All fees are payable prior to the due date for any semester or term. Students' payments will be applied in chronological order to charges on their accounts. Payment of fees entitles students to many services, including instruction in university courses, use of university libraries, use of laboratory and course equipment, use of the recreation center, etc. No reduction is made for students who may choose not to use some of these university services or facilities. The University accepts Visa, MasterCard and checks for the amount due but cannot advance cash on checks. The University cannot extend credit or accept installment payments; therefore, all fees for the semester must be paid in full at the time of registration. Students with past-due debts to The University of Arizona are considered financially ineligible to register until outstanding debts are paid in full. The registration of a student whose check is returned to the bank is considered incomplete and a late fee will be assessed. Collection fees are also assessed if payment for returned checks is not received in 12 calendar days.


Registration and specified fees are paid by all students enrolled at The University of Arizona; in addition, non-resident students pay tuition in lieu of the state legislative funding provided to the University through taxes paid by the state's residents. Conditions determining residency are established by Arizona state law. For a summary of those conditions and the process for determining residency status, see the section of this catalog titled Residency (Domicile) Classification for Tuition Purposes, in the chapter titled Admission and Registration. For further information, consult the Office of Domicile Classification.

THE ARIZONA FINANCIAL AID TRUST (AFAT)-The Arizona Legislature approved a program of student aid, the Arizona Financial Aid Trust, which became effective in the 1989-90 academic year. This program was enacted through the efforts of the student governments on state campuses, the Arizona Student Association, the Arizona Board of Regents and the State Legislature. The program enables currently enrolled students in Arizona universities to receive additional financial aid and provides for the creation of a long-term endowment to assist future generations of Arizona students. As a result of the authorizing legislation and action by the Arizona Board of Regents, an Arizona Financial Aid Trust fee is assessed to all students who register for any fall, spring and summer term and is nonrefundable once class begins.

RECREATION CENTER FEE-In 1985, students adopted a referendum assessing themselves a mandatory $25 per semester fee to construct the Recreation Center. All students registering for four or more units of credit are charged the recreation center fee.

LATE PAYMENT AND LATE REGISTRATION FEES-A student who fails to complete payment of all fees prior to the due date for any semester or term will be assessed an escalating non-refundable late payment fee. Students who fail to register prior to the first day of class will be assessed an additional late registration fee.

 Expenses and Fees per Semester for 1995-96 Academic Year


Number         AFAT          Recreation         Registration      Total
of Units       Fees          Center Fee               

 1             $4             ---                 $99             $103
 2             $4             ---                 $198            $202
 3             $4             ---                 $297            $301
 4             $4             $25                 $396            $425  
 5             $4             $25                 $495            $524
 6             $4             $25                 $594            $623
 7 or more     $8             $25                 $942            $975

Number      AFAT     Recreation    Tuition      Registration     Total   
of Units    Fees     Center Fee
 1          $4         ---          $231          $99            $334
 2          $4         ---          $462          $198           $664
 3          $4         ---          $693          $297           $994
 4          $4         $25          $924          $396           $1349
 5          $4         $25          $1155         $495           $1679
 6          $4         $25          $1386         $594           $2009
 7          $8         $25          $1368         $942           $2343 
 8          $8         $25          $1698         $942           $2673
 9          $8         $25          $2028         $942           $3003
 10         $8         $25          $2358         $942           $3333
 11         $8         $25          $2688         $942           $3663
 12 or more $8         $25          $3014         $942           $3989


SPECIAL COURSE FEES AND DEPOSITS -- Special course fees and deposits are applicable only under certain specific conditions and must be approved by the Provost and/or the Arizona Board of Regents. Fees for off-campus field trips, specialized equipment or facilities, private instruction, expendable materials and refundable deposits for equipment entrusted to students' care may be assessed. Special course fees are identified in the Schedule of Classes for the term in which the course is offered. The following special fees or deposit courses were approved at the time of the production of this document.


