The College of Nursing offers a professional program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (B.S.N.) and graduate programs leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in nursing. The B.S.N. and graduate curriculum are currently under review. Prospective students should consult the College of Nursing for current information. For information regarding graduate study, please see the Graduate Catalog.

The College of Nursing also offers a B.S.N. pathway for registered nurses who graduated from associate degree or diploma nursing programs and an accelerated B.S.N. pathway for superior students who are college graduates holding a baccalaureate or higher degree in a non-nursing field.

The program which leads to the B.S.N. degree prepares the graduate to begin practice as a professional nurse, and to undertake graduate study in nursing. The curriculum is composed of prenursing courses, which are taken in Arts and Sciences, followed by the professional nursing major. After having completed the pre-nursing phase of the program, students are admitted selectively to the College of Nursing to begin the nursing major in fall or spring. A minimum of 30 units of the nursing major must be University Credit course work. Minor programs of study are available for undergraduates. Completion of a minor is not required for graduation from the College of Nursing. A minimum of 18 units of course work must be completed with a grade point average of 2.00 or better to successfully complete a minor. A minimum of 12 units must be upper-division course work. Selection of a minor should be made in consultation with a College of Nursing advisor.

Nursing students are preparing for a profession which is exacting and in which they must take responsibility for the lives and well-being of others. Applicants must be in good physical and mental health; otherwise, they may be denied admission or, once admitted, recommended for withdrawal.

The college is accredited by the National League for Nursing and approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Upon recommendation of the faculty, the graduates will be admitted to the licensing examination administered by the State Board of Nursing.


Any entering freshman who meets University admission requirements as described in the Admission to the University section of this catalog may be admitted to the Arts and Sciences for the pre-nursing portion of the program.

Transfer students must meet the same University admission requirements. They may complete all freshman and sophomore general education requirements as listed in the nursing program at another college or university, or may present a combination of transfer and University of Arizona courses for consideration for admission to the nursing major. Before a decision to transfer to The University of Arizona is made, prospective transfer students are strongly advised to have their previous course work evaluated by the College of Nursing.

There is a selection process before any student can be accepted into the College of Nursing for the professional nursing courses. To be considered for admission to the baccalaureate program, a student must have: removed any high school deficiencies; completed designated prerequisites; earned a 2.750 grade-point average in designated prerequisites; and earned a cumulative grade-point average of 2.750.

Completion of prerequisite courses with a 2.750 average does not assure a student of admission to the professional nursing courses. The number of applicants admitted to the professional courses is limited by the resources of the college. A grade-point average above 3.00 is normally required.

All transfer students must have a minimum 2.750 average on all freshman and sophomore courses for both University of Arizona and transfer credits for consideration for admission to the college. Students who have done well at other nursing schools may be permitted to transfer to The University of Arizona. A letter from the dean or director of the nursing school stating that the applicant is in good standing and eligible to continue nursing studies at that institution is required. Admission criteria for the College of Nursing are periodically reviewed. Consult with the College of Nursing for current information.

Students are required to take the University of Arizona Writing-Proficiency Examination before starting their classes in the College of Nursing. Students who have an unsatisfactory rating on the examination will be required to complete developmental work acceptable to the College of Nursing.

All students entering the College of Nursing are required to have basic computer knowledge, obtained in high school, computer store, university courses, or self-taught.

Since enrollment in the college is limited, completion of freshman courses by entering freshmen or transfer students with the required grade-point average does not assure the student of admission to the major. Once admitted to the major, the student must be full time, attending five consecutive semesters. During these semesters the student must be enrolled for all required courses.

Students seeking acceptance to the College of Nursing for a fall semester need to file the special application form, obtained directly from the college, by December 1 of the previous year in which they desire to enter and can expect to hear of their status in early April. Students planning to enter the college in a spring semester must file this application by July 1 of the previous year and can expect a response regarding acceptance in early October. The College of Nursing does not maintain a waiting list. Students wishing to reapply must contact the College of Nursing regarding reapplication.

In addition to these requirements, registered nurses from diploma or associate degree schools of nursing must hold a current, valid Arizona license to practice nursing. For these applicants, acceptance of transfer credits and the establishment of credit by examination will be considered on an individual basis. (See also "Special Examination for Credit" section of this catalog.)

Since clinical laboratories are in a variety of community settings, all students in the clinical nursing courses are required to provide their own transportation to the areas where they are assigned for patient-care experience.

A candidate for the degree of B.S.N. must fulfill the requirements both in number and kind of units as outlined in the catalog under which the student has chosen to graduate. The graduation average must be 2.000 or better, with an average of 2.000 or better for all work undertaken in the major field at The University of Arizona (See also Graduation Requirements section of this catalog.)

Graduation from the College of Nursing is not the sole criterion for obtaining a license to practice nursing in Arizona. Licensing requirements are the exclusive responsibility of the State Board of Nursing. Graduates must satisfy licensure requirements independently of degree requirements.

Grading Policy for Nursing Courses

The grade of "D" is unacceptable for courses in the nursing major, including pre-nursing courses, as it does not reflect acceptable performance. Pre-nursing students who do not complete a required course(s) with a grade "C" or better must repeat the course. Students already enrolled in the College of Nursing who do not complete a required course(s) with a grade "C" or better, are not eligible to progress in the professional nursing major. The student may be permitted to repeat the course for credit.


The college participates in the Honors Program.


                         Freshman Year 

First Semester Second Semester

Subject Units Subject Units ENGL 101 3 ENGL 102 3 CHEM 101a 3 CHEM 101b 3 CHEM 102a 1 CHEM 102b 1 Western Civ. + 3 MATH 117 3 ECOL 181R/L 4 Child Dev. 3 PSYC 101 3 Indiv, Soc.and Instit. 3 Total 17 Total 16

Sophomore Year

First Semester Second Semester

Subject Units Subject Units EXSS 201 4 EXSS 202 4 MIC 205 5 Arts/Literature 3 N SC 310 3 NURS 263 4 Statistics 3 NURS 279 3 NURS 251 3 Elective 3 Total 18 Total 17

Junior Year

First Semester Second Semester

Subject Units Subject Units Arts/Literature** 3 Indiv, Soc and Instit.** 3 NURS 350 3 PCOL 472 3 NURS 352 6 NURS 383 5 NURS 372 5 NURS 384 6 Total 17 Total 17

Senior Year

First Semester Second Semester

Subject Units Subject Units Non-Western Civ. + ** 3 NURS 481 5 Elective** 3 NURS 485 2 NURS 472 5 NURS 486 5 NURS 475 5 NURS 488 2 TOTAL 16 TOTAL 14 Total Minimum Units Required for Graduation - 129-132

+ The Booklink indicates Traditions and Cultures as a study area. Use List 1 for Non-Western Civilization and List 2 for Western Civilization.

**General education requirements listed in the junior/senior years, must be upper-division courses selected from Booklink.