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Women's Studies (WS)
Douglass Building, Room 102
(520) 621-7338

Committee on Women's Studies

Professors Susan Hardy Aiken (English), Barbara Babcock
(English), Gail Bernstein (History), Caren Deming (Media Arts),
Paula England (Sociology), Barbara Gutek (Management and Policy),
Donna Guy (History), Billie Jo Inman (English), Linda Molm
(Sociology), Susan Philips (Anthropology), Eliana Rivero (Spanish
and Portuguese), Alice Schlegel (Anthropology), Marilyn Skinner
(Classics), Sheila Slaughter (Higher Education), Lynn Smith-Lovin
(Sociology), Monique Wittig (French and Italian)

Associate Professors Karen Anderson, Chair (History), Esther
Fuchs (Near Eastern Studies), Mary Beth Haralovich (Media Arts),
Ingeborg Kohn (French and Italian), Judy Lensink (English),
Patricia MacCorquodale (Sociology), Betty Newlon (Emerita), Chia-
Lin Pao Tao (Near Eastern Studies), Lynda Zwinger (English)

Assistant Professors Ana Alonso (Anthropology), Laura Berry
(English), Anne Betteridge (Middle Eastern Studies), Meg Lota
Brown (English), Irene D'Almeida (French and Italian), Joan Dayan
(English), Maureen Fitzgerald (History), Nancy Hunt (History),
Marcia Inhorn (Anthropology), Janet Jakobsen (Religious Studies),
Denise Kervin (Media Arts), Naomi Miller (English), Laura
McCloskey (Psychology), V. Spike Peterson (Political Science),
Laura Tabili (History), Abby Van Slyck (Architecture), Susan
White (English)

Research Professor Myra Dinnerstein

Adjunct Lecturer Raquel Goldsmith (Mexican American Studies and
Research Center)

Adjunct Assistant Research Professor Helen Henderson

Reference Librarian, Women's Studies Specialist Ruth Dickstein

Women's studies is an interdisciplinary academic program that
offers courses focusing on the new scholarship on women's
experiences and perspectives. The committee offers the Bachelor
of Arts degree with a major in women's studies.

The major allows students to specialize in courses focusing on
women and to pursue concentrated study in a supporting minor. The
student is required to take 30 credit hours: three required
courses 100, 200 and 305; one 200-level course chosen from 216,
225, 253a, 253b; one course in multi-cultural perspective chosen
from either 406, 465, 468, 469, 485, 489, or 490,; and five other
upper-division women's studies electives, at least one of which
must be a Writing-Emphasis course (see "Writing-Emphasis Courses"
in the Academic Guidelines section of this catalog).

The minor in women's studies consists of at least 20 units
selected by the student in consultation with the chairperson of
the committee and approved by the student's advisor. Students
with a minor in women's studies are encouraged to take courses
sequentially, beginning with W S 100, then taking intermediate-
level courses, and finishing with a senior seminar.

A major in women's studies provides a sound liberal arts
preparation for graduate or professional school. It is also
useful for students who wish to pursue careers in journalism,
social work, or administration of affirmative action with an
emphasis on women's issues.

100. Introduction to Women's Studies (3) I II Introduction to the
new information and research on women in literature, history,
sociology, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and political
science; investigations of each discipline's approach to women's
roles and status.

150. Sociology of Women (3) I II (Identical with SOC 150)

200. Women and Western Culture (3) Examines the various ways in
which women have been depicted in western philosophy, literature,
and the arts from the classical Greek period to the present.
Explores women's cultural expressions and representations of

205. Introduction to Feminist Literary Theory (3) II Introduction
to the principles of feminist literary analysis through texts
authored by women writers and through diverse theoretical
writings on race, language, sexuality, creativity, class and
subordination which forms the basis of feminist criticism. Within
the theoretical context we will explore writing by Anglo women,
women of color, and women from diverse cultural traditions
(Identical with CCLS 205)

216. Psychology of Gender (3) II (Identical with PSYC 216)

225. Introduction to Women and Religion (3) I (Identical with
RELI 225)

253a-253b. History of Women in the United States (3) I II
(Identical with HIST 253a-253b)

303. Gender and Language (3) I 1994-95 (Identical with ANTH 303

Feminist Theories (3) I Explores feminist theories from various
disciplines, analytical frameworks, and subject areas. Examines
the construction, differentiation, and representation of the
genders in different cultural settings and explores the
interactions between gender systems and women's roles, statuses,
and experiences. P, 6 units in women's studies, or consult
committee before enrolling.

306. African-American Autobiographies: Women and Their Histories
(3) (Identical with AAS 306)

310. Feminist Ethics (3) II Exploration of diverse feminist
ethical languages and value systems and the enactment of these
languages and values through the activisms surrounding
contemporary social issues. Assignments and class discussions
directed toward students' understanding various moral positions
and articulation of their own positions. P, 3 units of women's
studies or permission of instructor.

