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Faculty Members


Abraham, Midhat D - Librarian; BA, 1964, Haigazian College and Near East S.t.; MDIV, 1969, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; M ED, 1970, University of Pittsburgh Main Campus; PHD, 1976, Hartford Seminary Foundation; MLS, 1977, Southern Connecticut State University

Adam, Rodney D - Professor, Medicine; Professor, Microbiology & Immunology; BA, 1976, Trinity College; MD, 1981, University of Illinois

Adamas-Rappaport, Willia - Associate Professor, Surgery; Associate Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy; MD, 1976, University of Miami

Adamcin, Julie C - Agent, 4-H Youth Development; BS, 1969, Oklahoma Baptist University; PHD, 1984, University of Arizona

Adamowicz, Ludwik - Professor, Chemistry; Professor, Physics; MS, 1973, Warsaw University; PHD, 1977, Polish Academy of Sciences

Adams, E Charles - Curator, Archaeology; Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1970, MA, 1973, PHD, 1975, University of Colorado

Adamson, Cynthia A - Assistant Professor, Medicine; MS, 1989, PHD, 1994, University of Arizona

Adamson, H Douglas - Professor, English; AB, 1967, University of California at Berkeley; MA, 1972, San Jose State University; PHD, 1980, Georgetown University

Adamson, Joni L - Professor, English; BA, 1981, Idaho State University; MA, 1989, Brigham Young University; PHD, 1995, University of Arizona

Addis, Ilana B - Assistant Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology; BA, 1992, University of Chicago; MPH, 1996, University of California at Berkeley; MD, 19998, University of Arizona

Adelman, David E - Associate Professor, Law; BA, 1988, Reed College; PHD, 1993, Stanford University; JD, 1996, Stanford Law School

Adolf, Melvina M - Area Assistant Agent, 4h Youth Development; BS, 1997, Montana State University; MS, 2003, University of Arizona

Ahern, Geoffrey L - Professor, Neurology; Professor, Psychology; Professor, Psychiatry; BA, 1976, State University of New York College at Purchase; MS, 1978, PHD, 1981, MD, 1984, Yale University

Ahmad, Nafees - Professor, Microbiology & Immunology; BS, 1976, MS, 1978, M PHIL, 1980, PHD, 1983, Aligarh Muslim University

Ahmann, Frederick R - Professor, Medicine; Professor, Medicine; Professor, Surgery; Professor, Surgery; BA, 1970, Duke University; MD, 1974, University of Missouri School of Medicine

Aiken, Susan H - Acting Department Head, English; Professor, English; Distinguished Professor; BA, 1964, Furman University; MA, 1966, PHD, 1971, Duke University

Akoglu, Ali - Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; BS, 1998, Purdue University; PHD, 2005, Arizona State University

Akporiaye, Emmanuel - Professor, Microbiology & Immunology; Department Head, Microbiology & Immunology; BS, 1973, University of Ife; MS, 1978, New Mexico Highlands University; PHD, 1983, University of New Mexico at Main Campus

Alayont, Feryal - Lecturer, Mathematics; BS, 1997, Bilkent University; PHD, 2003, University of Minnesota

Albanese, Charles A - Dean, College of Architecture & Landscape Architecture; B ARCH, 1965, M ARCH, 1967, University of Illinois

Alberts, David S - Director, Cancer Center Division; Professor, Medicine; Professor, Medicine; Professor, Pharmacology; Professor, Pharmacology; Professor, Public Health; Professor, Public Health; Regents Professor; Professor, Bio5 Institute; Regents Professor; BS, 1962, Trinity College; MD, 1966, University of Virginia Main Campus

Aldenderfer, Mark S - Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1972, Wake Forest University; MA, 1974, PHD, 1977, Pennsylvania State University

Aleamoni, Lawrence M - Department Head, Special Ed, Rehab & Sch Psych; Professor, Special Ed, Rehab & Sch Psych; BA, 1961, Westminster College; MA, 1964, University of Utah; PHD, 1966, Michigan State University

Alexander Jr, Edward H - Lecturer, Mathematics; BA, 1961, Tufts University; MA, 1990, Salve Regina College; MS, 1994, PHD, 1997, University of Arizona

Alexander, William L - Assistant Professor, Anthropology; BS, 1985, University of Southern Mississippi; MA, 1989, PHD, 2000, University of Arizona

