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University-Wide General Education and Foundations

All undergraduate degree-seeking students must satisfy General Education and Foundations requirements.

General Education:

The External Link University-Wide General Education program provides breadth of knowledge as a balance and complement to the depth provided by the major.  General Education includes:

  • Tier One
  • Tier Two
  • Gender, Race, Class, Ethnicity, or Non-Western Area Studies

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University-wide General Education

This component builds a foundation in certain skills that can be further developed in major courses and in Tier One and Tier Two General Education courses. Foundations include a course in mathematics (the character of which will vary with the major), courses in composition, fourth-semester skill level in a second language for all students in B.A. degree programs, and second-semester skill level in a second language for all students in non-B.A. degree programs:

Other composition/writing requirements include the Upper-Division Writing Proficiency Examination (UDWPE) and a Writing Emphasis Course.

For specific requirements, visit the links above and your major/degree requirements:  Academic Program Requirements Report (APRR).

General Education policies specific to transfer students:

The External Link Office of Undergraduate Education administers the UA's University-Wide General Education Program.

For more information consult your academic advisor.

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