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Education (EDUC)
Education Building, Room 201
(520) 621-1461

The College of Education offers certain courses that are not
directly affiliated with any of the academic departments in the
college. In many cases, these courses are college-wide
requirements for degree programs.

Education (EDUC)

350. Schooling in America (3) I II S Nature and functions of
schools in society; school reform proposals; moral dimensions of
schooling; equality of educational opportunity; alternatives to
schooling; nature of teaching profession. Writing-emphasis course
for all TTE students. P, satisfaction of the upper-division
writing-proficiency requirement (see "Writing-Emphasis Courses"
in the Academic Policies and Graduation Requirements section of
this catalog).

500. Disciplined Inquiry in Education (3) I II S Introduction to
research methods in education: analysis of research; writing of
research reviews; applying research results in educational

501. Foundations of Education (3) I II S Schools and social
institutions; political and social influences on education;
nature of the education profession; reform and implementation in

502. Variations in Learners (3) I II S Nature and extent of
differences among learners, both among and within groups; causes
and factors relating to variations in learners; implications for
educational placement, curricular planning and program

600. Quantitative/Inferential Methods in Education (4) I II S
Statistical knowledge for use in describing educational research
data and relationships between sets of data; statistical
relationships among various forms of educational research
inquiry. P, 500.

601. Qualitative Methods in Education (3) I II S Introduction to
theory and methods of conducting research through extended
participant observation in school or community settings; field
work, ethnography, case study, qualitative methods. P, 500.

602. Research Design and Techniques in Education (3) I II S In-
depth explorations of various research paradigms in educational
inquiry and their research designs; critical analysis of the
structure and logic of various designs and techniques;
preparation of research proposals. P, 600, 601.

604. Leadership for Educational Change (3) I II S Investigations
of the characteristics of leadership as they apply to changing
basic educational organizational structures and processes.

605. Evaluation of Educational Programs and Personnel (3) I II S
Models, purposes served, contextual influences and procedures
employed in evaluating educational programs and personnel. P,

606. Policy Analysis in Education (3) I II S Understanding of and
necessary skills to provide leadership in the area of educational
policy development and analysis.

611. Comparative Education (3) I II Emphasis on comparative
education methodology; analysis of selected national education
systems, with focus on sociocultural foundations; curriculum and
instruction; administration; teacher education; contemporary
trends and issues; implications for education in the United

612. Philosophy of Education (3) I II Analysis of values and
conflicts in American culture as these direct educational policy;
critical examination of contending philosophies in the light of
democratic ideals.

613. History of Western Education (3) I II The historical
development of western educational thought from its origins to
the present.

614. History of Education in the United States (3) I II The
development of American educational thought from its colonial
origin to the present.

615. Educational Sociology (3) I II The school as a social
institution; social functions of the school; social processes,
socialization, and stratification in education; informal and
formal systems and the bureaucratic structure of the school.

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