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Russian and Soviet Studies (RSS)
Douglass Building, Room 200 W
(520) 621-1112

Committee on Russian and Soviet Studies

Professors Robert Browder (Emeritus, History), Richard Reeves
(Geography and Regional Development), William Welsh (Political
Science), Allen Whiting (Political Science)

Associate Professors Alexander Dunkel (Russian and Slavic
Languages), Frederick Kellogg (History), John Olsen
(Anthropology), Grace Fielder (Russian and Slavic Languages),
Douglas Weiner (History), John Willerton (Political Science)

Assistant Professors Galina De Roeck (Russian and Slavic
Languages), Beth A. Mitchneck (Geography and Regional

Russian and Soviet studies is an interdisciplinary committee that
offers courses in the many disciplines involved in the study of
Russia and the former Soviet Union. It is designed to prepare
students for careers in government, academia, and business. The
committee offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in
Russian and Soviet studies.

The major consists of 30 units of course work: RUSS 120 and 301a-
301b, 250a or 250b or 310; RSS 409, 422, 425, 443, 496a, 496b.
RSS 496a must be taken in the spring semester of the junior year;
496b in the fall semester of the senior year. Appropriate
independent study credits may be substituted.

Although not required for the major, a number of classes in area
studies, the humanities and the social sciences are recommended
as introductory courses for Russian and Soviet studies majors.

The minor in Russian and Soviet studies consists of 21 units of
course work chosen from one of the following departments:
Geography and Regional Development, History, Management
Information Systems, East Asian Studies and/or Near Eastern
Studies, and Political Science. A list of courses considered
suitable for the minor is available from Russian and Soviet
Studies advisors.

In addition to the courses listed above, the committee offers
courses taught by visiting Soviet specialists for which the
student may receive credit.

The committee participates in the honors program.

305. Soviet Economic System (3) I (Identical with ECON 305)

409. Russia and the Former Soviet Union (3) I (Identical with
GEOG 409)

421. History of Russia: Early Period (3) I (Identical with HIST

422. History of Russia: Modern Period (3) II (Identical with HIST

423. Intellectual History of Russia (3) II (Identical with HIST

424. The Russian Revolutions (3) (Identical with HIST 424)

425. History of the Soviet Union (3) I (Identical with HIST 425)

443. Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics (3) I (Identical with POL

451. Soviet and Post-Soviet Foreign Policy (3) I (Identical with
POL 451)

496. Seminar
a. Russian and Soviet Studies I (3) P, RUSS 301b. (Identical with
POL 496a)
b. Russian and Soviet Studies II (3) P, 496a.

543. Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics (3) I (Identical with POL


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