321. Women in Judaism (3) (Identical with JU S 321)

324. Women and Religion in the U.S. (3) 1994-95 (Identical with
RELI 324)

325. Gender and Science (3) II The history and philosophy of
science; women as subjects of scientific research; women as
scientists; future public policy. Students will be required to
write a research paper and to co-lead a class discussion. P, 3
units in WS at the 200-level or above, or 3 units in the sciences
at the 200-level or above.

330. Women in Antiquity (3) II (Identical with CLAS 330)

335. Gender and Politics (3) I II (Identical with POL 335)

342. Writers, Women and the Gods: The Caribbean Novel (3) I
(Identical with AAS 342)

373. Women's Fictions in Twentieth-Century Germany (3) (Identical
with GER 373)

380. Nature, the Great Mother, and Woman (3) II (Identical with
HUM 380)

396H. Honors Proseminar (3) [Rpt./9 units] II Course is primarily
for honors students. Repeatable if topic is different.

400. Special Topics in Women's Studies (3) [Rpt./1] I II Topics
will vary

406. Gender and Social Identity (3) II (Identical with ANTH 406)

417. Women Authors (3) I (Identical with ENGL 417)

418. Women in Literature (3) II (Identical with ENGL 418)

423. Representation of Gender in the Media (3) I (Identical with
M AR 423)

425. Theoretical Issues in the Study of Women and Religion (3) II
(Identical with RELI 425) May be convened with 525.

430. Lesbian/Bisexual Women's Theories/Lives/Activisms (3) I
Exploration of the relationships between lesbian and bisexual
women's lives and activisms, and the theoretical understandings
which concurrently/both arise out of and construct those lives
and activisms. P, 3 units of women's studies, preferably 305, or
permission of instructor. May be convened with 530.

453. History of Women and Work (3) I (Identical with HIST 453)

458. Feminism: A Comparative History (3) II (Identical with HIST

459. Sociology of Gender (3) I II (Identical with SOC 459)

461. Feminist and IR Theories (3) (Identical with POL 461) May be
convened with 561.

464. Women in American Architecture (3) II (Identical with ARCH
464) May be convened with 564.

465. Women in International Development (3) II (Identical with
ANTH 465)

468. Women in China (3) I (Identical with CHN 468)

469. History of Women in Latin America (3) II (Identical with
HIST 469)

476. Women and the Law (3) I 1994-95 (Identical with POL 476)

480. Men, Women and Work (3) I II Open only to students who meet
the requirement for Advanced Standing as specified in the College
of Business and Public Administration section of the catalog.
(Identical with MAP 480)

481. Work, Motherhood and Female Identity in America: 1945 to the
Present (3) I History of women in the U.S. since 1945. Will
explore a variety of topics including employment, sexuality,
motherhood, abortion, reproductive technologies and feminism, and
explore how changes in these areas have affected diverse groups
of women. Prior course work in women's studies or history
helpful. P, two women's studies courses or one women's history
course (Identical with HIST 481) May be convened with 581.

483. Gender and African History (3) I II S (Identical with HIST
483) May be convened with 583.

485. Mexicana/Chicana Women's History (3) I CDT (Identical with
MAS 485)

489. Women in East Asia (3) I (Identical with HIST 489)

490. Women in Middle Eastern Society (3) I (Identical with ANTH

496. Seminar
a. Women's Studies (3) [Rpt./2] I II
w. Feminist Approaches to the Bible (3) I (Identical with JU S
496w) May be convened with 596w.

525. Theoretical Issues in the Study of Women and Religion (3) II
(Identical with RELI 525) May be convened with 425.

530. Lesbian/Bisexual Women's Theories/Lives/Activisms (3) I For
description of course topics, see 430. Graduate students will be
asked to do an in-class presentation of selected materials and
will have the choice of writing a single long-term paper. May be
convened with 430.

554. Contemporary Feminist Theories (3) II Introduction to
contemporary feminist theories, posing and analyzing the
questions that propel theorizing about women's relationships to
processes of gender differentiation. By examining the assumptions
about gender relations that ground theoretical positions from
various disciplines, analytic traditions, and subject areas,
students will be enabled to read, synthesize and critique across
the spectrum of feminist theorizing. P, consult the committee
before enrolling (Identical with ENGL 554)

558. Gender Identities and Interactions (3) (Identical with SOC

561. Feminist and IR Theories (3) (Identical with POL 561) May be
convened with 461.

564. Women in American Architecture (3) II (Identical with ARCH
564) May be convened with 464.

571. Counseling Women (3) II (Identical with COUN 571)

581. Work, Motherhood and Female Identity in America: 1945 to the
Present (3) I For a description of course topics, see 481.
Graduate-level requirements include a longer more comprehensive
research paper. (Identical with HIST 581) May be convened with

583. Gender and African History (3) I II S (Identical with HIST
583) May be convened with 483.

596. Seminar
w. Women's Studies (3) [Rpt.] I II (Identical with ENGL 596w,
which is home)

606. Women's Health in the United States (3) II (Identical with
ANTH 606)

695. Colloquium
e. Advanced Studies in the History of Women (3) [Rpt./5] I II
(Identical with HIST 695e, which is home)

696. Seminar
n. Comparative Women's History (3) [Rpt./4] P, consult committee
before enrolling. (Identical with HIST 696n, which is home)


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