The University of Arizona  1993-95 General Catalog

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Arizona Health Sciences Center
Room 2208
(520) 626-6518

Interdepartmental (MED)

495. Colloquium
y. Introduction to the Neurosciences I (2) 1993-94 P, Consult
department before enrolling. (Identical with ANAT 495y, NEUR
495y, PHCL 495y, and PSIO 495y) May be convened with 595y.
z. Introduction to the Neurosciences II (2) 1993-94 P, 495y or
consult department before enrolling. (Identical with ANAT 495z,
NEUR 495z, PHCL 495z and PSIO 495z) May be convened with 595z.

501. Preparation for Clinical Medicine (12) I II P, formal
admission to the Ph.D./M.D. program and permission of the course

505. Social and Behavioral Science (6) I II P, formal admission
to the Ph.D./M.D. program and permission of the course director.

595. Colloquium
y. Introduction to the Neurosciences I (2) 1993-94 P, Consult
department before enrolling. (Identical with ANAT 595y, NEUR
595y, PHCL 595y, and PSIO 595y) May be convened with 495y.
z. Introduction to the Neurosciences II (2) 1993-94 P, 595y or
consult department before enrolling. (Identical with ANAT 595z,
NEUR 595z, PHCL 595z and PSIO 595z) May be convened with 495z.

596. Seminar  Many interdepartmental seminars are numbered at
both the 500 or 600 and the 800 levels. See 896 below for a
complete listing.

801. Preparation for Clinical Medicine (12) I II

805. Social and Behavioral Science (6) I II

830. Supplementary Registration (1-9)

896. Seminar
a*. Introduction to Forensic Pathology (1-3) II P, PATH 801 or
permission of instructor.
b. Physical and Biological Basis of Nuclear Medicine (2) II
h. Human Sexuality (2) II
j. Medical Jurisprudence (2) II
k. Cardiovascular Pathophysiology (2) II
n.**. Research Methods for Clinical and Epidemiological Studies
(2) II
s. Salt, Water and Kidney Disorders (2) II
t. Pathophysiology of Respiratory Diseases (2)

*Available as both 696 and 896.
**Available as both 596 and 896.


See Anatomy elsewhere in this catalog.

Anesthesiology (ANES)

Professors Burnell R. Brown, Jr., Head, A. Jay Gandolfi, Charles
W. Otto, I. Glenn Sipes (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

Associate Professors Randall C. Cork, Stuart R. Hameroff, Stuart
F. Quan (Medicine)

Assistant Professor Edward J. Frink

Clinical Professor Jerry M. Calkins

Clinical Associate Professor Joseph J. Kryc

Research Assistant Professors Stephan B. Cardon (Medicine),
Thomas H. Kramer (Pharmacology)

Clinical Assistant Professors Frank Bland, Jr., Luiz M.
Dominguez, James A. DiNardo, Daniel P. Ferry, Mark G. Kaufmann,
T. Philip Malan, Jr., Gretchen A. Mayes, Alberta L. Mazzei, John
F. Myers, Craig M. Palmer, Chandrakant B. Patel, Catherine J.
Payson (Pediatrics), Todd G. Peterson, Robin L. Prentice, Daniel
Remen, Robert C. Shupak, W. Murray Smith, Dimitri S.

Senior Clinical Lecturers Peter A. Raudzens, Elizabeth Wilkinson

Clinical Lecturers R. Dennis Bastron, Alan E. Zehngut

Assistant Clinical Lecturers James P. Angiulo, Matthew Atlas,
Stephen A. Grabenbauer, Dennis P. Healy, Alice Kowalson, Kathleen
M. Schrader, Margaret O. Verry

800. Research (1-6) [Rpt./1]

810. Clerkship
a. Anesthesiology (4-6)

815. Subspecialty
a. BNI Neuroanesthesiology (4)
b. Obstetrical Anesthesia (4)
p. Critical Care Medicine (4-6) (Identical with ANESI 815p)

891. Preceptorship
a. Anesthesiology and Subspecialties (1-18)

See Biochemistry elsewhere in this catalog.

Cancer Biology
See Cancer Biology elsewhere in this catalog.

Family and Community Medicine (FCM)

Professors Herbert K. Abrams (Emeritus), John T. Boyer
(Medicine), Eric P. Gall (Medicine), Thomas E. Moon, Andrew W.
Nichols, Ronald E. Pust, James R. Shaw (Emeritus), Paul Skinner,
William A. Stini (Anthropology), Ronald E. Thompson (Emeritus),
Anthony F. Vuturo, Barry D. Weiss

Associate Professors Evan W. Kligman, Head, Peter J. Attarian,
Jennie Joe, Daniel O. Levinson, Cheryl K. Ritenbaugh, Arthur B.
Sanders (Surgery), Catherine M. Shisslak

Assistant Professors Tamsen Bassford, Dorian H. Cordes, Paul R.
Gordon, Denise Roe

Lecturer Karen E. Snow

Senior Clinical Lecturer George D. Comerci

Clinical Lecturers Jil Feldhausen, Bertha Leis

Clinical Professors Pedro Luis Escobar, Augusto Ortiz

Research Professors Osman M. Galal, Ronald R. Watson

Clinical Associate Professors Kay A. Bauman, Lawrence Moher,
Bernhardt E. Stein

Research Associate Professor Frank A. Hale

Clinical Assistant Professors Myra M. Kerstitch, Robert C. Rhode

Research Assistant Professors George H. Adams, Barbara R.
Hartmann, Lewis Mehl, Joel Meister, Janet H. Senf, Lee Sennott-
Miller, Louise H. Warrick

Clinical Lecturers Philip Eichling, Susan Moher

Research Lecturer Rena J. Gordon

195. Colloquium
a. Empowerment-Mind-Sickness-Health (1) [Rpt.] I II GRD

401. Empowerment, Mind, Sickness and Health (2) [Rpt./1] I II
Critical thinking and working principles in cognitive, mind-body,
behavioral aspects of sickness and health; empowerment, stress,
coping, conditional/unconditional mind, decision making,
addictive-abusive behaviors, communication, and relationships,
self awareness; healing and health. P, upper division or graduate
or credit in F CM 195a. May be convened with 501.

