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Mexican American Studies (MAS)
Douglass Building, Room 315
(520) 621-7551

Mexican American Studies and Research Center

Professors Macario Saldate IV (Educational Foundations and
Administration), Director, Celestino Fern ndez (Sociology), Jose
D. Garcia (Physics), Lanin A. Gyurko (Spanish and Portuguese),
Miguel M. Méndez (Spanish and Portuguese), Michael C. Meyer
(History), Eliana S. Rivero (Spanish and Portuguese), Charles M.
Tatum (Spanish and Portuguese), Carlos Velez-Ibanez
(Anthropology), Thomas Weaver (Anthropology)

Associate Professors John A. Garcia (Political Science), Juan R.
Garcia (History), Roseanne Gonzalez (English), William Velez

Assistant Professors Frances Aparicio (Spanish and Portuguese),
Hector Delgado (Sociology), Roberto Fernandez (Sociology), Susan
Gonzalez-Baker (Public Administration and Policy), Alfonso
Morales (Sociology), Ana Perches (Spanish and Portuguese),
Antonio Rios-Bustamante (Mexican American Studies), Joaquin Ruiz
(Geosciences), Kathleen C. Schwartzman (Sociology)

Lecturers Adalberto M. Guerrero (Spanish and Portuguese)

Under the auspices of the Mexican American Studies and Research
Center, the Mexican American studies curriculum is an
interdisciplinary exploration of the Mexican American experience.
Its general goal is to provide a socially pertinent education
with humanistic and practical content which will enrich the total
university curriculum as well as prepare students to serve the
total community.

The major: 30 units in MAS, including 180a-180b and nine units
chosen from 161, 233, 332, and 403, or 485. At least 15 units
must be in upper-division courses. Group III requirement must be
fulfilled in Spanish.

The minor: A supportive minor in Mexican American studies to
augment other academic areas or majors is encouraged. The minor
requires 21 units, including 180a-180b and 6 units chosen from
161, 233, 332, and 403, or 485.

160. Minority Relations and Urban Society (3) I II (Identical
with SOC 160)

161. The Chicano in American Society (3) II (Identical with SOC

180a-180b. Introduction to Mexican American Studies (3-3)
Introduction to Mexican American studies from various
perspectives. 180a: The human sciences. 180b: Research issues and
interpretation in the field; public policy and Mexican origin
populations; and social sciences and the professions and impact
on the Mexican American community.

203. Oral Communication in Spanish (4) I II (Identical with SPAN

233. History of the Mexican American (3) I (Identical with HIST

253a-253b. Comprehensive Spanish for the Native Speaker of
Spanish (3-3) I II (Identical with SPAN 253a-253b)

319. Mexican American Culture (3) I (Identical with ANTH 319)

330. Minority Groups and American Politics (3) I II (Identical
with POL 330)

332. Politics of the Mexican American Community (3) II (Identical
with POL 332)

337. Survey of Mexican Folk Music (3) I II S (Identical with MUS

361. The U.S.-Mexico Border Region (3) I (Identical with HIST

368. Colonial Mexico (3) I (Identical with HIST 368)

369. Mexico Since Independence (3) II (Identical with HIST 369)

403. Mexican-American Literature (3) II (Identical with SPAN 403)

406. Foundations of Reading Instruction in Spanish (3) II Student
must be registered in the College of Education. (Identical with
LRC 406)

407. Bilingualism in the Southwest (3) I II (Identical with ANTH
407) May be convened with 507.

410. Foundations of Bilingual Education (3) I II (Identical with
LRC 410)

423. Anthropology of Rural Mexico (3) II (Identical with ANTH

441. Children's Literature in Spanish (3) I (Identical with SPAN

444. Mexican and Mexican-American Prose Fiction (3) I 1994-95
(Identical with SPAN 444)

446. Mexican and Mexican-American Theatre (3) I 1993-94
(Identical with SPAN 446)

447. Contemporary Mexican Literature (3) II S (Identical with
SPAN 447)

448. Government and Politics of Mexico (3) I (Identical with POL

449. Mexican and Mexican-American Film (3) II 1993-94 (Identical
with SPAN 449)

452. Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (3) I II (Identical
with SPAN 452)

453a-453b. Mesoamerican Archaeology (3-3) I II (Identical with
ANTH 453a-453b)

467. Race and Ethnic Relations (3) I II (Identical with SOC 467)

473. Spanish for the Native Speaker of Spanish Classroom Teacher
(3) II (Identical with SPAN 473) May be convened with 573.

485. Mexicana/Chicana Women's History (3) I CDT Historical survey
and sociological analysis of past and  present experiences of
Mexicanas and Chicanas in the United States (Identical with W S
485)  Writing-Emphasis Course. P, satisfaction of the upper-
division writing-proficiency requirement (see "Writing-Emphasis
Courses" in the Academic Policies and Graduation Requirements
section of this catalog).

507. Bilingualism in the Southwest (3) I II (Identical with ANTH
507) May be convened with 407.

550. Development of Mexican and Mexican American Literature (3)
(Identical with SPAN 550)

573. Spanish for the Native Speaker of Spanish Classroom Teacher
(3) II (Identical with SPAN 573) May be convened with 473.

574. Linguistic Perspectives on Mexican-American Spanish and
Bilingualism  (3) I II (Identical with SPAN 574) May be convened
with 474.

695. Colloquium
r. Bilingualism in the United States (3) [Rpt./3] S


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