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Faculty Members


Dagostino, Jerome V - Associate Professor, Educational Psychology; PHD, 1997,

Dahlgran, Roger A - Associate Professor, Agricultural/Resource Economics; BS, 1974, Iowa State University; ME, 1977, PHD, 1980, North Carolina State University

Dahood, Roger - Professor, English; BA, 1964, Colgate University; MA, 1967, PHD, 1970, Stanford University

Dai, Jialing - Lecturer, Mathematics; MS, 1987, Jilin Niversity; MS, 1998, PHD, 2000, University of Arizona

Dalen, James E - Summer Session Instructor; BS, 1955, Washington State University; MA, 1956, University of Michigan; MD, 1961, University of Washington; MPH, 1972, Harvard School of Public Health

Dallas, William J - Professor, Radiology; Professor, Optical Sciences; Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; AB, 1969, San Diego State College; MS, 1970, PHD, 1973, University of California at San Diego

Dalmeida, Irene S - Department Head, French & Italian; Professor, French & Italian; M PHIL, 1979, University of Ibadan; PHD, 1987, Emory University

Daniel, Terry C - Professor, Psychology; Professor, Natural Resources; BS, 1966, MA, 1968, PHD, 1969, University of New Mexico

Dantzler, William H - Professor Emeritus, Physiology; AB, 1957, Princeton University; MD, 1961, Columbia University; PHD, 1964, Duke University

Darling, Linda T - Associate Professor, History; Associate Professor, Near Eastern Studies; BA, 1967, University of Connecticut; MAT, 1973, MA, 1980, PHD, 1989, University of Chicago

Darts, David G - Assistant Professor, Art; M ED, 2002, Unknown

Dauphinais, Kristin E T - Assistant Professor, Music;

Dave, Romeel S - Assistant Professor, Astronomy; Assistant Astronomer, Steward Observatory; AB, 1989, University of California at Berkeley; MS, 1991, California Institute of Technology; PHD, 1998, University of California at Santa Cruz

Davenport, William G - Professor, Materials Science & Engr; DIC, 1964, Imperial College of Science & Technology; PHD, 1964, University of London

Davis, Charles E - Associate Professor Emeritus, English; BA, 1956, Arizona State University; M ED, 1964, MA, 1967, PHD, 1968, University of Arizona

Davis, Donald R - Professor, Hydrology & Water Resources; BS, 1955, Northwestern University; MS, 1966, PHD, 1971, University of Arizona

Davis, George H - Executive Vice President & Provost; Professor, Geosciences; Regents Professor; BA, 1964, College of Wooster; Oh; MA, 1966, University of Texas; PHD, 1971, University of Michigan

Davis, John Robert - Professor Emeritus, Pathology; BA, 1952, MD, 1959, University of Iowa

Davis, Owen K - Professor, Geosciences; BS, 1971, College of Idaho; MS, 1975, Washington State University; PHD, 1981, University of Minnesota

Davis, Russell - Associate Professor Emeritus, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; BA, 1950, University of Redlands; MA, 1956, Long Beach State College; PHD, 1963, University of Arizona

Davis, Stanley N - Professor Emeritus, Hydrology and Water Resources; BS, 1949, University of Nevada; MA, 1951, University of Kansas; PHD, 1955, Yale University

Davis, Thomas P - Professor, Pharmacology; Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1973, Loyola University; MS, 1975, University of Nevada at Las Vegas; PHD, 1978, University of Missouri

Day, Larry J - Professor Emeritus, School of Music; BM ED, 1949, MM ED, 1951, Minneapolis College of Music; DMA, 1969, Colorado University

Day, Sharon Hoelscher - Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences; Coordinator, Community Health Programs; BS, 1973, Ohio State University; MA, 1977, Michigan State University

De Vera, Noemi Z - Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing; BS, 1977, Arellano University; MS, 1998, University of Arizona

De Vet, Therese A - Assistant Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1981, MA, 1983, PHD, 1997, University of Southern California

Dean, Jeffrey S - Professor, Dendrochronology; Professor, Anthropology; Curator, Archaeology; BS, 1961, PHD, 1967, University of Arizona