Alfie, Fabian R - Associate Professor, French & Italian; BA, 1988, University of Kansas; MA, 1991, PHD, 1995, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Allen, John Jb - Professor, Psychology; BS, 1986, University of Wisconsin at Madison; MA, 1991, PHD, 1992, University of Minnesota

Allen, Ronald E - Professor, Animal Science; Associate Department Head, Animal Science; Professor, Nutritional Sciences; BS, 1972, Texas A & M University; PHD, 1976, Iowa State University

Alonso, Ana M - Associate Professor, Anthropology; BA, 1978, Wellesley College; MA, 1982, PHD, 1988, University of Chicago

Alpert, Joseph S - Department Head, Medicine; Professor, Medicine; BA, 1963, Yale University; MD, 1969, Harvard University

Altschul, D Robert - Associate Professor Emeritus, Geography/Regional Development; BA, 1957, Harpur College, State University of New York; MA, 1959, PHD, 1966, University of Illinois

Alvarado, Elizabeth C - Lecturer, English; BA, 1983, University of Arizona; AM, 1985, Stanford University; MFA, 1989, University of Arizona

Alvarez, Maribel L - Assistant Research Social Scientist; Assistant Research Professor; BA, 1983, MA, 1985, California State University; PHD, 2003, University of Arizona

Alves, Joyce L - Director, County Extension; Associate Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences; BS, 1977, MS, 1982, California State University at Chico

Amir, Rabah - Professor, Economics; BS, 1980, PHD, 1985, University of Illinois

Ampel, Neil M - Professor, Medicine; Professor, Public Health; BS, 1975, Oregon State University; MD, 1977, University of Oregon

Anaya, Stephen J - Professor, Law; BA, 1980, University of New Mexico; JD, 1983, Harvard University College of Law

Anders, Patricia L - Department Head, Language, Reading & Culture; Professor, Language, Reading & Culture; BS, 1971, MS, 1972, PHD, 1976, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Anderson, Brian P - Assistant Professor, Optical Sciences; Assistant Professor, Physics; BA, 1992, Rice University; MS, 1995, PHD, 1999, Stanford University

Anderson, Jon - Associate Professor, English; BS, 1963, Northeastern University; MFA, 1967, University of Iowa

Anderson, Karen S - Department Head, History; Professor, History; BS, 1969, University of Kansas; PHD, 1975, University of Washington

Andrews, Arthur W - Senior Lecturer, Law; BA, 1959, State University of Iowa; LLB, 1963, LLM, 1964, New York University

Andrews, Gregory R - Professor, Computer Science; BS, 1969, Stanford University; PHD, 1974, University of Washington

Angel, J Roger P - Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; Regents Professor; BA, 1963, St Peters College; MS, 1966, California Institute of Technology; PHD, 1967, Oxford University

Angelucci, Manuela - Assistant Professor, Economics; PHD, 2004, University of London

Annas, Julia E - Professor, Philosophy; Regents Professor; BA, 1968, St. Hugh's College; AM, 1970, PHD, 1972, Harvard University

Anthony, Theresa Renee - Assistant Professor, Public Health; BS, 1988, California Polytechnic State Univ at San Luis Obis; MS, 1992, PHD, 2005, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Antia, Shirin D - Professor, Special Ed, Rehab & Sch Psych; BA, 1971, University of Calcutta; M ED, 1973, PHD, 1979, University of Pittsburgh Main Campus

Antin, Parker B - Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy; Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; BS, 1977, Union College; PHD, 1982, University of Pennsylvania

Aposhian, H Vasken - Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; Professor, Pharmacology; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; BS, 1948, Brown University; MS, 1950, PHD, 1953, University of Rochester

Arabia, Francisco A - Professor, Surgery; BS, 1979, Tulane University; MD, 1983, University of Pennsylvania

Arabyan, Ara - Associate Professor, Aerospace & Mechanical Engr; BS, 1980, Texas A & M University; MS, 1982, PHD, 1986, University of Southern California

Aradhyula, Satheesh V - Associate Professor, Agricultural/Resource Economics; BS, 1980, Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University; MS, 1982, Indian Agricultural Research Institute; PHD, 1989, Iowa State University