 Course               Fee 
 A ME 411             $25
 A ME 412a            $25
 A ME 412b            $25

 ANTH 442a            $250
 ANTH 442b            $250
 ANTH 642a            $250
 ANTH 642b            $250

 ARCH 112             $25
 ARCH 118             $25
 ARCH 201             $25
 ARCH 202             $25
 ARCH 301             $25
 ARCH 302             $25
 ARCH 401             $25
 ARCH 402             $25 
 ARCH 451             $25
 ARCH 452             $25
 ARCH 501             $25  
 ARCH 502             $25
 ARCH 900             $25
 ARCH 910             $25

 ART  101             $13
 ART  102             $13
 ART  103X            $13
 ART  104             $20
 ART  205             $35
 ART  241/M AR 241    $25
 ART  250             $40 
 ART  251             $40
 ART  253             $40
 ART  255             $40
 ART  265             $25
 ART  266             $25
 ART  271             $20
 ART  273             $45
 ART  280             $11
 ART  287             $35
 ART  289             $50
 ART  302             $20
 ART  305             $35
 ART  341a            $10
 ART  341b            $25
 ART  341c            $15
 ART  341d            $25
 ART  341e            $25
 ART  343a            $20
 ART  343b            $25
 ART  345             $25
 ART  346             $25
 ART  350             $40
 ART  351             $40
 ART  353             $40
 ART  355             $40
 ART  356             $40
 ART  363             $25
 ART  364             $25
 ART  365             $25
 ART  366             $25
 ART  367             $25
 ART  371             $20
 ART  372             $20
 ART  373             $45
 ART  380             $11
 ART  387a            $50
 ART  387b            $50
 ART  387c            $35
 ART  389             $50
 ART  405             $35 
 ART  441             $25
 ART  445             $25
 ART  446             $25
 ART  456             $40
 ART  464             $25
 ART  465             $25  
 ART  466             $25
 ART  467             $25 
 ART  469             $25
 ART  471             $20
 ART  472             $20
 ART  473             $50
 ART  477x            $25
 ART  480             $11
 ART  483             $20
 ART  487a            $50
 ART  487b            $50
 ART  487c            $35
 ART  487d            $35
 ART  487e            $35
 ART  487f            $35
 ART  487g            $35
 ART  489             $50
 ART  505             $35
 ART  541             $25
 ART  545             $25
 ART  546             $25
 ART  550             $40
 ART  551             $40
 ART  553             $40
 ART  555             $40
 ART  565             $25
 ART  566             $25
 ART  567             $25
 ART  569             $25
 ART  571             $20
 ART  572             $20
 ART  573             $50
 ART  577x            $25
 ART  580             $11
 ART  583             $20
 ART  587a            $50
 ART  587b            $50
 ART  587c            $40
 ART  587d            $40
 ART  587e            $40
 ART  587f            $40
 ART  587g            $40
 ART  589             $50
 ART  656             $40
 ART  673             $50
 ART  687             $40 

 CHEM 102a            $40
 CHEM 102b            $40
 CHEM 104a            $40
 CHEM 104b            $40
 CHEM 106a            $40
 CHEM 106b            $40
 CHEM 243a            $40
 CHEM 243b            $40
 CHEM 245a            $40
 CHEM 245b            $40
 CHEM 302             $40
 CHEM 323             $40
 CHEM 326             $40
 CHEM 400a            $40
 CHEM 400b            $40
 CHEM 412             $40
 CHEM 440             $40
 CHEM 446             $40 

 C E  394a            $30

 CRL  101             $260
 CRL  102             $260
 CRL  201             $260
 CRL  202             $260
 CRL  301             $260
 CRL  302             $260

 ECOL 442             $250
 ECOL 542             $250

 ENGL 295q/HUM 295q   $15

 EXSS 137a            $10 
 EXSS 137c            $35
 EXSS 137d            $35
 EXSS 219             $10

 GEOS 103             $15
 GEOS 104             $15
 GEOS 412(summer only)$460
 GEOS 413(summer only)$460
 GEOS 536/HWR 536     $25

