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Educational Administration and Higher Education (ED A/H ED)
Education Building, Room 635
(520) 621-3327

Professors Larry L. Leslie, Head, Waldo K. Anderson (Emeritus),
Henry E. Butler, Jr. (Emeritus), Robert G. Grant (Emeritus), Fred
Harcleroad (Emeritus), Lawrence O. Nelson, F. Robert Paulsen
(Emeritus), Macario Saldate, IV, T. Frank Saunders, Sheila
Slaughter, Marsden B. Stokes (Emeritus), Dudley B. Woodard, Jr.

Associate Professors Sharon C. Conley, Marcello Medina, Jr.,
Stanley Pogrow, Gary Rhoades

Assistant Professor Paul E. Heckman

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Arts
degree with a major in higher education. The Educational
Specialist degree is offered with a major in educational
administration. The Doctor of Philosophy degree is offered with a
major in higher education. (The Master of Arts and Doctor of
Philosophy degrees in Foundations of Education are currently
under review.)

Concentrations are available within graduate majors offered in
the department. The major in higher education is offered through
the Center for the Study of Higher Education, with concentrations
in academic administration, student personnel services
administration, finance and business affairs administration,
community college administration, curriculum and instruction,
higher education policy making, and institutional research and

The department also offers certification in educational
administration. Students seeking institutional recommendation for
Arizona administrative certification should major in educational
administration. In the Center for the Study of Higher Education,
master's degree programs may be designed to meet the requirements
for the Arizona Community College Teaching Certificate (Type A1a)
or for entry-level administrative service in institutions of
higher education.

An undergraduate grade-point average of at least 3.00 is required
for admission to full standing in a graduate degree program.
However, applicants with undergraduate grade-point averages of
2.50 to 2.99 may be admitted on a provisional basis. Standardized
test scores also are required (e.g., GRE, Millers Analogies).
Beyond these minimal requirements, applicants must also meet the
specific requirements for all majors offered in the department.

Educational Administration (ED A)

497. Workshop
a. Trends in Educational Administration (3) [Rpt./12 units] I II
S May be convened with 597a.

597. Workshop
a. Trends in Educational Administration (3) [Rpt./12 units] I II
S May be convened with 497a.
b. School Evaluation/Accreditation: Problems and Procedures (3) I

660. Administration and the Educational Environment (3) I II S
Introduction to educational administration; overview of
administration within school contexts and larger societal
environment; organizational and leadership theories.

661. Administration of Bilingual Education Programs (3) I S
Dynamics of the administration of educational programs for the
bilingual learner including socio-political realities, mandated
federal and state funded educational programs, and effective
community participation.

662. Educational Law: Policy and Practice (3) I S Evolution of
modern educational law and the effects of law on educational
policy formation and administrative practice.

663. Computer Applications in School Administration (3) I
Techniques for using computers to make school administration more
efficient; using computers to enhance the management of
information. P, 660 or CR.

664. Personnel Administration in Education (3) I Composition of
school staffs and the functions of various personnel; patterns
and practices in school personnel management; issues, trends, and
prospects in personnel management. P, 660.

665. Supervision of the Instructional Program (3) II S Purposes
of instructional supervision; organization, techniques and skills
for supervisory competency. P, 660.

667. Educational Governance and Collective Bargaining (3) II
Theory and practice of collective bargaining; history of
negotiations in the educational sector; impact of statutes and
governing authority. P, 660, 662 or CR.

668. Managing Curriculum Change (3) II Techniques for
administrators to use in analyzing the quality of the curriculum
in schools as well as the appropriateness of instructional
techniques used to support the curriculum. P, 660 or CR.

671. School Finance (3) I Historical background of the financing
of education in the United States; economics and principles;
sources and distribution of funds for education; budgeting,
accounting, and reports. P, 660, 661 or CR.

672. School Business Management (3) II The general management of
school business; administration and accounting of school funds;
administration of equipment and supplies; other business
operations. P, 660 or CR.

674. Law and Administrative Practice (3) II Routine and
continuous effects of law in public schools; tort liabilities,
collective bargaining, influence of federal and state
regulations, teacher dismissal; Arizona statutory and case law
emphasized. P, 660, 661, 662.

675. Theory and Behavior in School Organizations (3) I II
Perspectives on the nature of the individual in the school
organization; nature of schools as organizations; development of
individual-organizational relationships. P, 660.

681. The Principalship (3) I II Functions and activities of
building-level administrators, with emphasis on instruction,
staff development, student services evaluation, and operational
services. P, 693a and 15 units of educational administration, CR

682. The Superintendency (3) II S Functions and responsibilities
of the chief school executive and central office staff, with
emphasis on external and internal system relationships in policy
formation and decision making. P, 693a, 693b or CR.

693. Internship
a. Educational Administration (2-3) [Rpt./4 units] I II S P, 660,
661, 662 or CR.
b. Advanced Educational Administration (3-4) [Rpt./8 units] I II
P, 693a and 15 units of educational administration. CR, 681 or

695. Colloquium
a. Issues in Educational Administration (1-3) [Rpt./12 units] I

696. Seminar
a. Topics in Educational Administration (1-3) [Rpt./12 units] I

697. Workshop
a. Problems in Educational Administration (1-3) [Rpt./12 units] I

Higher Education (H ED)
Education Building, Room 327
(520) 621-7951

561. The Community College (3) I The scope, objectives, and
educational functions of the community college, patterns of
community college programs.

601. Higher Education in the United States (3) I The scope of
higher education in the United States; brief survey of historical
developments and philosophic bases, public policy issues at the
state and federal level; types of institutions and their
purposes; characteristics of faculty, students and curricula.

608. The College Student (3) I History and characteristics of the
college student; interactions with campus environmental
influences; developmental and normative trends; major research

609. Organization and Administration in Higher Education (3) I
Organizational theory, structures, systems, and administrative
procedures in varied higher education institutions; patterns of
governance and policy development.

617. Student Personnel Services in Higher Education (3) II
Student personnel services, philosophy, history, administrative
procedures, representative programs, current trends.

622. Teaching in Higher Education (3) II Planning, organizing,
presenting and evaluating learning experiences for mature

641. Institutional Research and Planning (3) I Development of
institutional research programs for short-term and long-term
planning; input and output measures.

650. Higher Education Finance (3) I Historical patterns of
financing private and public higher education; current sources
and types of financial support; alternative methods of financing;
social benefits and consumer theories. 

651. Higher Education Business Management (3) II Budget planning
and execution; systems of resource allocation; personnel
management; physical plant planning and construction; information
systems and use in management.

661. Higher Education and the Law (3) II Critical court
decisions, past and present, affecting higher education;
increasing role of the courts in decision making and policy
development. Field trips. P, 601, 609, 621 or 650.

693. Internship
c. Higher Education (1-3) [Rpt./12 units] I II

695. Colloquium
c. Issues in Higher Education (1-3) [Rpt./12 units] I II

696. Seminar
c. Topics in Higher Education (1-3) [Rpt./12 units] I II


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