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Genetics (GENE)
Biosciences West Building, Room 310
(520) 621-7511

Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Genetics Committee:

Professors Harris Bernstein (Microbiology and Immunology), Robert
P. Erickson (Pediatrics), William B. Heed (Emeritus), Conrad
Istock (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Margaret G. Kidwell
(Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Brian A. Larkins (Plant
Sciences), John W. Little (Biochemistry), Robert G. McDaniel
(Plant Sciences), Neil H. Mendelson (Molecular and Cellular
Biology), Richard E. Michod (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology),
David W. Mount (Molecular and Cellular Biology), David C. Rowe
(Family and Consumer Resources), Nobuyoshi Shimizu (Molecular and
Cellular Biology), Hans VanEtten (Plant Pathology), Samuel Ward
(Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Associate Professors Dennis T. Ray, Chair, (Plant Sciences),
Danny L. Brower (Molecular and Cellular Biology), Suzanne B.
Cassidy (Pediatrics), Sue K. DeNise (Animal Sciences), Carol L.
Dieckmann (Biochemistry), Jennifer D. Hall (Molecular and
Cellular Biology), Tim Helentjaris (Plant Sciences), H. Eugene
Hoyme (Pediatrics), Steven E. Smith (Plant Sciences), J. Bruce
Walsh (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Assistant Professors Alison E. M. Adams (Molecular and Cellular
Biology), Kenneth A. Feldman (Plant Sciences), Lynn J. Manseau
(Molecular and Cellular Biology), Karen K. Oishi (Molecular and
Cellular Biology), Marc J. Orbach (Plant Pathology), Roy Parker
(Molecular and Cellular Biology), Leland Pierson III (Plant
Pathology), Linda L. Restifo (Neurobiology/Neurology), Mary C.
Rykowski (Anatomy), Martin F. Taylor (Entomology)

Geneticists from various departments comprise the
interdepartmental program in Genetics, which offers programs
leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees
with a major in genetics. For admission and degree requirements,
please see the Graduate Catalog.

415. Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics (2) II (Identical with
MCB 415) May be convened with 515.

416. Computer Analysis of Sequences (3) II (Identical with MCB
416) May be convened with 516.

423. Cytogenetics (3) II (Identical with ECOL 423) May be
convened with 523.

433. Human Genetics (3) I Genetic theory and technique, as
applied to man; methods of analysis of genetically determined
cytological and biochemical differences in individuals and
populations. 2R, 3L. P, ECOL 320. (Identical with ECOL 433) May
be convened with 533. Ward

435. Evolution (3) I (Identical with ECOL 435) May be convened
with 535.

473. Recombinant DNA Methods and Applications (4) II (Identical
with MCB 473).

509. Statistics for Research (4) I II (Identical with STAT 509)

513. Quantitative Genetics (3) I 1994-95 (Identical with AN S

515. Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics (2) II (Identical with
MCB 515) May be convened with 415.

516. Computer Analysis of Sequences (3) II (Identical with MCB
516) May be convened with 416.

520. History of Genetics (1) I 1994-95 Experiments and
discoveries which have led to the present state of knowledge in
the various areas of genetics. P, ECOL 320 or 321.

523. Cytogenetics (3) II (Identical with ECOL 523) May be
convened with 423.

524. Theoretical Population Genetics (3) I (Identical with ECOL

525. Speciation (2) II (Identical with ECOL 525)

533. Human Genetics (3) I For a description of course topics, see
433. Graduate-level requirements include an in-depth research
paper on a current problem in human genetics. P, ECOL 320 or 321.
(Identical with ECOL 533) May be convened with 433. Ward 

535. Evolution (3) I (Identical with ECOL 535) May be convened
with 435.

545. Concepts in Genetic Analysis (3) I (Identical with MCB 545)

555. Molecular Mechanisms of Development (3) II 1994-95
(Identical with MCB 555)

568. Nucleic Acids (4) I (Identical with BIOC 568)

570. Molecular Genetics & Evolution (3) I 1993-94 (Identical with
MBIM 570)

574. Advances in Mammalian Genetics (2) [Rpt./1] I 1994-95
(Identical with BIOC 574)

589. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics (3) I 1993-94 (Identical
with CBIO 589, which is home)

595. Colloquium
a. Genetics (1) [Rpt.] I II

601. Molecular and Cellular Biology (4) I Acquire a basic
understanding of modern genetics, molecular biology and cell
biology, and learn how to apply that understanding to human
disease. Open to students in the Masters degree program in
Genetic Counseling only. (Identical with MCB 601, which is home).

627. Advanced Genetics (3) II 1994-95 (Identical with PL S 627)

635. Advanced Cytogenetics (4) I 1994-95 (Identical with PL S

665. Survey Physical Anthropology (3) (Identical with ANTH 665)

666. Human Microevolution (3) II 1994-95 (Identical with ANTH

670. Recent Advances in Genetics (2) I Recent advances in the
field of genetics. (Identical with ECOL 670)

695. Colloquium

e. Science, Society and Ethics (1) II (Identical with MCB 695e,
which is home)


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