Debray, Saumya K - Professor, Computer Science; B TECH, 1981, Indian Institute of Technology; MS, 1983, State University of New York at Stony Brook; PHD, 1986, State University of New York at Stoneybrook

Decelles, Peter G - Professor, Geosciences; BS, 1980, University of Notre Dame; MA, 1982, PHD, 1984, Indiana University

Decker, Janet M - Senior Lecturer, Vet Science & Microbiology; BS, 1968, University of Michigan; PHD, 1974, University of California at Los Angeles

Decker, Pamela A - Professor, Music; BM, 1977, MM, 1978, DMA, 1982, Stanford University

Defeo, Anthony B - Director, Speech,language & Hearing Clinics; Lecturer, Surgery; Lecturer, Speech & Hearing Science; BA, 1970, Montclair State College; MA, 1971, PHD, 1977, Northwestern University

Degermark, Mikael - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Computer Science; MSC, 1987, PHD, 1997, Lulea University of Technology

Degomez, Thomas E - Associate Specialist, Natural Resources; Associate Agent, Agriculture; BS, 1981, Brigham Young University; BS, 1981, Utah State University; MS, 1984, Oregon State University

Deluca, Dominick - Associate Professor, Microbiology & Immunology; BA, 1969, PHD, 1974, University of California at Los Angeles

Demchak, Chris C - Associate Professor, Public Administration & Policy; BA, 1975, University of California at Riverside; MPA, 1977, Princeton University; MA, 1980, PHD, 1987, University of California at Berkeley

Demeure, Michael J - Professor, Surgery; MD, 1983, Hahnemann Medical College; BS, 1983, Gannon University

Deming, Alison H - Professor, English; MFA, 1983, Vermont College

Deming, Caren J - Professor, Media Arts; BA, 1965, MA, 1970, MA, 1971, PHD, 1975, University of Michigan

Dennehy, Timothy J - Professor, Entomology; Specialist, Entomology; Professor, Bio5 Institute; BS, 1980, PHD, 1983, University of California at Davis

Denny Jr, John L - Professor Emeritus, Mathematics; BA, 1953, Stanford University; PHD, 1962, University of California at Berkeley

Denton, M Bonner - Professor, Chemistry; Professor, Geosciences; BS/BA, 1967, Lamar University at Beaumont; PHD, 1972, University of Illinois

Dereniak, Eustace L - Professor, Optical Sciences; Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BS, 1963, Michigan Technological University; MS, 1965, University of Michigan; PHD, 1976, University of Arizona

Desai, Chandrakant - Professor, Civil Engr & Engr Mechanics; Regents Professor; BE, 1959, University of Bombay; MS, 1966, Rice University; PHD, 1968, University of Texas at Austin

Descour, Michael R - Associate Professor, Optical Sciences; Associate Professor, Pathology; BS, 1990, University of Colorado; MS, 1992, PHD, 1994, University of Arizona

Dessureault, Sean D - Assistant Professor, Mining & Geological Engineering; B ENG, 1997, Mcgill University; M.A.SC., 1999, PHD, 2001, University of British Columbia

Desteiguer, Joseph E - Professor, Natural Resources; BBA, 1968, Lamar University; MF, 1974, Stephen F Austin State University; PHD, 1979, Texas A&M University

Devito, Carl L - Associate Professor, Mathematics; BS, 1959, College of the City of New York; PHD, 1967, Northwestern University

Deymier, Pierre A - Professor, Materials Science & Engr; PHD, 1985, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Deyoung, Donald Wells - Associate Director, University Animal Care; Veterinary Specialist, University Animal Care; Research Associate Professor, Surgery; Associate Professor, Vet Science & Microbiology; BS, 1962, DVM, 1964, Michigan State University; PHD, 1971, Colorado State University

Dhaliwal, Dan S - Department Head, Accounting; Professor, Accounting; Professor, Finance; BSEE, 1968, MS EE, 1971, California State University; MA, 1975, PHD, 1977, University of Arizona

