The University of Arizona  1993-95 General Catalog

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Remote Sensing (REM)
1600 North Country Club Road, Suite 100
Tucson, AZ 85716
(520) 621-4242

Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Remote Sensing Committee:

Professors Philip N. Slater (Optical Sciences), Chair, Victor R.
Baker (Geosciences), Robert E. Dickinson (Atmospheric Sciences),
Barry D. Ganapol (Nuclear and Energy Engineering), Lloyd W. Gay
(Renewable Natural Resources), Benjamin M. Herman (Atmospheric
Sciences), John A. Reagan (Electrical and Computer Engineering),
Richard W. Reeves (Geography and Regional Development), Soroosh
Sorooshian (Hydrology and Water Resources)

Associate Professors Charles E. Glass (Mining and Geological
Engineering), Alfredo R. Huete (Soil and Water Science), Charles
F. Hutchinson (Arid Lands Resource Sciences), Stuart E. Marsh
(Arid Lands Resource Sciences), John W. Olsen (Anthropology),
William O. Rasmussen (Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering),
Robert A. Schowengerdt (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Arid
Lands Resource Sciences), Robert B. Singer (Lunar and Planetary
Laboratory, Geosciences)

Assistant Professors L. A. Graham (Renewable Natural Resources)

Remote sensing concerns the collection of information related in
some way to the Earth's natural resources or environment. Data
are primarily collected by satellite and aircraft systems in
conjunction with localized ground-based surveys and measurements.
The data are processed by digital computer or optical techniques
to extract information of value to earth scientists and resource
and environment managers at the local, state, and federal levels.

The Program in Remote Sensing offers no major at the present time
but minor programs are available for doctoral students with
majors in disciplines within the colleges of Agriculture, Arts
and Sciences, Business and Public Administration, Engineering and
Mines; and in Arid Lands Studies and Optical Sciences. For
further information concerning the minor, please see the Graduate

490.Remote Sensing for the Study of Planet Earth (3) II 1993-94 A
multidisciplinary course delineating the physical basis of
electromagnetic remote sensing, the concepts of information
extraction, and applications pertinent to earth systems science.
(Identical with AR L 490, ATMO 490, G EN 490, GEOS 490, HWR 490,
MNE 490, OPTI 490, RNR 490, SW 490) May be convened with 590.

590.Remote Sensing for the Study of Planet Earth (3) II 1993-94
For a description of course topics, see 490. Graduate-level
requirements include an additional term paper. (Identical with AR
L 590, ATMO 590, G EN 590, GEOS 590, HWR 590, MNE 590, OPTI 590,
RNR 590, SW 590) May be convened with 490.

696. Seminar
a. Remote Sensing (1) II 1994-95