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Academic Policies

Military Leave of Absence (MLOA)

(Policy created on 10/6/08)

The University of Arizona supports students who are members of the United States armed forces and reserve units.  An undergraduate or graduate student who is a member of the U.S. military, National Guard or other armed forces reserve unit who is called or ordered to active duty elsewhere may be granted a Military Leave of Absence (MLOA) from the University for the period of active duty and up to one year after returning from active duty.  Students with the MLOA need not apply for readmission or pay readmission fees.  MLOA allows those students to preregister for classes during their priority registration period prior to the term when they plan to return to campus. 

The Military Leave of Absence application is available online from the Registrar’s Office forms site.  The completed application, to be submitted to the Registration & Transcripts Office in Administration 210 prior to the student’s departure from the University, must be accompanied by a copy of the military orders indicating the date on which the student must report for active duty elsewhere.  When students are called to active duty after classes begin, they should contact the Dean of Students Office for a complete withdrawal from the current term, in addition to filing the MLOA for subsequent terms.  If students receive financial aid and/or live in a UA residence hall, they are responsible for contacting the Office of Student Financial Aid and/or Office of Residence Life.
For assistance with the MLOA form, contact your college dean's office.


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