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Finance and Real Estate (FIN)
McClelland Hall, Room 315R
(520) 621-7554

Professors Edward A. Dyl, Head, Willard T. Carleton, Nestor R.
Roos (Emeritus)

Associate Professors Erich K. Bleck (Emeritus), Joseph S. Gerber

Assistant Professors Allen B. Atkins, Robin J. Brenner, Corinne
M. Bronfman, Richard H. Harjes, Simon K. Kwan, Joel S. Sternberg

Lecturer L. Paige Fields, Thomas C. Moses

Majors in finance are prepared for corporate financial
management, investment portfolio management, brokerage, and
investment and commercial banking. The real estate major is under
review. Please contact the department for information.

Undergraduate majors in finance and real estate are offered
through the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (see
the College of Business and Public Administration section of the
catalog). Nonbusiness students interested in a minor in one of
these areas should contact the department head for information. A
Master of Science with a major in finance is available, and the
department participates in the Master of Business Administration
and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in business

201. Personal Finance (3) I II Principles of personal money
management and financial planning for the individual and family,
including analysis of home buying, credit purchases, insurance,
savings, and investments. Not open to B.P.A. students.

221. The Stock Market (3) I II Analysis of the markets for
securities of both public and private issuers: brokers, dealers,
investment bankers, organized and over-the-counter markets; the
mechanics of trading, and the investment risks and merits of all
classes of securities. Open only to nonmajors.

261. Real Estate Principles (3) I II Survey of the business
aspects of real estate.

311.* Corporation Finance (3) I II Financial problems involved in
the organization and conduct of business enterprise. P, ACCT 210,
ECON 200 or 201b.

313.* Economics of Futures Markets (3) I II (Identical with AREC

362.* Real Estate Appraisals (3) I II Factors influencing real
property values; application of three approaches in determining
the value of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
P, 261.

412.* Corporate Financial Problems (3) I II Advanced financial
problems of the firm: capital structure, valuation,
reorganization, recapitalization, growth, and failure. P, 311.

414. International Finance (3) I II International financial
markets and the financial management of the multinational firm.
P, 311.

421.* Investments (3) I II Operation and analysis of the stock,
bond, and commodity markets; theory and practice in construction
and management of investment alternatives. P, 311.

431.* Financial Intermediaries (3) I II Financial markets and
institutions; effects of economic conditions and government
policy on financial institutions, the flow of funds, and interest
rates; term structure of interest rates; financial institution
management. P, 311, ECON 330.

444.* International Financial Management (3) II (Identical with
ECON 444)

460.* Real Estate Finance and Investment (3) I II Investment
analysis of real estate. Sources and costs of financing.
Secondary markets and government programs. P, 261, 311.

461.* Real Estate Law (3) I II Principal areas of the law of real
estate. P, 261.

465.* Advanced Real Estate Appraisal (3) II Valuation of income-
producing property; the capitalization process, discounted cash
flow, concepts of investment analysis. P, 362, 460.

471.* Policy Formulation and the Finance Function (3) I II
Integrative course utilizing the case study approach and focusing
on the financial impact of marketing and production strategies.
P, 412, MAP 305, MKTG 361. Writing-Emphasis Course. P,
Satisfaction of the upper-division writing-proficiency
requirement (see "Writing-Emphasis Courses" in the Academic
Policies and Graduation Requirements section of this catalog). 

481.* Finance and New Venture Development (4) I Financial
integration of marketing, production, and management functions.
Pro forma statements. Development of venture capital. Open only
to entrepreneurship program students. P, 311, ECON 330, MKTG 361.
(Identical with MAP 481)

484.* Development of New Venture Plans (4) II (Identical with MAP

*Open only to students who meet the requirements for Advanced
Standing as specified in the College of Business and Public
Administration section of this catalog.

511. Managerial Finance (3) I II Integration of the basic
principles and underlying theory of finance, with emphasis on
analytical financial management of business firms and other
organizations. Open only to students admitted to a BPA graduate
program. P, ACCT 550.

512. Advanced Corporation Finance (3) II Financial theory applied
to capital structure; investment decisions; corporate valuation;
and corporate financial policies. P, 412 or 511.

513. Theory of Finance (3) I Theoretical models and empirical
evidence regarding financial decisions. P, 511.

521. Investment Analysis (3) I Portfolio theory with applications
to the markets for equities, fixed income securities, and
options. Risk analysis and investment strategies. P, 511.

522. Advanced Investment Topics (3) II Risk, return, and price
behavior of securities in competitive markets. Financial futures,
options, and other financial and real investments P, 521.

528. Topics in Public and Nonprofit Financial Management (3) II
(Identical with PA 528)

531. Management of Financial Institutions (3) II Financial
markets and institutions. Decisions faced by intermediaries and
other financial service firms. P, 521.

532. Financial Management and Policy (3) I Financial decision-
making in corporations. Case studies. P, 511.

537. Finance for New Ventures (3) I  Value maximization;
simulation of value distribution; sources of venture capital;
timing of initial public offering; new venture ownership
structuring. Open only to students in the entrepreneurship
program. P, 511, MKTG 500. (Identical with MAP 537)

539. Planning of New Ventures (3) II (Identical with MAP 539)

601. Financial Decision Making Under Uncertainty (3) II
Theoretical and applied financial economics relating to
uncertainty in markets, information, and choice. P, 513.

620a-620b. Financial Markets and Corporate Finance (3-3)
Financial models and empirical tests: asset pricing models,
financial behavior; corporate financial decisions. P, 513.

695. Colloquium
a. Research and Finance (1-3) [Rpt./4] I II

696. Seminar 
a. Investments (3) [Rpt./1] I II
b. Financial Markets (3) [Rpt./1] I II
c. Corporation Finance (3) [Rpt./1] I II
d. Financial Institutions (3) I II
e. Financial Theory (3) [Rpt./1] I II
f. Research Methods (3) [Rpt.] I II

697. Workshop
a. Research Issues (1-3) [Rpt./5] I II. P, Admission to a
graduate program in BPA.


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