associate Professor, Medicine; BMS, 1984, MD, 1987, Ben-gurion University of the Negev Beer-sheva

Fatkullin, Ibrahim - Assistant Professor, Mathematics; BS, 1998, Kazan State University; MS, 2000, PHD, 2002, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Fazzolari, Rocco A - Associate Professor Emeritus, Aero & Mechanical Engineering; B CH E, 1954, City College of New York; MS, 1963, PHD, 1967, University of California at Los Angeles

Feeney, Mary E - Associate Librarian; BS, 1991, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University; MA, 1998, University of Arizona

Fehmi, Jeffrey S - Assistant Professor, Natural Resources; BS, 1989, Rutgers University; MS, 1994, PHD, 1998, University of California at Berkeley

Feingold, Carol E - Clinical Associate Professor, Nursing; BS, 1974, BSN, 1989, MS, 1991, University of Arizona

Felix, William L - Professor, Accounting; BS/BA, 1961, MS/BA, 1965, University of Montana; PHD, 1970, Ohio State University

Feltham, Robert D - Professor Emeritus, Chemistry; BSC, 1954, University of New Mexico; PHD, 1957, University of California

Fenster, Paul E - Associate Professor, Medicine; BA, 1970, Brandeis University; MD, 1974, State University of New York

Fenstermacher, Kurt D - Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems; Assistant Professor, Computer Science; AB, 1990, Cornell University; MS, 1995, PHD, 1999, MBA, 1999, University of Chicago

Fernandez, Celestino - Professor, Sociology; BA, 1973, Sonoma State College; MA, 1974, PHD, 1976, Stanford University

Ferre, Paul A - Associate Professor, Hydrology & Water Resources; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Soil,water & Environ Sci; BSC, 1988, Colorado School of Mines; PHD, 1997, University of Waterloo

Ferrell, William R - Professor Emeritus, Systems and Industrial Engr; BA, 1954, Swarthmore College; SM, 1961, SB, 1961, PHD, 1964, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ferris, Wayne R - Professor Emeritus, Molecular/Cellular Biology; PHD, 1959, University of Chicago

Few, Martha B - Associate Professor, History; BA, 1986, MA, 1989, University of Chicago; PHD, 1997, University of Arizona

Ffolliott, Linda May - Specialist, Information Systems; BA, 1970, MLS, 1974, University of Arizona

Ffolliott, Peter F - Professor, Watershed Management; Professor, Arid Lands; BS, 1958, MF, 1959, University of Minnesota; PHD, 1970, University of Arizona

Field, James A - Professor, Chemical & Environ Engr; BSC, 1981, MSC, 1983, Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University; PHD, 1989, Wagingen Agriculture University

Fielder, Grace E - Professor, Russian & Slavic Studies; BA, 1974, University of California at Santa Barbara; MA, 1976, PHD, 1983, University of California at Los Angeles

Figueredo, Aurelio J - Professor, Psychology; BA, 1983, California State University; MA, 1985, PHD, 1987, University of California at Riverside

Finan, Timothy J - Director, Bureau of Applied Res in Anthro; Research Anthropologist; Professor, Anthropology; AB, 1969, University of Detroit; MA, 1975, PHD, 1980, University of Arizona

Fink, Uwe - Professor Emeritus, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory; BS, 1961, University of Maine; MS, 1963, PHD, 1965, Pennsylvania State University

Finn, J Patrick - Associate Professor, Speech,language & Hearing; BA, 1980, York University; MS, 1983, Mcgill University; PHD, 1991, University of California at Santa Barbara

Fiore, Robert L - Professor, Spanish & Portuguese; BA, 1961, Iona College; MA, 1962, Middlebury College; PHD, 1967, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Firch, Robert S - Professor Emeritus, Agricultural/Resource Econ-Res; BS, 1958, University of California at Davis; MS, 1960, Purdue University; PHD, 1963, University of Chicago

First, Patricia F - Professor, Educational Leadership; BS, 1965, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; MS, 1976, Illinois State University; ED D, 1979, Illinois State Unv

