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Marketing (MKTG)
McClelland Hall, Room 320
(520) 621-7479

Professors Ambar G. Rao, Head, Dipankar Chakravarti, Joseph W.
Newman (Emeritus), John H. Wieland (Emeritus)

Associate Professors Merrie L. Brucks, Bernard J. Jaworski,
Deborah J. MacInnis, Christopher P. Puto, Richard A. Scott,
Melanie R. Wallendorf

Assistant Professors Helen H. Anderson, Jonathan Frenzen, Susan
E. Heckler, Pallassana Kannan, Praveen Kopalle, Jayashree Mahajan

Marketing is the process of planning and executing conception,
pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and
services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and
organizational objectives. Graduates may qualify for positions in
product management, sales and sales management, retailing,
advertising and promotion, marketing research, industrial
marketing, distribution channels, and international marketing.

An undergraduate major in marketing is offered within the
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration as described in
the College of Business and Public Administration section of this
catalog. The department offers a Master of Science degree with an
emphasis on marketing research and also participates in the
Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Philosophy
degrees with a major in business administration.

The department participates in the honors program.

361.* Introduction to Marketing (3) I II Role of marketing in the
economy and in business and nonprofit organizations;
environmental factors affecting marketing; nature of marketing
management decisions. P, ECON 200.

370.* Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations (3) I II Application
of marketing concepts and tools for public agencies, health
services, public transportation, the arts, schools, museums,
churches, etc.; role of marketing planning, research, product and
service development, pricing, promotion, public relations. Not
acceptable for credit toward the marketing major. P, 361.

376.* Statistical Inference in Management (3) (Identical with MAP

440.* Marketing Research (3) I II Concepts and techniques of
research for marketing decisions; problem definition,
determination of information needs, sources, methods of gathering
and analyzing data; presentation of findings for management. P,
361, 376, MATH 123.

450.* Buyer Behavior (3) I II Customer behavior and the
application of concepts and research findings from the behavioral
sciences in the solution of marketing problems. P, 361, 376, MATH

452.* Advertising and Promotion Management (3) I II Role of
advertising and special promotions in the economy and business
and nonprofit organizations, concepts and strategy for programs,
budgets, media selection, evaluation of effectiveness. P, 361,
376, MATH 123.

454.* Management of Sales Operations (3) I II The sales function
and its relationship to the total marketing program; sales
strategies and objectives; development and administration of
sales organizations; control and evaluation of sales operations.
P, 361, 376, MATH 123. May be convened with 554.

455.* Management of Distribution Systems (3) I Nature and
operation of channels in the distribution of goods and services;
economic and behavioral problems in wholesaling and retailing;
marketing logistics. P, 361, 376, MATH 123.

456.* International Marketing Management (3) II Marketing
operations for foreign environments; cultural, political and
economic factors affecting the international marketer. P, 361.

458.* Retailing Management (3) I II Management of the retail
store, its environment, personnel, buying, merchandising,
pricing, advertising, promotion, selling, expense control and
customer service. P, 361; ACCT 200. (Identical with MCS 458)

459.* Product Management (3) I II Product (services) strategy for
achieving financial growth; evaluating opportunities; generating
ideas; launching new offerings; managing the product (services)
portfolio.  P, 361, 376, MATH 123.

470.* Marketing and Public Policy (3) I Trends in public opinion,
legislation and practices of governmental regulatory bodies;
implications for marketing decision making; role of marketing
research in public policy development. P, 361.

471.* Marketing Policies and Operations (3) I II An integrative,
capstone course focusing on comprehensive marketing problems;
development, control, and auditing of marketing organizations and
operations. P, 440, 450; 3 additional units of marketing at the
400 level; FIN 311, MAP 305. Writing-Emphasis Course. P,
satisfaction of the upper-division writing-proficiency
requirement (see "Writing-Emphasis Courses" in the Academic
Policies and Graduation Requirements section of this catalog).

480.* New Venture Market and Industry Analysis (4) I Assessment
of market opportunity; competitive strategy development, market
structure analysis, forecasting techniques. Open only to
entrepreneurship program students. P, 361, Econ, 330, FIN 311.
(Identical with ECON 480)

483.* Marketing Planning and Operational Decision-Making (4) II
(Identical with MAP 483)

*Open only to students who meet the requirements for Advanced
Standing as specified in the College of Business and Public
Administration section of this catalog.

