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Religious Studies (RELI)
Learning Services Building, Room 203
(520) 621-7416

Committee on Religious Studies

Professors Joseph L. Cowan (Philosophy), Robert Gimello (East
Asian Studies), John C. Ulreich, Jr. (English), Donald Weinstein

Associate Professor Robert A. Burns, Chair

Assistant Professor Janet Jakobsen (Women's Studies)

Religious studies is an interdisciplinary program offering a wide
range of approaches to the study of various religions.

The major: 30 units requiring general survey courses in both
Asian and Western religious traditions (120, 130--6 units). It
also requires 6 units of courses involving the application of
particular disciplinary approaches to the study of religion.
Finally, the major requires at least 9 units each in further
study of Western and Eastern religions.

The minor: 20 units, including 120, 130 and 14 additional units
in religious studies.

120. Western Religions (3) I II Religions of the Western World:
Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

126. Greek Mythology (3) I II (Identical with CLAS 126)

130. Asian Religions (3) I II (Identical with EAS 130)

140. Middle Eastern Humanities (3) (Identical with NES 140)

142. Chinese Humanities (3) (Identical with CHN 142)

144. Japanese Humanities (3) II (Identical with JPN 144)

220. Japanese Religion (3) 1994-95 (Identical with JPN 220)

225. Introduction to Women and Religion (3) I Ways in which
women's religious practices have interacted with religious
traditions' constructions of gender. The course asks students to
consider how the study of religion can illuminate their own self-
understandings and cultural locations. (Identical with W S 225)

233. Philosophy of Religion (3) I (Identical with PHIL 233)

245. Existential Problems (3) II 1993-94 (Identical with PHIL

271. The History of Christianity (3) S (Identical with HIST 271)

273. Introduction to Judaism (3) I 1994-95 (Identical with JU S

300. Christian Literature and Thought (3) II Development of
Christian thought from the New Testament through the Protestant
Reformation. Writing-Emphasis Course. P, satisfaction of the
upper-division writing-proficiency requirement (see "Writing-
Emphasis Courses" in the Academic Policies and Graduation
Requirements section of this catalog).

301. Catholic Thought in the 20th Century (3) II 1993-
94Development of Roman Catholic thought beginning with the neo-
Thomistic revival under Pope Leo XIII and stressing the documents
and theology of the Second Vatican Council.

302. Protestant Thought in the 20th Century (3) II Survey of the
various strands of Protestant theology since the turn of the
century, with special reference to authors such as Rauschenbusch,
Barth, Brunner, Tillich, Bultman and Bonhoeffer.

303. Epistles of St. Paul (3) I Examination of the religious and
cultural background in the Greco-Roman world during the lifetime
of St. Paul; analysis of Paul's thought in Acts and the Epistles.

305. Greek and Roman Religion (3) I II S 1993-94 (Identical with
CLAS 305)

307. Spirituality in the Arts (3) I (Identical with HUM 307)

320a-320b. Literature of the Bible (3-3) (Identical with ENGL

322. Sociology of Religion (3) I II (Identical with SOC 322)

324. Women and Religion in the U.S. (3) 1994-95 Considers the
place of women in multi-cultural U.S. society by placing them in
historical perspective with regard to religious communities.
Pursues historical encounters between women and their religions.
(Identical with WS 324)

326. Religion and Sexuality (3) 1993-94 Places questions of
religion and sexuality in historical perspective as well as
investigating the import which issues of sexuality continue to
have for religion and society.

331. Taoist Traditions of China (3) I 1993-94 (Identical with CHN

333. Buddhist Meditation Traditions (3) I (Identical with EAS

340. Jesus in Contemporary Thought (3) I 1993-94 Survey of
present thinking about the meaning of Jesus, including
humanistic, Jewish, and various Christian interpretations.

345. Hindu Religious Activities (3) [Rpt./6 units] I II
(Identical with EAS 345)

348. Myth and Archetype (3) I II (Identical with CLAS 348)

350. Hindu Mythology (3) II S (Identical with EAS 350)

370a-370b. History of the Jews (3-3) (Identical with HIST 370a-

372a-372b. History and Religion of Israel in Ancient Times (3-3)
I (Identical with JU S 372a-372b)

374. The Holocaust (3) II 1994-95 (Identical with HIST 374)

382. Archaeology and the Bible (3) II (Identical with JU S 382)

405a-405b. Medieval Europe (3-3) (Identical with HIST 405a-405b)

406. Medieval England (3) II (Identical with HIST 406)

407a-407b. Intellectual History of Medieval Europe (3-3)
(Identical with HIST 407a-407b)

408. The Renaissance (3) I (Identical with HIST 408)

409. The Reformation (3) II (Identical with HIST 409)

410. History of Hell in Early Europe (3) II (Identical with HIST

411. Anthropology of Religion (3) I (Identical with ANTH 411)

416. Tudor-Stuart England (3) I (Identical with HIST 416)

425. Theoretical Issues in the Study of Women and Religion (3) II
The study of women and religion, including religious symbols and
rituals; women's constraint and empowerment through religion;
reading and writing cultures; women, religion and cross-cultural
contact; women, religion and social change. P, WS 225, RELI 225
or permission of instructor. (Identical with WS 425) May be
convened with 525.

428. Antisemitism (3) (Identical with HIST 428)

430. Prophecy in Ancient Israel (3) II 1993-94 (Identical with JU
S 430) May be convened with 530.

434. Islamic Thought (3) II (Identical with NES 434)

435. Jewish Mysticism (3) II 1993-94 (Identical with JU S 435)

445. Hindu Mysticism (3) II 1994-95 (Identical with EAS 445)

450. Religion and Politics (3) II (Identical with POL 450)

453. Culture and Civilization of North Africa (3) I II 1994-95
(Identical with FREN 453)

454. Spanish Inquisition (3) I 1994-95 (Identical with HIST 454)

455. Introduction to Rabbinic Literature (3) II (Identical with
JU S 455)

470. Religious History of India (3) (Identical with HIST 470)

483. Confucianism: the Classical Period (3) (Identical with CHN
483) May be convened with 583.

484. Confucianism: the Neo-Confucian Tradition (3) (Identical
with CHN 484) May be convened with 584.

487a-487b. History of East Asian Buddhism (3-3) (Identical with
EAS 487a-487b) 

488. History of Byzantium (3) II (Identical with HIST 488)

490. Indian Religions and Spirituality (3) (Identical with AINS

492. History of Sufism (3) II (Identical with HIST 492)

496. Seminar
w. Feminist Approaches to the Bible (3) I (Identical with JUS
496w) May be convened with 596w

525. Theoretical Issues in the Study of Women and Religion (3) II
For description of course topics, see 425. Graduate-level
requirements include a longer writing project, and an additional
class presentation. (Identical with WS 525) May be convened with

530. Prophecy in Ancient Israel (3) II 1993-94 (Identical with JU
S 530) May be convened with 430.

583. Confucianism: The Classical Period (3) (Identical with CHN
583) May be convened with 483

584. Confucianism: The Neo-Confucian Tradition (3) (Identical
with CHN 584) May be convened with 484

596. Seminar
w. Feminist Approaches to the Bible (3) I (Identical with JUS
596w) May be convened with 496w


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