487. Poverty and Health (3) II (Identical with NURS 487) May be
convened with 587.

500. Research (2-16) [Rpt./2]. P, basic science courses.

501. Empowerment, Mind, Sickness and Health (2) [Rpt.] I II For a
description of course topics, see 401. Graduate-level
requirements include a research project or paper. May be convened
with 401.

570. Issues and Trends in Public Health (3) I II S Public health
methods, organizations and services such as
environmental/occupational health; disease control; health
education and promotion; policy and legislation; and medical

571. International Comparison of Health Care Systems (3) I II S
Comparison of health care systems in developing and
industrialized countries in relation to other social systems;
public/private component analyses; health care methods and

572. Population Dynamics and Family Planning (3) I II S
Social/economic determinants and consequences of population
growth; behavioral and health aspects of human reproduction;
organization/evaluation of selected family planning programs.

573. Health Issues of Women and Children (3) I II S Knowledge
base, social strategies, health policies and programs relating to
health and well-being of women, especially of child-bearing
years, and children from infancy to adolescence.

574. Health Administration and Policy (3) I II S Management
processes/roles of public health professionals; health service
organization; policy issues and resource utilization/control;
human resources management; public health trends.

575. Environmental and Environmental Health (3) I II S
Examination of living/working environments impacting human
health; chemical and physical stressors affecting health;
techniques for assessing and controlling risks in air, soil and

576. Biostatistics in Public Health (3) I II S Analysis and
interpretation of measures of wellness and disease association,
disease outbreaks, population surveilance, and health promotion
program evaluation.

577. Social and Behavioral Basis of Public Health (3) I II S
Social learning theory, diffusion of innovations, relationship of
cultural values to behavioral change, social marketing, high risk
behavior intervention strategies, and communication issues.

578. Public Health Nutrition (3) II Community and individual
nutritional assessment; risk profiles; planning, implementing and
evaluating programs; international; national and local
resources/programs; Healthy People 2000 goals.

587. Poverty and Health (3) II (Identical with NURS 587) May be
convened with 487.

588.  Healing Systems in the Southwest (3) I II (Identical with
NURS 588)

593. Internship
a. Public Health (1-12) [Rpt./12 units]

596. Seminar
g. Occupational Disease (1) II Open to medical or industrial
hygiene students only. Consult department before enrolling.
h. Prevention and Control of Disease (1-2) I Consult department
before enrolling.
n. International Nutrition (2-3) II (Identical with N FS 596n)
o. Environmental and Occupational Health (3) II P, permission of

Note: Some seminars are numbered at both the 500 and the 800
levels. See 896 below for a complete listing.

800. Research (2-16) [Rpt./2]

803. Clinical Clerkship (6-9)

811. Subinternship
a. Family Medicine (4-6) I II S

815. Subspecialty
b. The Dying Patient (3) [Rpt./1]
d. Problems in Community Oriented Primary Care (6-12)
e. Personal Change in Lifestyle Related Behavior (3-6) Consult
department before enrolling.
f. Geriatrics (4-6) [Rpt./6 units] P, third year rotation in FCM
and IMED (Identical with IMED 815f, which is home)
h. Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention (3) I P, none; statistics
helpful. (Identical with RONC 815h)
i. Cancer Prevention and Control (3-15) II (Identical with RONC

891. Preceptorship
a. Arizona Senior Clinical Preceptorship in Family and Community
Medicine (AHED) (6-12)
b. Clinical Family Medicine (Outside Arizona) (3-12) P, 4th year
medical students. Consult department before enrolling.
c. Epidemiology at CDC (3) I II P, open to majors in medicine,
public health, and nursing. Consult department before enrolling.
d. Verde Valley Rural Care (4-12)
e. Prison Health Care (3-6) Consult department before enrolling.
f. International Health (6-12)
g. AHEC/Border Health (3-12) Consult department before enrolling.
k. Family Medicine Special Studies (4-6) P, completion of basic
l. Mayo Group Practice (6) P, 4th year medical students

896. Seminar
a.* International Health in the Developing World (3) S Open to
health majors only.
c. Approaches to Managing Behavior Problems of Children and
Adolescents (2)
d. Leadership Development (2)
e. Principles and Practice of Home Health (2) I II Consult
department before enrolling.
f. The Doctor-Patient Relationship (2)
j. Crisis and Conflict: Health Services in Latin America-Brazil
k.* Nutrition in Disease (2) [Rpt./1] P, BIOC 801, PSIO 601/801.
m.* Practice of Community-Oriented Medicine in Rural Areas (2) II
n.* International Nutrition (2-3) II
p.* Managed Health Care (3) [Rpt.] II
q.* Introduction to Public Health (3) I II
s.* AIDS, Cancer, Nutrition Immunity (1) II
t.* Tropical Disease Problems (2)
u.* Current Issues in Health Services (2)
w.* Diet and Disease Prevention (2)

*Available as both 596 and 896.

Medicine (FCM)

Professors Joseph S. Alpert, Head, David S. Alberts, F. Paul
Alepa, Robert Barbee, John T. Boyer, Ruben Bressler, Benjamin
Burrows, James E. Dalen, William F. Denny, David L. Earnest,
Gordon A. Ewy, John N. Galgiani, Eric P. Gall, Steven Goldman,
Evan M. Hersh, David G. Johnson, Murray A. Katz, Ronald J.
Knudson, Michael D. Lebowitz, Norman Levine, Frank I. Marcus,
Thomas P. Miller, Eugene Morkin, Eskild A. Petersen, Stuart F.
Quan, William Roeske, Sydney E. Salmon, Richard Sampliner, Jay W.
Smith, Lawrence Z. Stern

Associate Professors Frederick R. Ahmann, Neil M. Ampel,
Christopher P. Appleton, John W. Bloom, Thomas W. Boyden, Samuel
M. Butman, Sammy C. Campbell, William S. Dalton, Timothy C.
Fagan, Paul E. Fenster, Harinder S. Garewal, Harry L. Greene,
Ronald C. Hansen, Karl B. Kern, Joy L. Logan, Arshag Mooradian,
Charles W. Otto (Anesthesiology), Jacob L. Pinnas, Stuart
Salasche, David B. Van Wyck, Alexander H. Woods (Emeritus), David
E. Yocum

