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Academic Policies

Leaving the University

Complete Withdrawal from the University

Policy revised 5/12/08:  To differentiate dropping a few courses from completely withdrawing.

A complete withdrawal from the University is defined as leaving the University by dropping all classes after having paid registration fees. This option only applies to the Fall and Spring (regular) Semesters.  During the regular semester, students are allowed seven days to complete the withdrawal process after initiating the procedure in the Dean of Students Office; however, withdrawals can not be initiated after the last day of classes of any semester and must be completed before the beginning of the final examination period. If a student withdraws from all classes before the end of the fourth week of the semester, all classes are deleted from the student's permanent record for the term.  If a student withdraws from the University after the fourth week of classes and before the final exam period, the faculty member for each course may assign a grade of “WP” (withdrawal while passing) or “WF” (withdrawal while failing).  Grades for a complete withdrawal appear on the permanent record but are not included in the student’s grade average. Consult the External LinkWithdrawal from the University section in the Schedule of Classes for detailed instructions, deadlines, and refund information.

Undergraduate Leave of Absence

The Undergraduate Student Leave of Absence assists and encourages students to return and graduate after a one or two semester absence from campus. Students with this status need not apply for or pay readmission fees, and may register for classes during their priority registration period.  The University grants a Leave of Absence through the student’s College Dean’s Office, see College Contacts for Leave of Absence.


  • Residence Hall students should immediately contact the External Link Residence Life office at 621-6501 or 621-1241.
  • Nursing students must follow the procedure for Leave of Absence in the College’s Baccalaureate Student Handbook. 
  • International students leaving the University should contact the Center for Global Student Programs at 621-4627.
  • Students in UA-sponsored Study Abroad programs, this Leave of Absence is unnecessary and, therefore, unavailable . On the other hand, it is appropriate and available to students participating in NON-UA-sponsored study abroad programs.

The deadline for a completed Leave of Absence application to be received (not mailed) in the Administration Building, Room 210, from the college dean’s office, is by 4:00 p.m. on the last regular business day before school starts.  Final decisions regarding approval or disapproval of Leave of Absence requests will not be available until the posting of grades for the semester immediately preceding the term for which the leave is requested.  Students should note that the timing of the final decision depends on the timing of the application.  Therefore, students may not receive a decision on the request for Leave of Absence before the first day of class if their application is received just before the opening of classes.  Incomplete applications will be sent back to the colleges. If the deadline is missed by this action, the student will not be eligible for the leave.

To qualify, students must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. be registered during the semester immediately prior to the beginning of the leave;
  2. have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 -- both at the time of application for leave and following the posting of grades for the semester immediately preceding the term of the requested leave of absence;
  3. have their University accounts paid in full, both at the time of leave application and following the posting of grades for the semester immediately preceding the term of the requested leave of absence; and
  4. have no pending disciplinary action.

After processing the application, the External Link Office of Curriculum and Registration will mail the student copy to the student and the college copy to the college.

Students, when they do not return at the end of the approved leave, must apply for readmission and comply with readmission rules.

While on Leave of Absence, the University:

  1. reports enrollment status to lenders and loan service entities as "not attending" (students are advised to contact their lender(s) for repayment information and grace period expiration); and
  2. suspends student’s insurance and use of University facilities.

See the current Catalog for College Contacts for Leave of Absence.

Dismissal from Courses or from the University

Reprehensible conduct or failure to comply with university regulations may result in a student's dismissal from a course or from the University at any time. The Dean of Students Office is responsible for this procedure. Such action may be posted on the student's academic record. Students suspended from the University are denied student privileges during the period of suspension, and may not register for correspondence work except with permission of the dean of the college in which they have previously registered. They may not enroll in Extended University courses, nor establish credit by examination during the period of suspension.

Medical Withdrawal

Medical withdrawal is initiated from the Student Health Service. Adequate medical documentation must be supplied by the student. Students who withdraw from the University for medical reasons and who are medically encumbered must have their readmission approved by the Student Health Service.

Retroactive Withdrawal

Under appropriate circumstances a student may petition for withdrawal after completion of classes for a term. If the student has experienced severe physical or psychological stress of such nature as to prevent satisfactory completion of course work in the semester or term in question, the student may petition for retroactive withdrawal for all courses taken that semester or term. This petition must be accompanied by adequate documentation and filed with the dean of the student's college.

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For further information about these policies contact your academic advisor or:

External Link Office of Curriculum and Registration
The University of Arizona
Administration Building, Room 210
Phone:  (520) 621-3113

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