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Biophysics (BIP)
Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Biophysics

At the time of publication of this catalog, the Graduate
Interdisciplinary Program in Biophysics was undergoing
programmatic changes. For current information, contact R.
Gruener, 621-8368.

578a-578b. Introduction to Biophysics (3-3) Introduction to the
structure of cells and the chemistry of macromolecules, followed
by a survey of the principal areas of biophysics: molecular
biophysics, membrane and cellular biophysics, and systems
biophysics. P, PHYS 415b, 
CHEM 480a-480b.

681. Introduction to Biophysical Research (1-2) [Rpt./3 units] I
II S Supervised research experiences in the labs of individual
faculty members. 3-6L. Open only to first-year majors.

696. Seminar
a. Biophysics I (1-2) [Rpt./8 units] I Open to majors only.
b. Biophysics II (1-2) [Rpt./8 units] II Open to majors only.


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