500. Marketing Management (3) II Scope, environment and nature of
marketing management; customer and market analysis for product,
service, price, promotion and distribution decisions. Open only
to students admitted to B.P.A. graduate programs.

530. Management of Marketing Communications (3) I Application of
communications theory and research findings in advertising, sales
promotion, publicity, personal selling; planning, conduct and
administration of programs of information and persuasion. P, 500.

536. Innovation and Economic Growth (3) I Role of
entrepreneurship and innovation in economic growth.  Development
of the new venture idea and assessment of market potential. Open
only to students in the entrepreneurship program. P, ECON 500,
FIN 511, MKTG 500. (Identical with ECON 536)

538. Marketing, Negotiation and Decision Tactics (3) II
(Identical with MAP 538)

550. Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behavior (3) I Nature of
the purchase decision process for goods and services. Theories,
concepts and research methods and findings are examined for use
in management and public policy decision making. P, 500.

551. Marketing Decision Support Systems for Managers (3) II
Applications of contemporary computer-based, quantitative models
and data analysis techniques to aid marketing management
decisions. P, 500.

552. Statistical Decision Making (3) I II Probability and
statistical analysis; random variables, sampling distributions,
hypothesis testing, Bayesian analysis, time series, statistical
investigation. Open only to students admitted to a BPA graduate
program. P, MIS 400, or MATH 119 and 123.

554.* Management of Sales Operations (3) I II For a description
of course topics, see 454. Graduate-level requirements include an
in-depth research paper. P, 361, 376, MATH 123. May be convened
with 454.

557. Industrial Marketing (3) II Problems and methods of
marketing decision making in industrial, government and high-tech
markets. P, 500.

559. Product Strategy (3) II Formulating and implementing
strategy for growth; analyzing and influencing market structure;
developing, pricing, testing new entries; managing the portfolio.
P, 500.

560. International Marketing (3) II Marketing planning and
strategies for foreign environments; cultural, political,
economic factors affecting the international marketer,
multinational corporation and multinational market groups. P,

565. Management for Global Competitive Success (3) II Developing
comprehensive strategies and programs for delivering quality
goods and services to consumers as a basis for global competitive
success. P, 500 or consult department before enrolling.

568. Environmental Scanning and Business Strategy (3) I II An MBA
integrative course. How information from the economy can be used
to develop a firm's competitive strategy. Multi-disciplinary,
using concepts from economics, marketing and management. Open
only to BPA graduate students. Includes case method approach to
problems facing top management in making and effecting a
strategic plan. P, 500, ECON 500, FIN 511. (Identical with ECON
568 and MAP 568)

572. Marketing Research for Managers (3) I Specification of
management information needs, evaluation of research proposals
and findings, methods of gathering and analyzing data,
administrative aspects of research and decisions. P, 500.

582a-582b. Multivariate Analysis in Management (3-3) 582a:
Multiple, polynomial, stepwise regression including indicator
variables, inference, remedial measures. 582b: Analysis of
variance and covariance, principal components, discriminant
analysis, canonical correlation. P, 552. 582a is not prerequisite
to 582b.

672. Survey and Qualitative Marketing Research Methods (3) I
Survey and qualitative research for marketing management
information needs; secondary data search methods;
instrumentation, sampling, field work and data analysis;
ethnographic, depth interview and projective methods. P, 500.

673. Experimental Research Methods in Marketing (3) I
Statistical, methodological and interpretive issues in the design
of laboratory and field experiments/quasi-experiments for
marketing and consumer research. P, 500.

695. Colloquium
a. Research in Marketing (1) [Rpt./7] I II

696. Seminar
a. Perspectives and Principles for Research in Marketing (3) I
b. Marketing Theory (3) II P, 696a.
c. Marketing Management and Strategy (3) I 1994-95 P, admission
to marketing graduate program or approval of department.
d. Consumer Behavior (3) I 1993-94 P, admission to marketing
graduate program or approval of department.
e. Marketing Organization and Systems (3) II 1994-95 P, 696a or
approval of department.
f. Marketing Decision Models and Support Systems (3) II 1993-94
P, 696a, MATH 125a-125b, 215.


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