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Environment and Behavior (ENV)
Psychology Building, Room 517
(520) 621-7430

Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Behavior

Professors Robert Bechtel, Chair (Psychology), Charles Albanese
(Architecture), Terry Daniel (Psychology), Donald Davis
(Hydrology), William Havens (Renewable Natural Resources), Robert
Hershberger (Architecture), William Ittelson (Psychology), David
King (Renewable Natural Resources), William Rathje
(Anthropology), Thomas F. Saarinen (Geography), Ervin H. Zube
(Renewable Natural Resources)

Associate Professors Curtis W. Bryant (Civil Engineering) Dennis
Doxtater (Architecture), William Shaw (Renewable Natural

Assistant Professors Chet Ross (Architecture)

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and
Behavior functions to coordinate and further develop study of the
relationship between physical settings and human activities. This
multidisciplinary group of teachers and researchers will assist
students interested in combining an environment and behavior
emphasis into majors such as psychology, architecture, landscape
architecture, interior design, geography, renewable natural
resources, political science, and water resources administration.
Students should consult their department advisors and appropriate
members of the Program in Environment and Behavior.

While no graduate major is offered, the program does offer a
doctoral minor. A minimum of 15 units from environment and
behavior courses approved by the program is required.

Current information can be obtained from the Chair, Program on
Environment and Behavior, Department of Psychology. Courses
identified as having content which deals specifically with
environment and behavior include: ARCH 587; ENV 596u; GEOG 507,
563; L AR 533; POL 481; PSYC 371, 427/527, 546, 596u; RNR 595c.

596. Seminar 
u. Interdisciplinary Environment-Behavior-Design (3) II
(Identical with ARCH 596u, GEOG 596u, L AR 596u, PSYC 596u, and
PLNG 596u)


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