Fischer, Sylvia A - Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing; AAS, 1982, Highline Community College; BSN, 1992, Seattle Pacific University; MSN, 1995, Case Western Reserve University

Fish, Dean - Director, County Extension; Associate Agent, Agriculture Natural Resources; BS, 1994, MS, 1998, University of Arizona

Fish, Paul R - Curator, Archaeology; Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1965, University of Michigan; MA, 1968, PHD, 1976, Arizona State University

Fish, Suzanne K - Curator, Archaeology; Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1967, Rice University; MA, 1975, PHD, 1993, University of Arizona

Fishback, Price V - Professor, Economics; BA, 1977, Butler University; MA, 1979, PHD, 1983, University of Washington

Fisher, Hannah M - Associate Librarian, Information Services; BS, 1978, California State College; MLS, 1988, University of Arizona

Fitch, Melissa A - Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese; BA, 1986, MA, 1990, PHD, 1995, Arizona State University

Fitzpatrick, Kimberly A - Assistant Professor, Radiology; BS, 1992, University of Arizona; MD, 1998, Dartmouth Medical School

Fitzsimmons, Kevin - Research Scientist, Environmental Research Lab; Research Scientist, Soil,water & Environ Sci; Research Scientist, Natural Resources; Professor, Soil,water & Environ Sci; BS, 1978, University of Arizona; MS, 1988, University of West Florida; PHD, 1999, University of Arizona

Flaschka, Hermann - Professor, Mathematics; BS, 1967, Georgia Institute of Technology; PHD, 1970, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fleischman, Robert B - Assistant Professor, Civil Engr & Engr Mechanics; BS, 1985, Carnegie-mellon University; MS, 1989, PHD, 1995, Lehigh University

Fleming, Sean P - Assistant Professor, Physics; BS, 1989, Georgetown University; PHD, 1995, Northwestern University

Flessa, Karl W - Professor, Geosciences; AB, 1968, Lafayette College; PHD, 1973, Brown University

Fletcher, Todd V - Associate Professor, Special Ed, Rehab & Sch Psych; BS, 1974, University of the Americas; MS, 1981, Western Oregon State College; PHD, 1986, Oregon State University

Flinn, Caryl - Professor, Women's Studies; BA, 1979, Trinity College; MA, 1984, PHD, 1988, University of Iowa

Florence, Sandra D - Associate Writing Specialist; BA, 1971, Fresno State University; MA, 1982, San Francisco State University

Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso - Assistant Professor, Economics; BA, 1995, Monterrey Institute of Technology; MA, 1997, PHD, 2001, Ohio State University

Flynn, Cynthia D - Director, County Extension; Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences; BS, 1972, Central Michigan University; MA, 1981, Michigan State University

Fogel, Martin M - Professor Emeritus, Schl of Natural Resources-Res; B AG E, 1948, MS, 1949, University of Minnesota; PHD, 1968, University of Arizona

Folan, John E - Assistant Professor, Architecture; BS, 1990, University of Illinois; M ARCH, 1993, University of Pennsylvania

Foley, Peter W - Associate Professor, Classics; BA, 1985, University of Keele; MA, 1986, Northwestern University; PHD, 1990, University of Vienna

Fong, Sandiway - Associate Professor, Linguistics; Associate Professor, Computer Science; MS, 1986, PHD, 1991, Massachusettes Institute of Technology

Fonseca, Jorge M - Assistant Specialist, Plant Science; BS, 1992, University of Costa Rica; MBA, 1995, University of Costa Rica and National University; M SC, 2000, PHD, 2002, Clemson University

Forster, Kenneth I - Professor, Psychology; Research Social Scientist, Cognitive Science; Research Scientist, Neurogenic Communication Disorders; BA, 1960, MA, 1962, University of Melbourne; PHD, 1964, University of Illinois

Fortman, Marvin - Associate Professor Emeritus, Management and Policy; BS, 1957, JD, 1960, University of Arizona; LLM, 1961, New York University