Assistant Professors Rodney D. Adam, M. Brian Fennerty, Kit S.
Lam, Richard W. Lee, Howard Lien, Alan F. List, John D. Palmer
(Pharmacology), Thomas E. Raya, Richard Rosenberg, David S. Shimm
(Radiation Oncology), Daniel Sullivan, Charles W. Taylor

Clinical Professors Robert O. Brandenburg, Pedro Luis Escobar

Research Professors Marilyn J. Halonen (Pharmacology), Thomas E.
Moon (Family and Community Medicine)

Clinical Associate Professors Edgar J. Desser, Kenneth B. Desser,
Daniel S. Duick, James V. Felicetta, R. Scott Gorman, Michael
Grossman, Michael Habib, Udaya Kabadi, Peter P. McKellar, Preston
J. Taylor, Terence D. Valenzuela (Surgery)

Research Associate Professors Robert T. Dorr (Pharmacology), Yei-
Mei Peng, Duane L. Sherrill

Clinical Assistant Professors Catherine Azar, Thomas M. Bajo,
Jerry Bangert (Pathology), Marlene Bluestein, Anthony E. Camilli,
Stephan B. Cardon, Anthony Caruso, Michael Darragh, Pamela Davis,
Clifford D. DeBenedetti (Pediatrics), Mindy J. Fain, Gregory J.
Gahm, Lee J. Hixson, Richard F. Hoffman, Lisa Kaufmann, Peter C.
Kelly, Mary E. Klink, Marcia G. Ko, Nathan Laufer, Richard M.
Mandel, Michael J. Maricic, Margaret M. Miller, Manual Modiano,
Patrick S. Pasulka, Paul E. Stander, Mark S. Siskind, Sally B.L.
Thompson, Gayle A. Traver (Nursing), Christopher Vero, Albert
Warner, Barbara H. Warren (Family and Community Medicine), Kevin
Welch, Carol A. Wolfe

Research Assistant Professors Joseph J. Bahl, Danetta A.
Bronnimann, Marianne B. Broome-Powell, Frank Cardelto, Brenda V.
Dawson, Russell Dodge, Irwin L. Flink, Douglas A. Perednia

Clinical Instructors Anne Hercher, Scott W. Nowlin

Research Instructor Steven B. Knoper

Senior Clinical Lecturers Bruce F. Bachus, Bruce A. Bethancourt,
John A. Bruner, Benjamin Burbank, Frank Cardelto, Russell Dodge,
John R. Harlan, Richard M. Hoffman, Philip Levy, Richard A.
Manch, Frank L. Meyskens, Jr., Ulrich F. Michael, James L.
Parsons, Stephen J. Ruffenach,  Avery A. Sandberg, Michael M.
Schreiber, Michael T. Shaw, David Wayne Smith (Emeritus), Martin
Snyder (Surgery), Harold C. Tretbar

Clinical Lecturers Arnold Arem, Robert J. Brooks, Edward Byrne-
Quinn, Roger A. Davis, Carl James DeSando, Jr., Bernard
Dickstein, Paul H. Duffey, David N. Flieger, P. Gregory Foutch,
Gerald F. Giordano, Oscar S. Gluck, Gerald B. Goldstein, Benjamin
K. Harris, Emanuel S. Hellman, Don W. Hill, Robert S. Hirsch,
Arnold I. Hollander, Paul F. Howard, Ralph A. Jackson, Jr., Linda
A. Karl, Suresh G. Katakkar, Steven J. Ketchel, Frederick A.
Klein, Mary K. Klein, David I. Lapan, Bernard E. Levine, George
J. Makol, Arnold B. Merin, Richard C. Miller, Raymond E. Moldow,
Michael F. Montijo, John C. Moseley, William S. Nevin, Richard M.
Riedy, Gail K. Riggs, Arthur B. Sanders (Surgery), Jennifer P.
Schneider, Leonard B. Schultz, Stephen M. Seltzer, William J.
Semmens, J. Steven Strong, John R.P. Tesser, John P. Utz, Tamara
J. Whiteley-Myers

Research Lecturer Susan E. Wilson-Sanders

Assistant Clinical Lecturers Marilyn M. Abraham, Ernesto L.
Aguilar, Gerald Altschuler, Daniel E. Beeaff, Paul D. Bozzo
(Pathology), John G. Corcoran, Daniel C. DeBoer, Carl F. Diener,
Deborah Doud James F. Fiastro, William M. Fosdick, Robert P.
Friedman, Morton Fuchs, Mark D. Garfield, Gerald N. Goldberg, P.
Bryan Hudson, William D. Jacoby, Jr., Marc L. Lee, Robert B.
Leff, Alan J. Levin, Deborah S. Mendelson, David A. Mullon, Craig
E. Nelson, Jane M. Orient, Edwin P. Rather, Jonathan E. Schwartz,
Steven M. Shaw, Brian Y. Shon, Gary D. Smethers, William E.
Smith, Andrew S. Tedesco, Steven A. Wool

555. Cancer Biology (3) II 1994-95 (Identical with CBIO 555)

596. Seminar
a. Pathophysiology and Immunology of the Clinical Manifestations
of Coccidioidomycosis (2) II

800. Research (3-30) [Rpt./30 units] (See College of Medicine
Electives Manual)

803. Clinical Clerkship (12)

810. Clerkship
a. Ambulatory Care (4-8) [Rpt./12 units] I II S P, completion of
third year medical school.
b. Ambulatory Diagnosis and Therapeutics (6)
c. Geriatrics: The Continuum of Care (3-12) [Rpt./1] P, IMED 803.
d. Ambulatory Geriatrics (3-12) P, IMED 803.

