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Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies (CCLS)
1239 North Highland Avenue
Building 431a
(520) 626-8693

Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Comparative Cultural and
Literary Studies


Professors Barbara A. Babcock, Chair (English), J. Douglas
Canfield (English), Jane H. Hill (Anthropology), Herbert N.
Schneidau (English), Joseph H. Stauss (Family and Consumer
Resources), Charles M. Tatum (Spanish and Portuguese)

Associate Professors Karen S. Anderson (History), Melanie R.
Wallendorf (Marketing), Marvin Waterstone (Geography and Regional

Assistant Professors Eileen R. Meehan (Media Arts) 

Adjunct Lecturer James S. Griffith (English)

Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies explore similarities
and differences within and among national cultures and
literatures, as well as in the work of individuals, using a
variety of methods from the humanities and social sciences. Such
interdisciplinary studies focus on the production, circulation,
and interpretation of meaning and value in all cultural activity.

The Program offers the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees with a major in
comparative cultural and literary studies. Students pursue a core
of theoretical courses and study at least two primary discourses.
Courses are taught by faculty from a variety of cooperating
departments and programs. A list of affiliated faculty is
available from the program office. The master's degree is
considered primarily as leading to the Ph.D. degree.

For admission and degree requirements, please consult the
Graduate Catalog.

195. Colloquium
a. Encounters in Cultural Studies (1) I II Interpretations of
culture, in its broadest sense, from local to global
perspectives. Topics vary.

200. Critical Concepts in Western Culture (3) [Rpt./9 units] I II
S Analyzes concepts in art, literature, and other cultural forms
that have shaped western ideology. Juxtaposes traditional and
nontraditional, elite and popular, western and nonwestern

205. Introduction to Feminist Literary Theory (3) II (Identical
with W S 205)." Eff. II 93-94.

449a-449b. Folklore (3-3) (Identical with ENGL 449a-449b) May be
convened with CCLS 549a-549b.

462. Linguistics and the Study of Literature (3) II 1994-95
(Identical with ENGL 462) May be convened with 562.

503. Introduction to Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies
(3) I Strategies of interpretation taught through practical

549a-549b. Folklore (3-3) (Identical with ENGL 549a-549b) May be
convened with 449a-449b.

550a-550b. Modern Theories of Cultural Studies (3-3) Historical
precedents and contemporary thought in cultural studies from
sociological to feminist theory. 550a: from such theorists as
Marx, Bakhtin, and Foucault to contemporary postcolonial
theorists. 550b: from Frankfurt school to contemporary theorists
of political economy. (Identical with ENGL 550a-550b)

562. Linguistics and the Study of Literature (3) II 1994-95
(Identical with ENGL 562) May be convened with 462.

596. Seminar
g. Comparative Literature (3) [Rpt./2] I II (Identical with ENGL
596g, which is home)

696. Seminar
a. Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies (3) [Rpt./4] I II

Computer Engineering

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