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Judaic Studies (JUS)
Marshall Building, Room 420
(520) 626-5758

Committee on Judaic Studies

Acting Director, Rohn Eloul

Associate Professors Esther Fuchs, Daniel Swetschinski

Assistant Professors J. Edward Wright

Lecturer Shoshana Green

Adjunct Professor Lou H. Silberman

Adjunct Lecturer Imra Benami

The Committee on Judaic Studies offers an interdisciplinary
program of study in the language, history, religion, culture and
literature of Judaism and the Jews. It centers itself around
goals and values in the areas of knowledge, skill-building,
attitudes and responsible citizenship.

The major in Judaic studies leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree.
The major requires 34 credit hours including JUS 195, 273, and 30
upper-division credit hours--13 hours of Hebrew, 9 in history, 3
in culture/religion, 3 in literature, and 6 elective hours.

The minor in Judaic Studies consists of 20 hours including JUS
195, 273, 10 hours of Hebrew, and 6 hours in history.

All courses are chosen in consultation with and approved by a
committee advisor.

103a-103b. Elementary Modern Hebrew (5-5) CDT Intensive
introduction to basic oral skills, reading and writing to
accomplish simple conversation and read easy Hebrew with
comprehension (Identical with NES 103a-103b)

203a-203b. Intermediate Modern Hebrew (5-5) CDT Instruction to
achieve moderate fluency in conversation, reading and writing. P,
103b or qualification by an equivalency exam. (Identical with NES

273. Introduction to Judaism (3) I 1994-95 Exploration of Judaism
in its diversity to its history and to proponents of its present
forms, from Sephardi to Ashkenazi, and from Orthodox to Reform.
Focusing on the adaptive answers of Judaism to a variety of
challenges, this course will encourage an understanding of the
interplay between texts, rituals, symbols and community
institutions in the 3500 years of Jewish adaptations.

303. Advanced Hebrew (3) [Rpt.] I II Advanced instruction in
Biblical, Rabbinic, and/or modern Hebrew language and literature.
P, 203b or 409b. (Identical with NES 303).

321. Women in Judaism (3) Images of Jewish women in Jewish and
other texts. Texts include religious, historical and literary
genres from biblical, medieval, and modern sources. The course
will deal with Jewish women as mothers, leaders, stereotypes, and
current feminist viewpoints. (Identical with W S 321)

370a-370b. History of the Jews (3-3) I II (Identical with HIST

372a-372b. History and Religion of Israel in Ancient Times (3-3)
Survey of the history and religion of ancient Israel. 372a:
Biblical period through the Babylonian Exile; introduction to the
Hebrew Bible. 372b: Ezra-Nehemiah to the Roman Empire, with
emphasis on the formation of rabbinic Judaism. (Identical with
HIST 372a-372b, NES 372a-372b and RELI 372a-372b)

374. The Holocaust (3) II 1993-94 (Identical with HIST 374)

377. Modern Israel (3) Evolution of the State of Israel from the
rise of Zionism in 19th Century Europe to the present. Emphasis
on interactive generative processes and understanding of the
interplay between past processes and present socio-political
realities. (Identical with HIST 377, NES 377 and POL 377)

382. Archaeology and the Bible (3) II Focuses on the relationship
between archaeological investigations and the study of the Bible.
In combination with a discussion of how archaeology can assist in
reconstructing many aspects of the cultural and social milieu of
the Bible, this couse will survey major discoveries which
illuminate the Bible. (Identical with NES 382 and RELI 382)

409a-409b. Biblical Hebrew (3-3) I II 1993-94 (Identical with NES
409a-409b) May be convened with 509a-509b.

430. Prophecy in Ancient Israel (3) II 1993-94 Traces the origins
and nature of Israelite prophecy within its ancient Near Eastern
cultural context. Focus on the literary forms and philosophical
issues with which several major prophets deal. (Identical with
RELI 430) May be convened with 530.

435. Jewish Mysticism (3) II 1993-94 Surveys the ideology,
symbolism, and major themes of Jewish mysticism as evidenced in
several prominent mystical texts. The core of this course will be
reading the texts in English translation and the development of
skills in reading and understanding a Jewish mystical text.
(Identical with NES 435 and RELI 435). May be convened with 535.

454. Spanish Inquisition (3) I 1994-95 (Identical with HIST 454)

455. Introduction to Rabbinic Literature (3) II 1994-95 Major
ethical and legal texts of rabbinic Judaism for critical
understanding of the different modes of rabbinic thought and
writing through study of different forms of rabbinic literature
in English translation. (Identical with RELI 455)

495. Colloquium
f. Ancient Near East (3) [Rpt./4] (Identical with NES 495f, which
is home)
g. Judaic Studies (3) [Rpt./4] II 1993-94 Consult department
before enrolling.

496. Seminar
w. Feminist Approaches in the Bible (3) II (Identical with NES
496w, RELI 496w, and W S 496w) May be convened with 596w.

*Writing-Emphasis Courses. P, satisfaction of the upper-division
writing-proficiency requirement (see "Writing-Emphasis Courses" 
in the Academic Policies and Graduation Requirements section of
this catalog).

509a-509b. Biblical Hebrew (3-3) I II 1993-94 (Identical with NES
509a-509b) May be convened with 409a-409b.

530. Prophecy in Ancient Israel (3) II 1993-94 For a description
of course topics, see 430. Graduate-level requirements include a
research paper. (Identical with RELI 530) May be convened with

535. Jewish Mysticism (3) II For description of course topics,
see 435. Graduate students will be required to write a paper
approximately 15 pages in length. (Identical with NES 535) May be
convened with 435.

553. Advanced Hebrew (3) [Rpt.] Advanced instruction in Biblical,
Rabbinic, and/or modern Hebres language and literature. P, 203b,
409b or 509b.

595. Colloquium
f. Ancient Near East (3) [Rpt./4] (Identical with NES 595f, which
is home.
g. Judaic Studies (3) [Rpt./4] II 1993-94 Consult department
before enrolling.

596. Seminar
w. Feminist Approaches in the Bible (3) II (Identical with NES
596w and RELI 596w) May be convened with 496w.

Landscape Architecture
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