811. Subinternship
a. Internal Medicine (4-12)
c. Coronary Care Unit -- Acting Internship (4)
i. Medical Intensive Care Unit (4-6)
m. General Medicine -- Acting Internship (4-8)

815. Subspecialty
a. Clinical Cardiology (4-8)
b. Clinical Dermatology (3-6)
c. Endocrinology (4-12)
d. Clinical Gastroenterology (4-6)
e. Hematology-Oncology (3-6)
f. Geriatrics (4-6) [Rpt./6 units] P, third year rotation in FCM
and IMED (Identical with FCM 815f)
g. Infectious Diseases (4-12)
h. Pulmonary Diseases (4)
j. Pulmonary Laboratory and Consultation Service (3-6)
k. Nephrology, Renal Diseases (3-6)
l. Clinical Allergy (1-6) (Identical with PED 815l)
n. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (3-6) [Rpt./1] CDT P, 3rd
or 4th year medical school.
p. Critical Care Medicine (3-6) (Identical with ANES 815p)
q. Cardiology Consultation (4)
r. Clinical Neurology (4-6) 1993-94
s. Rheumatology (4-6) P, IMED 803.
u. Clinical Endocrinology, Metabolism and Hypertension (3-6) I II
P, completion of required third year Internal Medicine clerkship.
v. Clinical Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Disorders (3-6)
(Identical with NEUR 815v and PSYI 815v)
y. Consultation in Internal Medicine (3) P, 803.

891. Preceptorship
a. General Medicine and/or Subspecialties (3-12) [Rpt./2]
b. Ambulatory Internal Medicine: Clinical Problems (6) Open to
fourth year medical students.
c. Pulmonary Medicine (3-8) P, 803.
d. Cardiology (3-8) P, fourth year medical students.
e. Hematology/Oncology (3-8) P, 803.

896. Seminar
a. Pathophysiology and Immunology of the Clinical Manifestations
of Coccidioidomycosis (2) II

Microbiology and Immunology
See Microbiology and Immunology elsewhere in this catalog.

Molecular and Cellular Biology
See Molecular and Cellular Biology elsewhere in his catalog.

Neurology (NEUR)

Professors Alan B. Rubens, Head, Carol Barnes (Psychology), Peggy
C. Ferry (Pediatrics), Mary I. Johnson (Pediatrics), William A.

Associate Professors Colin R. Bamford, William M. Feinberg, Erwin
B. Montgomery, Jr., Gary Wenk (Psychology)

Assistant Professors Geoffrey L. Ahern, David M. Labiner,
Nathaniel T. McMullen (Anatomy), Mark Mennemeier (Psychiatry),
Naomi E. Rance (Pathology), Steven Z. Rapcsak, Dinesh Talwar

Clinical Professors Harvey W. Buchsbaum, Jose Laguna

Clinical Associate Professors Enrique L. Labadie, Kalarickal J.
Oommen, Johan Van Dalen (Ophthalmology)

Research Associate Professor Elliott J. Mufson (Anatomy)

Clinical Assistant Professors Ronnie Bergen, David Griesemer
(Pediatrics), Jeanette K. Wendt

Clinical Lecturers Robert A. Foote, Joan M. Franks, Barbara
Giesser, Harvey G. Goodman, Robert H. Hamilton, Barry A. Hendin,
William H. Lawrence, Michael S. Smith, Joseph J. Thomas, Jr.,
Richard A. Thompson, Francisco R. Valdivia, Julio Zonis

Adjunct Lecturer Jay B. Angevine (Anatomy)

Assistant Research Scientist Pelagie Beeson

495. Colloquium
y. Introduction to the Neurosciences I (2) 1993-94 P, Consult
department before enrolling. (Identical with MED 495y, which is
home) May be convened with 595y.
z. Introduction to the Neurosciences II (2) 1993-94 P, 495y or
consult department before enrolling. (Identical with MED 495z,
which is home) May be convened with 595z.

595. Colloquium
y. Introduction to the Neurosciences I (2) 1993-94 P, Consult
department before enrolling. (Identical with MED 595y, which is
home) May be convened with 495y.
z. Introduction to the Neurosciences II (2) 1993-94 P, 595y or
consult department before enrolling. (Identical with MED 595z,
which is home) May be convened with 495z.

605. Human Neuroscience (6) I II (Identical with ANAT 605)

695. Colloquium
a. Motor Control (2) [Rpt./8 units] II (Identical with EXSS 695a,
which is home)

800. Research (3-12) [Rpt./1] (See College of Medicine Electives

803. Clinical Clerkship (3-6)

805. Human Neuroscience (6) I II (Identical with ANAT 805)

810. Clerkship
a. Neurology Consult Service (4)
b. Neurology (3-6) P, 803

815. Subspecialty
a. Neuro-Oncology (3-4) P, 803.
b. Behavioral Neurology/Higher Cortical Functions (4) P, 803.
c. Cerebrovascular Disease (4-6) P, 803.
r. Neurological and Neuromuscular Disorders (3-6) Yr. P, 803;
consult department before enrolling.
v. Clinical Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Disorders (3-6)
(Identical with IMED 815v)

891. Preceptorship
a. Neurology (4-6) [Rpt./2]
b. Neurology Practice (3) P, 803.

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG)

Professors M. Wayne Heine, Head, John R. Davis (Pathology),
Kenneth Hatch, Jack Pearson, Kathryn L. Reed, John Seeds, Earl A.

Associate Professors Ponjola Coney, Diane S. Fordney
(Psychiatry), Catherine Racowsky

Assistant Professor David G. Chaffin

Clinical Professors John V. Kelly, John H. Mattox, Tawfik

Clinical Associate Professor William C. Scott

Clinical Assistant Professors Armando Arroyo, Joel M. Childers,
Allan Hartsough, Cynthia J. McCurdy, Hugh S. Miller, Herbert E.
Pollock, Thomas F. Purdon, Judith E. Riley, Sterling J. Ryerson

Research Assistant Professor David S. Karabinus

Clinical Instructors Charles M. McCurdy, Robert N. Samuelson

Clinical Lecturer Caroline F. Anderson

800. Research (3-6) P, 803.

803. Clinical Clerkship (6)

810. Clerkship
a. Preparation for Practice (4-6) P, 803.
b. Preparation for Private Practice (3-6) P, 803.

811. Subinternship
a. Gynecologic Oncology (3-6) P, 803.

815. Subspecialty
a. Clinical Infertility (4-6) P, 803.
b. Perinatal Medicine (3-6) P, 803.
c. High Risk Obstetrics (4-6) P, 803.
d. Gynecology-Endocrinology (3-6) P, 803.
e. Obstetrical Ultrasound (4-6) P, 803.
.  Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility (4-6) P, 803.