Foster, Billye B - Associate Professor, Agriculture Education; Special Assistant to the Dean, Diversity; BS, 1974, Texas Tech University; MS, 1987, East Texas State University; ED D, 1994, Oklahoma State University

Foth, Philip A - Associate Professor, Mathematics; BS, 1992, MSC, 1994, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; PHD, 1998, Pennsylvania State University

Fox, Mary Jo - Social Scientist, American Indian Studies; Senior Lecturer, American Indian Studies; Ambassador to the Indian Nations; Associate to the President for American Indian Affairs; BS, 1968, Oklahoma State University; MAT, 1976, University of New Mexico; PHD, 1982, University of Arizona

Franklin, Edward A - Assistant Professor, Agriculture Education; BS, 1984, California State University at Chico; MS, 1998, California Polytechnic State University

Frantziskonis, George N - Professor, Civil Engr & Engr Mechanics; BS, 1982, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; PHD, 1986, University of Arizona

Frederickson, Mark P - Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture; B ARCH, 1972, M ARCH, 1976, PHD, 1991, University of Arizona

Freeman, Marlene P - Assistant Professor, Psychiatry; Assistant Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology; BS, 1990, University of Wisconsin; MD, 1994, Northwestern University

Fregosi, Ralph F - Professor, Physiology; BS, 1976, Boston State College; MS, 1977, University of Arizona; PHD, 1985, University of Wisconsin

Freiburger, Gary A - Director, AHSC Library; Librarian; B MUS, 1971, Northwestern University; MLS, 1975, University of Texas

Freiser, Henry - Professor Emeritus, Chemistry; BS, 1941, City College of New York; MA, 1942, PHD, 1944, Duke University

French, Edward D - Professor, Pharmacology; Chairperson, Graduate Programs; BS, 1969, California State University at Long Beach; PHD, 1976, University of California at Los Angeles

Freund, Diane E - Associate Professor, Ua South; BA, 1984, Rutgers University; MFA, 1991, University of Arizona

Fricke, Martin H - Associate Professor, Sch of Info Resources & Library Sc; BA, 1969, ; MS, 1971, PHD, 1979, London School of Economics; BS, 1986, University of Otago

Frieden, B Roy - Professor Emeritus, College of Optical Sciences; BS, 1957, Brooklyn College; MS, 1959, University of Pennsylvania; PHD, 1966, University of Rochester

Friedlander, Leonid - Professor, Mathematics; MS, 1976, Moscow Institute of Electronics; PHD, 1989, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Friedman, Richard L - Professor, Microbiology & Immunology; BS, 1974, University of Minnesota; MS, 1976, PHD, 1979, Michigan State University

Frisch, Edward G - Associate Vice President, Academic Resources,planning & Management; BS, 1965, University of Arizona; MBA, 1972, State University of New York at Buffalo

Frisvold, George B - Specialist, Agricultural/Resource Economics; Associate Professor, Agricultural/Resource Economics; BS, 1983, PHD, 1989, University of California at Berkeley

Fryberg, Stephanie A - Assistant Professor, Psychology; BA, 1994, Kenyon University; MA, 1999, PHD, 2002, Stanford University

Fuchs, Esther - Professor, Near Eastern Studies; Professor, Judaic Studies; BA, 1974, Hebrew University; MA, 1978, PHD, 1980, Brandeis University

Fuglevand, Andrew J - Associate Professor, Physiology; BS, 1980, Montana State University; MS, 1983, University of Washington; PHD, 1989, University of Waterloo

Fulginiti, Vincent A - Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics; AB, 1953, MD, 1957, MS, 1961, Temple University

Fuller, Wallace H - Professor Emeritus, Soil,water & Enviro Sci-Res; BS, 1938, MS, 1939, Washington State College; PHD, 1942, Iowa State College

Futrell, Alison - Associate Professor, History; BS, 1983, University of Utah; MA, 1986, PHD, 1991, University of California at Berkeley

Futscher, Bernard W - Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology; Assistant Research Scientist, Cancer Center Division; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; Associate Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1983, Valparaiso University; PHD, 1990, Loyola University Medical Center


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