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Engineering and Mines (ENGR)
Geology Building, Room 134
(520) 621-6032

Listed below are courses which are common to all degrees offered
by the College of Engineering and Mines, and others that are
available to all university students.

102. Problem Solving and Engineering Design (3) I II S
Introduction to the engineering design process, basic engineering
principles, problem-solving techniques, and software tools.
Culminates in an engineering design project. IES, IED. P, CR,
MATH 124 or 125a. 

109. Technology and Society: An Historical Perspective (3) I
(Identical with NEE 109)

120. Mineral Resources, Geotechnology and the Environment (3) I
(Identical with MN E 120)

170. Problem Solving Using Computers (3) The design of problem-
solving algorithms, their implementation in a structured
programming language, and their application in engineering. P,

195. Colloquium
a. Materials in Engineering (1) Field trips
b. Materials Science and Engineering (1) (Identical with MSE
195b, which is home)

196. Honors Proseminar
a. Survey of Engineering Professions (1) I
b. Planning Engineering Design (1) I

220. Microcomputing Applications (3) I II (Identical with ABE

251. Social Constraints on Engineering (3) [Rpt./1] I (Identical
with MSE 251)

255. Materials Science in Modern Society (3) I (Identical with
MSE 255)

256. Laboratory for Materials Science (1) I (Identical with MSE

257. Materials Science of Art and Archaeological Objects (3) II
(Identical with MSE 257)

258. Materials Science of Art and Archaeological Objects
Laboratory (1) II (Identical with MSE 258)

265. Engineering Economic Analysis (3) I II S (Identical with SIE

435. Corrosion and Degradation (3) II (Identical with MSE 435)

454. Law for Engineers/Scientists (3) II (Identical with CH E
454) May be convened with 554.

479. Culture and Materials Technology (3) I (Identical with ANTH

485. Technological Forecasting (3) I (Identical with MSE 485)

486. Technology and Society (3) I (Identical with MSE 486)

488. Scanning Electron Microscopy (3) I (Identical with MSE 488)

501. Planning for Discovery: Problem Solving and Proposal
Preparation (3) II (Identical with MSE 501)

502. Research Proposal Preparation (3) I (Identical with MSE 502)

554. Law for Engineers/Scientists (3) II (Identical with CH E
554) May be convened with 454.


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