891. Preceptorship
a. Obstetrics and Gynecology (3-6) P, 803.

Ophthalmology (OPH)

Professor Barton L. Hodes

Associate Professor Robert W. Snyder, Head

Assistant Professors Theresa R. Kramer, Joseph M. Miller,
Millicent C. Palmer

Clinical Professor Robert M. Dryden

Clinical Associate Professor Leonard Joffe

Clinical Assistant Professors Richard W. Allinson, Denis Carroll,
George S. Novalis

Assistant Clinical Lecturers Sam E. Sato, Reid Schindler, Edmond
H. Thall

800. Research (6-18) I II

815. Subspecialty
a. Ophthalmology (3 -6)

891. Preceptorship
a. Ophthalmology (1-18) P, Completion of clinical clerkships.

Pathology (PATH)

Professors Ronald S. Weinstein, Head, John R. Davis, Paul R.
Finley, Lewis Glasser, Anna R. Graham, Thomas M. Grogan, Douglas
W. Huestis, Jack M. Layton (Emeritus), Raymond B. Nagle, Samuel
H. Paplanus (Emeritus), Kenneth J. Ryan, Richard E. Sobonya

Associate Professors James M. Byers III, Ronald B. Schifman,
Catherine M. Spier

Assistant Professor Naomi E. Rance

Research Professor Claire M. Payne

Clinical Associate Professor Karen K. Steinbronn

Clinical Assistant Professors Maria L. Aguirre, Jerry L. Bangert,
Achyut K. Bhattacharyya, John D. Howard, William F. Kern, III, S.
Anne Leavitt, Bruce O. Parks

501. General and Systemic Pathology (10) I II P, formal admission
to the Ph.D./M.D. program and permission fo the course director.

612. Biological Electron Microscopy (4) I (Identical with MCB

801. General and Systemic Pathology (10) I II

810. Clerkship
a. Anatomic Pathology (1-18)
b. Clinical Pathology (1-18)
c. Special Topics (1-18) [Rpt.]. P, 801.
d. Anatomic/Clinical Pathology (4-6) P, completion of basic

891. Preceptorship
a. Pathology (1-18) [Rpt./2]
c. BNI Neuropathology (4-6) P, completion of basic sciences.

Pediatrics (PED)

Professors Lynn M. Taussig, Head, Leslie L. Barton, Anna I.
Binkiewicz, Burris R. Duncan, Robert P. Erickson, Peggy C. Ferry,
Stanley J. Goldberg, Ronald Hansen (Medicine), Mary I. Johnson,
Otakar Koldovsky, Richard J. Lemen, Elmer S. Lightner, Anthony F.
Philipps, Alayne Yates (Psychiatry)

Associate Professors F. Paul Alepa (Medicine), Richard L.
Donnerstein, Carlos A. Flores, H. Eugene Hoyme, John J. Hutter,
Jr., Wayne J. Morgan, Michael J. Schumacher, Elsa J. Sell, Dan W.

Assistant Professors Steven H. Erdman, Pamela J. Kling, Daniela
Lax, Fernando D. Martinez, Marc Ovadia, Evelyn D. Rider, Dinesh
Talwar, Andreas A. Theodorou, Benjamin S. Wilfond, Jean Wilson
(Anatomy), Peter D. Yorgin

Clinical Professor Anna I. Binkiewicz, Mary E. Rinza

Clinical Associate Professors Kirk A. Aleck, Robert A. Berg,
Suzanne B. Cassidy, John L. Ey, M. Eleanor Grimm, William N.
Marshall, Jr., Devyani S. Raval, Mary E. Rimsza, Ziad M. Shehab

Clinical Assistant Professors Michael B. Aldous, Kathryn A.
Bowen, Clifford DeBenedetti, David A. Griesemer, Louanne Hudgins,
Courtney R. Johnson, Paul M. Kaufmann, Catherine J. Locke,
William A. Madden, Catherine J. Payson (Anesthesiology), Joy B.
Peskin, Kyoo H. Rhee, Eve Shapiro, Carol A. Swanson, Rolando

Research Assistant Professors Mark L. Witten, Anne L. Wright

Clinical Instructor Victoria E. Lasala

Senior Clinical Lecturer George D. Comerci

Clinical Lecturers Victor A. Elsberry (Pharmacy), Maureen J.
Hutter (Psychiatry)

Assistant Clinical Lecturers Miriam Fults, Teresa Longoria, Mimi
Peterson, Tamera Schille

800. Research (1-18) (See College of Medicine Electives Manual)

803. Clinical Clerkship (6)

810. Clerkship
a. Externship in Inpatient Pediatrics (4) P, 803.
d. Inpatient Pediatrics (4)

811. Subinternship
a. Ambulatory Pediatrics (1-18)
d. Adolescent Medicine (6) [Rpt./1] Yr. P, 803.

815. Subspecialty
a. Advanced Neonatology (4-6)
b. Pediatric Infectious Diseases (3-6)
c. Neurodevelopmental Follow-Up of High Risk Infants (4) P, 803.
d. Cardiac Ultrasound Echo and Doppler (4-6)
e. Pediatric Cardiology (4-6)
f. Pediatric Neurology (4-6)
g. Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (4-6)
j. Pediatric Pulmonary (4-6) I II P, 803.
l. Clinical Allergy (1-6) (Identical with IMED 815l, which is
m. Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics (4-6) I II P, 803
n. Ambulatory Pediatrics/Newborn Nursery (4-8) P, 803.
p. Pediatric Endocrinology (4-6)
s. Clinical Genetics/Dysmorphology (4) P, completion of required
t. Pediatric Rural Ambulatory Elective (4) P, 803.
w. Pediatric Critical Care (3-6) Limited to fourth-year medical

891. Preceptorship
a. Pediatric Pulmonology (4-6) P, 803.
d. Chronic Illness in Childhood (4) P, 803.
f. Pediatric Pulmonology (4) P, 803.
g. BNI Pediatric Neurology (4) P, 803.
h. Pediatric Critical Care (4) P, 803.

