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Nutritional Sciences (NUSC)
Shantz Building, Room 309
(520) 621-1186

Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Nutritional Sciences

Professors Bobby L. Reid, Chair (Nutritional Sciences), David S.
Alberts (Internal Medicine), Ronald E. Allen (Animal Sciences),
Harris Bernstein (Microbiology and Immunology), Patsy M. Brannon
(Nutritional Sciences), Milos Chvapil (Surgery), David L. Earnest
(Internal Medicine), Cleamond D. Eskelson (Surgery), Charles
Gerba (Soil and Water Science), J. Tal Huber (Animal Sciences),
Mary Ann Kight (Nutritional Sciences), Otakar Koldovsky
(Pediatrics), K.Y. Lei (Nutritional Sciences), Timothy Lohman
(Exercise and Sport Sciences), William F. McCaughey (Nutritional
Sciences), Donald J. McNamara (Nutritional Sciences), Thomas Moon
(Family and Community Medicine), Anthony F. Philipps
(Pediatrics), William A. Stini (Anthropology), C. Brent Theurer
(Animal Sciences), Marc E. Tischler (Biochemistry), Ronald R.
Watson (Family and Community Medicine), Charles W. Weber
(Nutritional Sciences)

Associate Professors Larry C. Clark (Family and Community
Medicine), Linda K. Houtkooper (Nutritional Sciences), Donald V.
Lightner (Veterinary Science), Douglas L. Park (Nutritional
Sciences), Ralph L. Price (Nutritional Sciences), Cheryl K.
Ritenbaugh (Family and Community Medicine), Edward T. Sheehan
(Nutritional Sciences), Spencer Swingle (Animal Sciences), Ann M.
Tinsley (Nutritional Sciences) 

Assistant Professors Iris R. Bell (Psychiatry), Maria Luz
Fernandez (Nutritional Sciences), Wanda H. Howell (Nutritional

Research Entomologist Justin O. Schmidt (Carl Hayden Bee Research

Associate Research Scientist Siraj I. Mufti (Pharmacology and

The interdisciplinary Committee on Nutritional Sciences
administers a campus-wide, interdisciplinary program. It includes
faculty members from the colleges of Agriculture, Arts and
Sciences, and Medicine.

The committee offers graduate work leading to the Doctor of
Philosophy degree with a major in nutritional sciences. Options
in nutritional biochemistry, food safety, human nutrition
(clinical or community), or animal nutrition may be selected
within this major. For admission and degree requirements, please
see the Graduate Catalog.

605. Methods in Nutritional Research (3) I Survey of experimental
approaches to nutrition research in the areas of food safety,
animal nutrition, nutritional biochemistry and human nutrition.

696. Seminar

b. Nutrition (1) I II (Identical with N FS 696b, which is home)

Occupational Safety and Health

(See Health-Related Professions)


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