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Arid Lands Resource Sciences (AR L)
845 N. Park Avenue, Room 102
(520) 621-1955

Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Arid Lands Resource

Professors Paul G. Bartels (Plant Sciences), Robert B. Bechtel
(Psychology), Michael E. Bonine (Near Eastern Studies), Herbert
E. Carter (Emeritus), Dennis C. Cory (Agricultural and Resource
Economics), Stanley N. Davis (Emeritus), Peter F. Ffolliott
(Renewable Natural Resources), Martin M. Fogel (Renewable Natural
Resources), Kennith E. Foster (Arid Lands), Roger W. Fox
(Agricultural and Resource Economics), Lay J. Gibson (Geography
and Regional Development), C. Vance Haynes (Geosciences), Helen
M. Ingram (Political Science), Paul S. Martin
(Geosciences/Emeritus), Fred S. Matter (Architecture), Eric A.
Monke (Agricultural and Resource Economics), James W. O'Leary
(Plant Sciences), Stanley J. Olsen (Anthropology), Richard W.
Reeves (Geography and Regional Development), Michael B. Schiffer
(Anthropology), Donald C.. Slack (Agricultural and Biosystems
Engineering), Thomas Weaver (Anthropology)

Associate Professors Charles F. Hutchinson, Chair (Arid Lands),
D. Robert Altschul (Geography and Regional Development), Bonnie
C.. Colby (Agricultural and Resource Economics), Owen K. Davis
(Geosciences), Michael J. Donoghue (Ecology and Evolutionary
Biology), Katherine K. Hirschboeck (Laboratory of Tree-Ring
Research), Joseph J. Hoffmann (Arid Lands), Stuart E. Marsh (Arid
Lands), John W. Olsen (Anthropology), Thomas K. Park
(Anthropology), Dennis T. Ray (Plant Sciences), Robert H.
Robichaux (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Steven E. Smith
(Plant Sciences), Barbara N. Timmermann, Vice-Chair (Arid Lands),
James C. Wade (Agricultural and Resource Economics), Donovan
Wilkin (Renewable Natural Resources)

Assistant Professors Lisa J. Graumlich (Laboratory of Tree-Ring
Research), Steven P. McLaughlin (Arid Lands), Thomas W. Swetnam
(Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research), Thomas L. Thompson (Soil and
Water Science)

The Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Arid Lands Resource
Sciences offers a program of graduate study leading to a Doctor
of Philosophy degree with a major in arid lands resource
sciences. The program is interdisciplinary and provides an
academic environment in which to examine the ecological, economic
and social factors which influence the sustainable use of arid
and semiarid lands. Interested students should request additional
information from the program chairman. For admission and degree
requirements, please see the Graduate Catalog.

430. The Climate System (3) I (Identical with GEOG 430) May be
convened with 530.

490. Remote Sensing for the Study of Planet Earth (3) II 1993-94
(Identical with REM 490) May be convened with 590.

512. Economic Policy in Developing Countries (3) II (Identical
with AREC 512).

521. Physical Climatology (3) II (Identical with ATMO 521).

530. The Climate System (3) I (Identical with GEOG 530) May be
convened with 430.

523. Hydrology (3) I (Identical with C E 523).

531. Anthropology and Development (3) II (Identical with ANTH

535. Water Management in Dryland Ecosystems (3) I (Identical with
WS M 535).

541. Economic Botany of Arid Lands (3) I 1993-94 (Identical with
PL S 541).

550. Geomorphology (4) I (Identical with GEOS 550)

564. The Arid and Semiarid Lands (3) I (Identical with GEOG 564)

565. Physical Aspects of Arid Lands (3) II (Identical with GEOG

575. Economics of Natural Resource Policy (3) I (Identical with
AREC 575)

590. Remote Sensing for the Study of Planet Earth (3) II 1993-94
(Identical with REM 590) May be convened with 490.

595. Colloquium
a. Current Research (1) [Rpt./8 units] I II

596. Seminar
a. Physical and Biological Characteristics of Arid Lands (3)
[Rpt./6 units] I 1993-94
b. Use and Management of Arid Lands (3) [Rpt./6 units] II 1993-94
c. Cultures and Institutions of Arid Lands (3) [Rpt./6 units] I
d. Current Topics in Arid Land Research (3) [Rpt./6 units] II

696. Seminar
b. Cultural Anthropology (1-3) [Rpt./3] I II (Identical with ANTH
696b, which is home)


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