See Pharmacology elsewhere in this catalog. Toxicology courses
are listed under Pharmacology and Toxicology.

See Physiology elsewhere in this catalog.

Psychiatry (PSYI)

Professors Alan J. Gelenberg, Head, Judith V. Becker, Allan
Beigel, Richard R. Bootzin (Psychology), Henry W. Brosin, Alfred
W. Kaszniak (Psychology), Alan I. Levenson, John C. Racy, Bruce
D. Sales (Psychology), Jose M. Santiago, Gary E. Schwartz
(Psychology), Henry I. Yamamura (Biochemistry), Alayne Yates

Associate Professors Harold S. Arkowitz (Psychology), Pedro L.
Delgado, Diane S. Fordney (Obstetrics and Gynecology), Philip D.
Kanof, Richard D. Lane, Eric M. Reiman

Assistant Professors Peter J. Attarian (Family and Community
Medicine), Iris R. Bell, Shirley N. Fahey, John S. Jachna, Mark
S. Mennemeier, Howard D. Toff

Clinical Associate Professors John Misiaszek, Voya F. Ognyanov,
Rebecca L. Potter, Betty Jo Tricou

Clinical Assistant Professors Mario Cruz, Judith C. Dean, Murray
M. DeArmond, Timothy L. Harvey, Anne M. Herring, Michael S.
Kuntzelman, Richard W. Lloyd, Catherine J. Locke (Pediatrics),
Russell D. Martin, Bernard M. Morenz, III, Gail L. Schwartz,
David L. Stoker

800. Research (3-12) (See College of Medicine Electives Manual)

803. Clinical Clerkship (6) [Rpt./1].

810. Clerkship
a. Clinical and Community Psychiatry (4-6)
b. Child Psychiatry (6)
c. Psychiatry (6) P, 803; consult department before enrolling.

815. Subspecialty
a. Consultation Psychiatry (4-6) P, 803.
c. Outpatient Psychiatry (4-6) P, 803.
f. Forensic Psychiatry (3-6) I II S P, 803.
g. Geriatric Psychiatry (4-6) P, 803; consult department before
v. Clinical Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Disorders (3-6)
(Identical with IMED 815v)

891. Preceptorship
a. Psychiatry (6) [Rpt./2] P, 803.

Radiation Oncology (RONC)

rofessors J. Robert Cassady, Head, G. Timothy Bowden, Thomas C.
Cetas, Eugene W. Gerner, Robert B. Roemer

Associate Professors Anne E. Cress, Kullervo H. Hynynen, David S.

Assistant Professor Jesse Martinez

Research Associate Professor Helen L. Gensler

Clinical Assistant Professors Chee Wai Cheng, Marilyn Croghan,
Helen Fosmire, Wendell R. Lutz, Bruce Lulu, Terence Roberts

Research Assistant Professors Kathy McGovern, Linda Meade-Tollin
Senior Research Scientist William Holmes

Assistant Research Scientist Eugene Gross

501. Radiation Biology (3) II Basic principles of radiation
effects in mammalian cell and tissue systems, with emphasis on
biochemical aspects, such as DNA damage and DNA repair, and
cellular responses, such as cell kinetics defects and radiation
repair and recovery; radiation and chemical (especially
radiomimetic drugs) carcinogenesis. P, introductory biology and

505. Eukaryotic DNA Replication (3) [Rpt./1] I 1993-94 (Identical
with CBIO 505)

515. Subspecialty
h. Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention (3) I P, none; statistics
helpful. (Identical with EPI 515h, which is home)
i. Cancer Prevention and Control (3-15) II (Identical with EPI
515i, which is home)

551. Molecular Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis (3) I 1994-95
(Identical with CBIO 551)

555. Cancer Biology (3) II 1994-95 (Identical with CBIO 555)

595. Colloquium
d. Special Topics in Cell Biology (2) [Rpt./6 units] II
(Identical with CBIO 595d, which is home)

596. Seminar
h. Cancer Biology Series (1) I (Identical with CBIO 596h, which
is home)

597. Workshop
a. Mechanisms of Cancer Prevention (3) II 1993-94 P, graduate
status in biological sciences (Identical with CBIO 597A, which is

800. Research

815. Subspecialty
a. Introduction to Radiation Oncology (1-16)
h. Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention (3) I P, none; statistics
helpful. (Identical with EPI 815h, which is home)
i. Cancer Prevention and Control (3-15) II (Identical with EPI
815i, which is home)

851. Molecular Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis (3) II 1993-94
(Identical with CBIO 851)

855. Cancer Biology (3) II 1994-95 (Identical with CBIO 855)

896. Seminar
h. Cancer Biology Series (1) I (Identical with CBIO 896h, which
is home)

Radiology (RADI)

Professors M. Paul Capp, Head, Harrison H. Barrett (Optical
Sciences), Theodore Bowen (Physics), William Dallas, Tim B.
Hunter (Chief, Diagnostic Radiology), Theron W. Ovitt, Dennis D.
Patton, Michael J. Pitt, Gerald D. Pond, Joachim F. Seeger,
William L. Wolfe, Jr. (Optical Sciences), James M. Woolfenden

Associate Professors Raymond F. Carmody, Robert J. Gillies
(Biochemistry), Arthur F. Gmitro, Evan C. Unger, Walter H.

Assistant Professors Laurie L. Fajardo, Mark T. Yoshino

Clinical Professors George R. Barnes, Jr., James R. Standen

Clinical Assistant Professors Per Granstrom, Rebecca L. Hulett,
Rebecca Hunt, Pamela J. Lund, Welland O. Short, Steven Smyth

Instructor T. Kent Walsh

Senior Clinical Lecturers Hugh D. Allen, Harry R. Claypool
(Anatomy), Harry W. Fischer, Jack N. Hall

Clinical Lecturers Linda L. Attarian, Richard Boyle, Evan Fram,
James Richardson, William Wilcox

Research Professors Hans Roehrig, Charles A. Sondhaus

Research Associate Professors H. Bradford Barber, Fayez M.