Dial, Sharon M - Associate Research Scientist, Vet Science & Microbiology; BS, 1977, Montana State University; DVM, 1982, PHD, 1989, Colorado State University

Diaz, Joseph R - Associate Librarian; BA, 1982, MA, 1986, University of Arizona

Dickey, Jerry R - Associate Professor, Theatre Arts; Assistant Head, School of Theatre Arts; BFA, 1978, University of Florida; MA, 1980, University of Louisville; PHD, 1987, Indiana University

Dickstein, Ruth H - Librarian; BA, 1962, MA, 1964, University of Michigan; MLS, 1977, University of Arizona

Dieckmann, Carol L - Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics; Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; BS, 1974, University of California at Irvine; PHD, 1980, University of California at San Diego

Dieke, Ikenna - Associate Professor; PHD, 1983, Southern Illinois University

Dienes, Keith R - Associate Professor, Physics; AB, 1985, Princeton University; MS, 1989, PHD, 1991, Cornell University

Dietz, William D - Professor, Music; BME, 1972, MM, 1975, West Virginia University; DMA, 1988, Florida State University

Dillon, Robert C - Lecturer Emeritus, Mathematics; BA, 1960, Washburn University

Dixon, Darcy L - Area Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences; BA, 1976, MS, 1983, University of Arizona

Dixon, Harold W - Professor, Theatre Arts; Distinguished Professor; BA, 1970, University of Redlands; MA, 1972, PHD, 1976, University of Minnesota

Dixon, Kathleen - Department Head, Molecular & Cellular Biology; Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; Professor, Bio5 Institute;

Dixon, William J - Department Head, Political Science; Professor, Political Science; Professor, Sociology; AB, 1973, Bucknell University; MA, 1976, PHD, 1980, Ohio State University

Doan, Judy L - Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing; BS, 1965, MS, 1971, University of Arizona

Dobbs, Dan B - Rosenstiel Distinguished Professor, Law; Regents Professor; BA, 1956, LLB, 1956, University of Arkansas; JSD, 1961, LLM, 1961, University of Illinois

Dobson, Margaret V - Professor, Ophthalmology; Professor, Psychology; BA, 1970, Florida State University; PHD, 1975, Brown University

Domin, Christopher J - Assistant Professor, Architecture; BA, 1991, University of New Mexico; M ARCH, 1993, Georgia Institute of Technology

Domkowski, Donald W - Assistant Professor, Aerospace Studies; BS, 1983, Air Force Academy; MA, 1990, Troy State University

Donahue, Douglas J - Professor Emeritus, Physics; BS, 1947, MS, 1948, University of Oregon; PHD, 1952, University of Wisconsin

Donnerstein, Edward I - Dean, Social & Behavioral Sciences; Professor, Communication; BA, 1967, University of Florida; PHD, 1972, Florida State University

Donnerstein, Richard L - Professor, Pediatrics; BSEE, 1964, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; MD, 1975, New York University

Doogan, Margaret B - Professor Emerita, School of Art; BFA, 1963, Moore College of Art

Dooley, Sheila A - Lecturer, Linguistics; BA, 1981, Tulane University; PHD, 1991, Lund University

Dornhaus, Anna R - Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Assistant Professor, Bio5 Institute; PHD, 2002, Unknown

Dorr, Robert T - Professor, Pharmacology; Associate Research Scientist, Cancer Center Division; Research Associate Professor, Medicine; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; BS, 1974, MS, 1978, PHD, 1984, University of Arizona

Dougherty, Shona T - Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology; Medical Director, Radiation Oncology; Residency Director, Radiation Oncology; MB CH B, 1985, University of Edinburgh; PHD, 1995, University of British Columbia

Dovi, Suzanne L - Assistant Professor, Political Science; Assistant Professor, Philosophy; BA, 1988, Dartmouth College; M LITT, 1990, University of Dublin; MA, 1992, Georgetown University; PHD, 1999, Princeton University

Downey, Peter J - Department Head, Computer Science; Professor, Computer Science; BA, 1967, MS, 1969, University of Virginia; PHD, 1974, Harvard University