 HUM 295q/ENGL 295q   $15 

 HWR 101a             $10
 HWR 101b             $10
 HWR 250              $25
 HWR 414              $75
 HWR 431L             $10
 HWR 451              $25
 HWR 514              $75
 HWR 517L             $25
 HWR 531L             $10
 HWR 536/GEOS 536     $25
 HWR 551              $25
 M AR210              $50
 M AR241/ART 241      $25
 M AR304              $50
 M AR305              $50
 M AR314              $50
 M AR315              $50
 M AR318              $50
 M AR381              $50
 M AR414              $50
 M AR415              $50
 M AR497a             $50
 M AR497c             $50


 MEDT471L             $15
 MEDT472L             $15
 MEDT473L             $15
 MEDT474L             $15

 MUSI Performance Studies--1/2 hr wk $40
 MUSI Performance Studies--1 hr wk $60

 PL S473              $50

 PSIO/PLP/VSC 612     $50

 T AR111              $10
 T AR215              $20
 T AR422              $20
 T AR423              $40
 T AR522              $20

 WS M461              $150
 WS M561              $150


ENGLISH PLACEMENT EXAMINATION FEE -- All entering students without previous college-level composition courses are required to take the First-Year Placement Examination. The fee for the examination is $10.

CREDIT-BY-EXAMINATION FEE -- A fee of $21 per unit is charged for all special examinations for credit.

COLLEGE LEVEL EXAMINATION FEE -- The fees for examinations administered under the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) are $47 each for the Subject examinations and $47 for each General examination.

GRADUATE STUDENT FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEST (GSFLT) -- A fee of $17 is charged to take any one foreign language examination. Examinations in French, German, Russian, and Spanish are administered nationally by the Educational Testing Service. The fee is paid to Testing Office in Old Main.

AUDIT FEE -- Fees for audit units are the same as regular credit units, including the nonresident tuition, if applicable.

PHOTO I.D. FEE -- The fee for the original student I.D. card is $5.00. The replacement fee for lost or stolen I.D. cards is $10. Students may obtain replacement cards at the Campus I.D. Center.

TRANSCRIPT FEE -- Students may order copies of their official University of Arizona academic record (transcript) from the Registrar's Office. The fee for regular transcript service is $4 per copy. The fee for immediate service or special handling is $6 per copy. An unofficial copy of the transcript costs $1. These fees are applicable whether the transcript request has been made in person, through the mail or by faxing. Fax fees are $6.00 for the transcript, plus a faxing fee of $3.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page.

Fax transcripts are not official. Unofficial transcripts are not sent through the mail. Transcripts will not be issued for students whose records indicate indebtedness to the University.

BREAKAGE DEPOSIT -- A breakage deposit may be required of each student registered for laboratory work in certain departments. This deposit, less the value of apparatus broken by the student, is returned upon completion of the course.

MUSIC LESSON FEE -- A fee of $40 each semester for one half-hour per week or $60 per semester for a one-hour-per-week private lesson in applied fields of piano, organ, voice, band, or orchestral instrument is charged. A music major registering for more than one weekly lesson will pay a maximum fee of $60 each semester.

MUSIC INSTRUMENT RENTAL -- Students enrolled for individual instruction may rent instruments, if available, for a rental fee each semester.

STUDENT TEACHING FEE -- For those exceptional circumstances when a student teaching placement is approved at a site outside of the Tucson area, the student may be assessed a fee to cover costs of supervision. The fee is dependent upon the requested site.

SEMESTER ACTIVITY FEE FOR PART-TIME STUDENTS -- Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in 6 units or less must pay $17.50 per semester fee in order to qualify for student discount rates to athletic events. This fee is non-refundable. The activity fee approximates the amount full-time students pay to the athletic department via registration fees each semester. Also, students can pay the $17.50 fee each semester, which qualifies a guest to receive the discount ticket rates.

MEAL PLAN (FOOD SERVICE) -- The University of Arizona's food services are provided by the Student Union. Eating locations are primarily located in the Student Union Building, Park Student Center, and satellite facilities located around the campus.