Research Assistant Professors Elizabeth Krupinski, Dekang Shen

Research Lecturers Ammar Darkanzanli, Brent W. Mockbee

Research Specialists Thomas A. Fritz, Rodriguez Guillen

800. Research (1-6) [Rpt./1]

815. Subspecialty
a. Diagnostic Radiology (4)
b. Nuclear Medicine (1-6)

891. Preceptorship
a. Radiology (1-18) [Rpt./1] P, 815a.
b. Diagnostic Radiology (4) P, completion of basic sciences.

Surgery (SURG)

Professors Bruce E. Jarrell, Head, Victor M. Bernhard, L. Philip
Carter, Milos Chvapil (Emeritus), Jack G. Copeland, George W.
Drach, Eric P. Gall (Medicine), Theodore J. Glattke (Speech and
Hearing Sciences), Alexander G. Hadjipavlou, William R. Hodgson
(Speech and Hearing Sciences), Kenneth V. Iserson, Douglas
Lindsey (Emeritus), Noel D. Matkin (Speech and Hearing Sciences),
Harvey W. Meislin, Leonard F. Peltier (Emeritus), Michael J. Pitt
(Radiology), Charles W. Putnam, Arthur B. Sanders, Gulshan K.
Sethi, Donald P. Speer, Robert F. Spetzler, Thomas H. Stanisic,
Charles M. Tipton (Exercise and Sport Sciences), Hugo V. Villar,
Robert G. Volz (Emeritus), Stuart K. Williams, III, Charles L.
Witte, Marlys H. Witte, Charles F. Zukoski, III

Associate Professors Robert M. Anderson (Emeritus), James B.
Benjamin, Glenn C. Hunter, Douglas F. Larson, Paul F. McDonagh,
Kenneth E. McIntyre, Paul Z. Nakazato, William D. Rappaport,
Daniel W. Spaite, John B. Sullivan, Jr., Terence D. Valenzuela,
David B. Van Wyck (Medicine)

Assistant Professors Bruce L. Dalkin, Michael J. Esser, Allan J.
Hamilton, Casey L. Huston, Leigh A. Neumayer, Jon K. Nisbet, Luis
J. Rosado-Lopez, Francisco G. Valencia, James A. Warneke, Martin
E. Weinand, Craig S. Williams, Fred C. Williams

Instructor Richard C. Dart

Clinical Professors Stanley W. Coulthard, Donald M. Gleason,
Stanley I. Glickman, Harry W. Hale, Jr., Robert C. Jorden, James
M. Malone, Eric G. Ramsey, Harold L. Rekate, Martin Schiff, Jr.,
William R. Schiller, Volker K.H. Sonntag, Peter J. Whitney,
MacDonald Wood

Research Professors Cleamond D. Eskelson, A. Norman Guthkelch

Clinical Associate Professors Theodore J. Bunt, C. Peter Crowe,
Jr., Robert B. Dzioba, J. David Gibeault, Frederick A. Greenwood,
Farid S. Haddad, Timothy R. Harrington, George F. Hewson, Jr.,
Robert R. Karpman, Frederick  J. Menick, Hal W. Pittman, Gerald
L. Schmitz, Andrew G. Shetter, Earl A. Surwit (Obstetrics and
Gynecology), Thomas L. Wachtel

Research Associate Professors Janis M. Burt (Physiology), Donald
W. DeYoung, Ronald L. Misiorowski, John A. Szivek

Clinical Assistant Professors Achyut Bhattacharyya, Riemke M.
Brakema, William J. Brooks, Richard H. Carmona, Catherine
Cosentino, Heeten Desai, Mary Jo Ghory, John A. Guisto, John A.
Guisto, Irwin E. Harris, Patricia R. Hastings, Peter N.
Herrington, Kenneth R. Johnson, Samuel M. Keim, Jerry D. Morh,
Neopito L. Robles, H. Thomas Sethney, Del V. Steinbronn, Jon
Wang, Wendell B. Whitacre, William L. White, Joseph M. Zabramski

Research Assistant Professors Lorraine M. Manciet, David W.
Montgomery, Judith B. Ulreich, Karin Yohem

Senior Clinical Lecturers Merril W. Brown, Mack L. Clayton,
Adolfo Felix, C. Herbert Fredell, Bertram G. Kwasman, Stanley P.
L. Leong, J. Phillip Nelson, Clovis J. Snyder, Martin Snyder,
David C. Utz, Richard A. Walsh

Clinical Lecturers Lloyd S. Anderson, Floyd K. Berk, William J.
Casey, Jr., John T. Collins, Robert P. Crone, Amram Dahukey, C.
Phillip Daspit, Phillip J. Dattilo, Paul D. Dempsey, Marvin
Dobkin, John D. Doerr, Donn G. Duncan, Jack H. Dunn, Robert J.
Eggold, Donald D. Ewing, Eugene P. Falk, Murray S. Feldstein,
Philip Fleishman, Herman M. Fountain, Mark E. Frankel, John H.
Gigax, Robert B. Gilsdorf, Ernest L. Gradillas, Lawrence M. Haas,
Robert B. Hastings, Jr., Richard J. Haynes, George F. Hewson,
Jr., Thomas H. Hicks, Lawrence R. Housman, Joseph M. Huerta,
Kenneth C. Jackimczyk, Jr., Walter J. Jasin, Mark M. Kartchner,
Jay A. Katz, Theodore A. Kiersch, Lawrence J. Koep, John B.
Kurtin, Abdul S. Lalani, Joseph M. Leal, James H. Levi, Vernor F.
Lovett, William L. Lovett, Dwight C. Lundell, Ross L. Magee,
Bruce A. Mallin, Robert B. Mammana, Larry I. Mann, James H.
McLaughlin, Frederick J. Menick, Bernard J. Miller, T. Herman
Moore, Thomas F. Norton, John A. Pierce, William J. Quinlan,
Jacob B. Redekop, Robert J. Reilly, Melvin D. Roberts, Murray F.
Robertson, Jerry B. Rogers, Charles M. Rucker, F. William Rundle,
Edward W. Schneider, Paul L. Schnur, Eugene Seklecki, Gilbert D.
Shapiro, Martin L. Shultz, James R. Sicker, Jr., Richard A.
Silver, Neil G. Steinhoff, Burt S. Strug, Stanley J. Suffecool,
Hugh C. Thompson, III, Thomas J. Tilsner, Joshua J. Tofied,
Michael E. Vance, Raymond M.T. Van Der Werf, Cecil C. Vaughn,
John A. Wagner, Wendell B. Whitacre, Robert L. Wilson, R. Wayne
Wood, Jon D. Zolton, Frank L. Zwemer