Archangeli, Diana B - Director, SBS Research Institute; Associate Dean, Research; Professor, Linguistics; BA, 1974, Washington State University; MA, 1981, University of Texas at Austin; PHD, 1984, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Archer, Steven R - Professor, Natural Resources; BA, 1975, Augustana College; MS, 1980, PHD, 1983, Colorado State University at Ft. Collins

Arenas, Alberto - Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership; BA, 1989, University of Arizona; MA, 1994, PHD, 2000, University of California at Berkeley

Ares, Charles E - Professor Emeritus, Law Instruction; JD, 1952, University of Arizona

Ariew, Robert A - Professor, French & Italian; BA, 1967, MA, 1969, PHD, 1974, University of Illinois

Arkowitz, Harold S - Associate Professor, Psychology; Associate Professor, Psychiatry; BA, 1962, New York University; MA, 1966, PHD, 1968, University of Pennsylvania

Armstrong, Edward P - Professor, Pharmacy Practice & Science; Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences; BS, 1980, University of Arizona; D PHARM, 1981, University of Missouri at Kansas City

Armstrong, Neal R - Professor, Chemistry; Professor, Optical Sciences; BS, 1970, PHD, 1974, University of New Mexico at Main Campus

Arnett, W David - Professor, Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory; Regents Professor; BS, 1961, University of Kentucky; MS, 1963, PHD, 1965, Yale University

Arnold, Anne E - Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology; Curator, Robert L Gilbertson Mycological Herbarium; BS, 1995, Duke University; PHD, 2002, University of Arizona

Arnold, Robert G - Professor, Chemical & Environ Engr; Investigator, Center for Toxicology; Professor, Civil Engr & Engr Mechanics; BS, 1969, United States Naval Academy; MS, 1981, University of North Carolina; PHD, 1986, California Institute of Technology

Arnould, Eric J - Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences; Petsmart Distinguished Professor; Research Director, Center for Retailing & Consumer Sciences; BA, 1973, Bard College; MA, 1975, PHD, 1982, University of Arizona

Arns, Mark J - Specialist, Equine; Professor, Animal Science; BS, 1983, University of Wisconsin; MS, 1986, PHD, 1989, Texas A and M University

Artiola, Janick F - Associate Research Scientist, Soil,water & Environ Sci; Associate Professor, Soil,water & Environ Sci; BA, 1974, Drew University; MS, 1976, PHD, 1980, University of Arizona

Asia, Daniel I - Professor, Music; BA, 1975, Hampshire College; MM, 1977, Yale School of Music

Askin, Ronald G - Department Head, Systems & Industrial Engr; Professor, Systems & Industrial Engr; BS, 1975, Lehigh University; MS, 1976, PHD, 1979, Georgia Institute of Technology Main Campus

Aspinwall, Craig A - Assistant Professor, Chemistry; BS, 1994, Berry College; PHD, 1999, University of Florida

Atwater, Anne E - Professor Emerita, Physiology; BS, 1959, Trenton State College; MS, 1963, PHD, 1970, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Atwood, Barbara A - Mary Anne Richey Professor, Law; BA, 1969, Mary Baldwin College; JD, 1976, University of Arizona

Auflick, Patricia A - Associate Librarian, Outreach Services; BS, 1973, University of Wyoming; ML, 1977, University of Washington; BS, 1980, University of Wyoming

Austin, Diane E - Associate Research Anthropologist; Associate Professor, Anthropology; BS, 1981, Texas Christian University; MS, 1983, California Institute of Technology; PHD, 1994, University of Michigan

Austin, Graeme W - Professor, Law; J Byron Mccormick Professor, Law; BA, 1985, LLB, 1989, LLM, 1991, Victoria University of Wellington; LLM, 1998, Columbia University

Avalos, Francisco - Assistant Law Librarian, Foreign Collections; Librarian, Law Library; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Legal Research; BA, 1972, MLS, 1976, University of Arizona

Aviles, Leticia - Adjunct Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; BS, 1983, Pontifica Universidad Catolica Del Ecuador; PHD, 1992, Harvard University

Ax, Roy L - Professor, Animal Science; Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology; BS, 1973, MS, 1974, PHD, 1978, University of Illinois Urbana Campus

Ayoun, Dalila - Associate Professor, French & Italian; MA, 1987, University of Nebraska; PHD, 1992, University of Florida


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