Downing, Theodore E - Research Professor, Social Development; BA, 1965, Beloit College; MA, 1966, PHD, 1973, Stanford University

Downs, Robert T - Associate Professor, Geosciences; BS, 1986, University of British Columbia; MS, 1989, PHD, 1992, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ

Doxtater, Dennis C - Associate Professor, Architecture; Associate Professor, Renewable Natural Resources; B ARCH, 1965, MA, 1971, University of Washington; D ARCH, 1981, University of Michigan

Doyle, Walter - Professor, Teaching & Teacher Education; BA, 1962, MAT, 1963, PHD, 1967, University of Notre Dame

Drabicki, John Z - Associate Professor, Economics; BS, 1969, Illinois Institute of Technology; MS, 1970, PHD, 1974, Purdue University

Dragovich, Tomislav - Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine; Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine; MD, 1988, Universityof Belgrade; PHD, 1994, University of Illinois at Chicago

Drake, Michael J - Director, Lunar & Planetary Laboratory; Department Head, Planetary Sciences; Professor, Planetary Sciences; Professor, Lunar & Planetary Laboratory; Professor, Arizona Research Labs; Regents Professor; Professor, Geosciences; Regents Professor; BSC, 1967, Victoria University of Manchester; PHD, 1972, University of Oregon

Draugalis, Jolaine - Assistant Dean, Assessment & Evaluation; Professor, Pharmacy Practice & Science; Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences; BS, 1976, Ferris State College at Big Rapids; M ED, 1986, PHD, 1987, University of Arizona

Drnek, James M - Associate Dean, Students; Student Government Advisor, Associated Student Affairs; BA, 1986, MS ED, 1988, Southern Illinois University

Dror, Moshe - Professor, Management Information Systems; Professor, Systems & Industrial Engr; MSC, 1974, Columbia University; PHD, 1983, University of Maryland College Park Campus

Dryden, Edgar A - Professor, English; BA, 1959, Washington College; MA, 1961, University of Rhode Island; PHD, 1965, Johns Hopkins University

Ducea, Mihai N - Associate Professor, Geosciences; BS, 1991, Bucharest University; MS, 1995, PHD, 1998, California Institute of Technology

Dues, Michael T - Senior Lecturer, Communication; BA, 1963, Bellarmine College; MA, 1964, University of Louisville; PHD, 1973, Indiana University

Duff, Glenn C - Associate Professor, Animal Science; BS, 1986, Northwest Missouri State University; MS, 1988, University of Arkansas; PHD, 1990, New Mexico State University

Dufwenberg, Martin - Professor, Economics; BS, 1989, PHD, 1995, Uppsala University

Dumitrascu, Constantin D - Lecturer, Mathematics;

Duncan, Burris R - Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics; BA, 1954, Washington University; MD, 1958, University of Kansas

Duncan, James E - Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona South; Adjunct Instructor, Ua South; Interim Division Chair, Teaching & Teacher Education; BA, 1967, Lehigh University; M ED, 1975, PHD, 1985, University of Arizona

Dunkel, Alexander - Associate Professor, Russian & Slavic Studies; Director, Critical Languages Program; BFA, 1958, Hunter College; MA, 1961, Fordham University; PHD, 1972, New York University

Dupuy, Beatrice C - Associate Professor, French & Italian; BA, 1984, MA, 1985, Universite de Paris-sorbonne; MS, 1989, PHD, 1994, University of Southern California

Duran, Javier D - Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese; PHD, 1985, BS, 1985, MA, 1989, University of Arizona

Durcikova, Alexandra - Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems; MA, 1994, Comenius University; PHD, 2004, University of Pittsburgh

Durrant, Lynne - Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences; BS, 1964, University of Utah; MA, 1983, Northern Arizona University

Dvorak, Steven L - Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BSC, 1984, PHD, 1989, University of Colorado at Boulder

Dye, Fredd Arthur - Associate Professor Emeritus, English; AB, 1955, PHD, 1969, Indiana University

Dyl, Edward A - Professor, Finance; BA, 1965, Claremont's Men's College; MBA, 1967, PHD, 1973, Stanford University


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