Research Lecturers Floyd E. Anderson, Stephen Harkins, Ann
Kerwin, Ruth L. Smothers

Assistant Clinical Lecturers Armando J. Alfaro, Robert B. Bailey,
Jr., Mark E. Baldree, Christopher P. Demas, Robert Fineberg, T.
Jess Fowler, Alfredo Guervara, Jr., Katherin M. Hurlbut, Daniel
J. Klemmedson, David D. Neal, Gregory  W. Prian, Ronald D.
Quintia, Allen R. Raczkowski, Howard M. Steinberg, Bruce E.
Stewart, Jeffery D. Stuart, Max L. Wertz

Research Associates Shih-Chieh Chen, Kullervo H. Hynynen
(Radiation Oncology), Bertha M. Leis (Family and Community
Medicine), Kook-Yang Park, Arlene W. Scadron, Ti-Fen Wang

Research Specialists Michael J. Bernas, Peter Borgs

Health Care Associates Janette D. LeBouton, Christine VanDyke

Specialists in Cardiac Transplant Christianne Dimassis, Suzanne
N. MacDonald

Specialist in Neurosurgery David H. Tallman

Cardiothoracic/Cardiopulmonary Perfusionists John P. Duffy,
Christine C. Mazur-Dial, Raymond L. Ramirez

The Department of Surgery provides a broad general exposure to
surgery during a six week basic clinical clerkship and a three
week specialty clerkship. The specialty clerkship requirement can
also be met by registering for Surgery 807 in Year IV. The basic
clerkship stresses preoperative evaluation in emergency,
inpatient, and ambulatory settings, proper operating room conduct
and postoperative management. An awareness of the nature and
management of surgical disease is developed by case-oriented
small group sessions, rounds and weekly conferences. The surgery
Specialty Clerkship reinforces these basic skills by application
to specialty areas such as urology, orthopedics, neurosurgery,
cardiothoracic surgery and otorhinolaryngology.

Elective courses in general and specialty surgery and various
aspects of surgical biology are offered. Increased clinical
responsibility is assured on hospital services by assigning the
elective student to the patient care team. Special courses
designed around specific clinical activities and research
programs in the Department of Surgery and other departments are
available on an individual basis.

The graduate program in surgical sciences includes hospital
training in general and specialty surgery with a strong emphasis
upon the five-year graduate program. It emphasizes training of
the clinical surgeon but encourages elective surgical study for
future community, academic or research surgery.

670. Principles of Perfusion Techniques I (3) I (Identical with
PHCL 670)

671. Perfusion Technology Laboratory (1) I (Identical with PHCL

672. Principles of Perfusion Techniques II (2) I (Identical with
PHCL 672)

800. Research (1-12) P, 803. (See College of Medicine Electives
d. Research Techniques in Orthopedic Surgery (4-8) P, 803.

803. Clinical Clerkship (6-9)

807. Specialty Clerkship (3) P, basic science courses.

810. Clerkship
a. General Surgery (3-8)
b. Burn Care (4-8) P, fourth year medical students or completion
of 803.

811. Subinternship
b. BNI Neurological Surgery (4-6) P, fourth year medical

815. Subspecialty
a. Urinary Stone Disease (6)
b. Cardiothoracic Surgery (4-12)
c. Neurosurgery (3-6)
d. Surgical and Medical Problems in Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
(1-3) [Rpt./1]
e. Urology (4-6)
f. Orthopedics (3)
g. Cardiovascular Physiology and Research (1-12)
h. Lymphvascular System in Health and Disease (6 to 12)
i. Pediatric Surgery (3) P, clerkship in pediatrics or surgery.
j. Otorhinolaryngology (3)
k. Sports Medicine (Section of Orthopedic Surgery) (3-8) [Rpt./1]
l. Orthopedic Biomechanics/Biomaterials (6) P, Nine weeks of
surgery clerkship, 803 and/or 807.
m. Trauma (3-8)
n. Spinal Cord Injury (3) Open to majors only. P, senior
o. Surgical Critical Care (3-6) [Rpt.] P, 803.
p. Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery (3-6) [Rpt./6 units] P, rotation
in pediatrics and orthopedic surgery.
q. Plastic Surgery (3-6) I II P, senior year in medical school.
r. Clinical Experience in Rehabilitation Medicine (1-4)
s. Vascular Clinical Management (4-8) [Rpt./8 units] P,
completion of junior and senior rotations in surgery.
t. Emergency Medicine (3-12)
u. Head and Neck Surgery (4-6) P, completion of required
v. Clinics in Medical Ignorance (3-4) II P, junior standing.
w. Pediatric Urology (4) I II
y. Clinical Toxicology (4-6) P, 4th year medical students.
z. Advanced Surical Skills (3-6) P, general surgery.

891. Preceptorship
a. Surgery and Subspecialties (1-18) [Rpt./3]
b. General Surgery "A" (4-12) P, 803.
c. General Surgery "B" (4-12) P, 803.
d. General Surgery "C" (4-12) P, 803.
f. Spine and Orthopedic Reconstruction (6-12) P, 803.
h. Vascular Surgery (4-8) P, fourth year medical students or
completion of 803.
l. Perfusion Science (3) [Rpt./9 units] I II S (Identical with
PHCL 891l, which is home).

896. Seminar
a. Medical Ignorance (2) [Rpt./1] II


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