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Honors Center (HONR)
Slonaker House
(520) 621-6901

The Honors Center provides special opportunities to those
students who demonstrate the highest levels of creativity,
curiosity, maturity, and academic achievement. Responsibility for
the program is shared between academic departments and the Honors
Center. Departments generally assume responsibility for those
courses which are endemic to their respective disciplines while
the Honors Center participates in this joint venture by offering
seminars and colloquia that are broader, often interdisciplinary
in focus, and by exposing students to a variety of noncredit,
cultural opportunities designed to enrich campus life.

In the Schedule of Classes students receive prior to
registration, all honors courses are identified by the suffix "H"
attached to the course number (History 106H) or to a section
designation positioned under the course number (History 106,
section 5H). Honors courses are reserved exclusively for honors

In order to graduate with honors, a student must:
(1) maintain and graduate with a 3.5 grade-point average,
(2) complete 30 units in university-wide, college, or
departmental honors courses (18 units if entering as a junior or
(3) complete both semesters of 498H as part of the 30-unit honors
requirement, and
(4) submit a completed honors thesis to the Honors Center prior
to graduation. The format of the program is structured such that
a student can fulfill the academic honors requirements by
enrolling in at least one honors course each semester, plus
completing the required 498H sequence (6 units).

Course offerings sponsored by the Honors Center and the
participating academic departments include, but are not limited
to, those listed below. It is important to note that, in order to
develop an appropriate blend of honors offerings, these courses
may not be offered every semester or year. Students should check
the Schedule of Classes each semester to determine if a specific
course is available.

Honors Center Courses

280H.* Student Planning Board (2) I II Open to select students
interested in working in the Honors Program organization. Prior
permission required.

295H.* Honors Colloquium (1-3) I II Small group discussions
exploring special topics. Open to all Honors students.

391H.* Honors Preceptorship (1-3) I II Open to select upper-
division students interested in gaining teaching or practical
experience in a department. (Prior permission required.)

396H.* Honors Proseminar (3) I II A small, interdisciplinary
class focusing on specialized topics.

399H.* Honors Independent Study (1-3) I II Open to select
students who wish to work independently under the supervision of
a faculty member.

*The above courses are available only to members of the Honors

Department Course Offerings
Independent laboratory opportunities available.

102.* Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3) I
111.* Exploring Physical Anthropology (3) II
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) II

452H. Honors Senior Project (6) I

101L.* Astronomy Lab (1) I
400a.* Theoretical Astrophysics (3) I
400b.* Theoretical Astrophysics (3) II

182.* Introductory Biology II (4) II
Additional independent laboratory opportunities are available.

105a-105b. Honors Fundamentals of Chemistry (4-5) I II
242a-242b. Honors Lectures in Organic Chemistry (3-3) I II
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) II

Civil Engineering
214.* Statics (3) I II
217.* Mechanics of Materials (3) I II
Additional independent research opportunities available.

396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
182.* Introductory Biology II (4) II
Additional independent laboratory opportunities available.

200.* Basic Economic Issues (3)
332.* Intermediate Macroeconomics (3) I II
361.* Intermediate Microeconomics (3) I II
418.* Introduction to Econometrics (3)
424.* European, Chinese, Japanese Economic History (3)
460.* Industrial Organization (3) I
461.* Economics of Regulated Industry (3) II
481.* Economics of Wage Determination (3) I

350.* Schooling in America (3) 

Educational Psychology
301. Child Development (3) 
310. Learning in the Schools (3)

103H. Freshman Composition (3) I II
104H. Freshman Composition (3) I II
109H. Advanced Freshman Composition (3) I II
495. Colloquium
a. Honors for Juniors (3) II
b. Honors for Seniors (3) I II

Family and Consumer Resources
396H. Honors Proseminar (1)

Family Studies
377.* Adolescence (3) I
413.* Issues in Aging (3) II
457.* Bio-Social Determinants (3) II
466.* Family Economics (3) I

Fine Arts
207.* Western Civilization and the Arts: The 20th Century (3) I

201, 202.* Intermediate French (4-4)
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I II

101, 102. Introduction to Geology (3-3)
103, 104.* Introduction to Geology Laboratory (1-1)
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I
397a.* Teaching Geosciences (2-3)

102.* History of Western Civilization: Modern World - 1648 (3) I
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I

250a-250b-250c.* Introduction to Humanities (3-3-3)
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) II

201.* Introduction to Linguistics (3)

Management and Policy
305.* Management and Organizational Behavior (3) II
320.* Legal, Social and Political Environment (3) II

Management Information Systems
111.* Introduction to Computing (3)
373.* Basic Operations Management (3)

361.* Introduction to Marketing (3) II
450.* Buyer Behavior (3) II
459.* Product Management (3) II
471.* Marketing Policies and Operations (3) II

125b.* Calculus (3) II
215.* Introduction to Linear Algebra (3)
223.* Vector Calculus (4)
254.* Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (3)

Media Arts
200.* Fundamentals of Theory and Aesthetics in Media Arts (3)
209.* Survey of Film History (3) II
222.* Major AM Broadcast Genre (3) II

181.* Introductory Biology I (4) I
182.* Introductory Biology II (4) II
Additional independent laboratory opportunities available.

Molecular and Cellular Biology
181.* Introductory Biology I (4) I
182.* Introductory Biology II (4) II
Additional independent laboratory opportunities available.

120a.* Musical Skills and Structure (3) I
120b.* Musical Skills and Structure (3) II
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I

279.* Nurse as Consumer and User of Research (3) 
350.* Pathophysiology (3) 
372.* Nurse as Care Provider for Developing Families (5)
383.* Nurse as Care Provider in Mental Health (5)
396H. Honors Proseminar (1-3) I II

111.* Introduction to Philosophy (3) I
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I

110.* Introductory Mechanics (4) I II
116.* Introductory Electricity and Magnetism (4) I II
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) II

Plant Science
100.* Plant Science (3)
101.* Plant Science Laboratory (1)

Political Science
102.* American National Government (3) I
250.* Contemporary National Politics (3) II
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I II

101.* Introduction to Psychology (3) I II
230.* Psychological Measurement and Statistics (3) 
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I

Public Administration and Policy
342.* Criminology (3) II

Russian and Slavic Languages
101a-101b.* Elementary Russian (4-4)
201a-201b.* Intermediate Russian (4-4)
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I

396H. Honors Proseminar (3) I

101, 102.* First Year Spanish (4-4)
201, 202.* Third and Fourth Semester Spanish (4-4)

Theatre Arts
100.* Acting for the General College Student (3)
396H. Honors Proseminar (3) II
*Honors section available. Consult Schedule of Classes for

Other Honors Courses
In addition to the courses listed above, all departments and
colleges participating in the Honors Center offer the following
standardized courses (available only to students who are members
of the Honors Center):
199H. Honors Independent Study Grades available A-B-C-D-E-I-W.
299H. Honors Independent Study Grades available A-B-C-D-E-I-W.
399H. Honors Independent Study Grades available A-B-C-D-E-I-W.
499H. Honors Independent Study Grades available A-B-C-D-E-I-W.
498H. Honors Thesis  (3) [Rpt./6 units] An honors thesis is
required of all students graduating with honors. Students
ordinarily sign up for this course as a two-semester sequence.
The first semester the student performs research under the
supervision of a faculty member; the second semester the student
writes an honors thesis. Grades available A-B-C-D-E-I-W.

Individual departments frequently offer honors courses in
addition to those listed above. Information on these specific
programs may be obtained from the Honors Center or from the
respective college honors advisors.


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