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Contact Information:

Arizona International College
The University of Arizona
1609 East Helen Street
PO Box 210410
Tucson, AZ 85721-0410
Phone: (520) 626-0600
Fax: (520) 626-0625
Email: lbailey@email.arizona.edu
Web: External Link College Homepage

General Information:

Course Descriptions

Faculty Members

Degrees and Concentrations:

Baccalaureate Degree

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Major Concentrations and Degrees -- undergraduate degrees link to Degree/Academic Program Requirements Reports (APRRs).

  • Fine & Performing Arts (B.A.)
  • Humanities (B.A.)
  • Language & Culture (B.A.)
  • Liberal Studies (B.A.)
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics (B.A.)
  • Social Sciences (B.A.)


Arizona International College prepares students for rich personal, professional, and civic lives in an increasingly complex and integrated world. The College accomplishes this mission in good part through a curriculum designed to ensure the development of a global perspective through an interdisciplinary study of the Liberal Arts and the improvement of specific skills and competencies. AIC is characterized by small classes and frequent faculty/student interaction, required service-learning and career internships, and a senior capstone project allowing students to integrate their undergraduate experience with future educational and/or career goals.

In summer 1998, Arizona International College became a new college of The University of Arizona. Its mission is to provide the state of Arizona with a strong four-year Liberal Arts college with a global focus across its curriculum. Students at Arizona International College graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Arizona.

Admissions Requirements:

Students apply to the University for admission. Entering freshmen must meet the External Link Admissions entrance requirements established by the Arizona Board of Regents for all Arizona universities.


The curriculum at Arizona International College is unique among UA colleges. AIC's curriculum design presupposes a close professional and personal relationship between students and faculty members, based on a contract approach to teaching and learning. After completing a common core program, students work with faculty advisors to design an individual course of study in one of six areas of concentration. Students also satisfy competency requirements in six essential skills, and complete two supervised internships in service learning and career preparation. AIC awards the Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in one of the six major content areas of study.

AIC students will generally take AIC courses to satisfy degree requirements. AIC students may enroll in courses offered by another UA college if these courses are first approved by both advisor and student as part of the student's learning contract. Students in other UA colleges may enroll in an AIC course only with the instructor's and their major advisor's permission, and may add AIC courses only during the drop/add period at the beginning of the semester.

Core Curriculum:

All students begin the core program with an introductory course, On Becoming a Fully Educated Person. During their first two semesters, AIC students also complete other specified core courses: Critical Writing and Communication, Introduction to Global Perspectives, Statistical Techniques for Problems of the Modern World, Human Consciousness and the Formation of World Views, and First Year Symposium. The core program also requires second language study, along with the exploration of the culture and political economy of the second language region.

Joining AIC:

Current UA students wishing to switch to AIC from another college at the university should first consult with an AIC advisor. A student's prior course work will be evaluated for its applicability to AIC graduation requirements. Students who complete all UA general education requirements will satisfy AIC's core requirements. Students who have not completed their UA general education program may use their UA courses to meet many AIC core requirements; in such cases the applicability of credits will be determined on a course by course basis.

Contact AIC Office of Enrollment and Student Services at (520) 626-0600 to schedule an appointment for advising.


In keeping with its commitment to educate students for the 21st century, AIC allows students to select from six areas of concentration within the Liberal Arts. This alternative to traditional majors prepares students for a world in which issues in the workplace and in life are rarely contained within the parameters of a single discipline. Within the area of study defined by a concentration, a student works closely with a faculty advisor to develop a unique program of study tied to specific academic and career goals. The six concentrations are described below.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics:  Natural Sciences and Mathematics combines rigorous study of fundamentals in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics with a broad view of how scientific knowledge relates to our society. Popular areas of interest include pre-medicine and environmental science.

Social Sciences:  Social Sciences introduces students to disciplines such as psychology, sociology, economics, and political science. Using the perspectives offered by scholarship in these areas, students develop the skills to analyze contemporary issues like citizenship, poverty, diversity, and social conflict at local, national, and global levels. Many pre-law and business students follow social science programs.

Humanities:  Humanities students grapple with the universal questions of who we are and what makes us human. Students explore disciplines such as history, philosophy, literature, and religious studies to gain an understanding of our disparate cultures, our traditions, and where we are headed.

Fine and Performing Arts:  Students of Fine and Performing Arts learn about traditions and techniques in fields such as art, music, theater, dance, and film. Studies in this area emphasize both the development of personal creativity and an understanding of art as an enduring element of human culture.

Language and Culture: The concentration in Language and Culture emphasizes proficiency in a second language as an essential step toward experiencing and understanding another culture. Students combine language studies with other cultural studies such as the literature, history, theater, or music of a country or region. Study abroad, through course work, internships, or independent study is an important component of each student's program.

Liberal Studies:  The Liberal Studies option allows students to develop a concentration that spans two or more of the categories above. Examples of such programs are sustainable development, women's studies, international management and culture, international relations, and environmental studies. Students may also design new programs to match particular academic interests or career goals.

For more information contact the college office listed above.


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