The University of Arizona's All Aboard program is the Student Union's computerized meal plan. It offers students the opportunity to eat at any of the Union's 19 campus restaurants, and over 200 food and beverage vending machines. In addition to the convenience of not having to carry cash, students who participate in the All Aboard Meal Plan are not charged tax on their food purchases. This constitutes a substantial savings on the actual cost of meals. The average female student spends $700-$900 per semester; the average male student spends $900-$1200 per semester.

In addition to the All Aboard Meal Plan students can establish a Pocket Money account that offers the same cash free convenience. Students with Pocket Money accounts are able to access the services of the Fast Copy Center, Gallagher Theatre (movies), Universtiy Photo Service, Sam's Place (games room), Student Recreation Center Pro Shop, as well as paying for Residence Hall In-room Phone charges.

All Aboard and Pocket Money accounts are pre-paid (debit card) systems. Students access their accounts by presenting their student identification card. A minimum payment of $25.00 is required to open an account. Monies deposited in an All Aboard account are restricted to the purchase of food and beverages.


APPLIED TO ENCUMBRANCES -- All refunds and deposits that may be due a student will be first applied to encumbrances owed the University. Refunds due will be forfeited unless called for by the last day of the semester.

REFUND SCHEDULE -- The refund schedule begins with the first day of class and applies to weekdays (Mon .- Fri.). Sufficient time must be allowed for final clearance of registration fee payment checks before refunds will be made. Students who withdraw and who are entitled to a refund will be charged a $10 withdrawal fee. The Arizona Financial Aid Trust (AFAT) fee will not be refunded once classes begin. Students receiving financial aid will be refunded in compliance with federal regulations.


 Before Semester Starts     100%
 1-5 days                    80% 
 6-10 days                   60%
 11-15 days                  40%
 16-20 days                  20%
 Thereafter                 none    


DEGREE CANDIDACY APPLICATION FEE -- Every candidate for a baccalaureate or graduate degree is required to pay a nonrefundable fee at the time of filing an application for degree candidacy. Additional fees will be charged for late filing for bachelor's degree candidacy. Each senior is provided with an official check of remaining degree requirements. A fee will be charged for any additional degree check necessitated by a student's subsequently changing catalog or curriculum. A fee will be charged for duplicate copies. Late applications will not be accepted after the last official day to register for credit for the semester or term immediately preceding the semester or term in which the degree is to be awarded. A degree or diploma will not be issued to any student whose records indicate indebtedness to The University of Arizona.

THESIS OR DISSERTATION PROCESSING FEE -- A fee of $15 is required of each graduate student at the time of submitting the thesis or dissertation.

MICROFILM FEE -- A fee of $65 is charged for microfilming of doctoral dissertations or master's theses.

CAP AND GOWN FEE -- Degree candidates participating in the commencement exercises are required to wear the prescribed academic attire, which may be purchased at the ASUA Bookstore.


Residence hall rent must be paid in accord with the Residence Hall License Agreement. A rent prepayment is required for fall applicants within two weeks of assignment notification. Deposits on rooms will not be refunded for cancellations after June 1 preceding the fall semester, nor after December 15 for the second semester.

Rates for single rooms, when available, are 160% per person of the regular rental rate for most resident halls. Consult the Department of Residence Life for further information.


The Board of Regents reserves the right to change all fees and charges without notice, if necessary. Rates for 1996-97 were not available at the time of printing of the catalog.


Registration fee:              $1950.00

                                      ($975.00 per semester) 
Residence halls, average rate: $2150.00
Meals in university cafeteria: $2000.00
Books and supplies:            $600.00
Total minimum annual expense:  $6700.00


Registration fee and tuition:  $7978.00
                                      ($3989.00 per semester)
Residence halls, average rate: $2150.00
Meals in university cafeteria: $2000.00
Books and supplies:            $600.00
Total minimum annual expense:  $12728.00

All students should add to this list incidental personal expenses
as needed. The residence hall reservation deposit is $150.

All fees, except residence hall rent and deposit, are due and
payable as the final step in the registration procedure. See the
current semester's Schedule of Classes for specific billing
and payment instructions.