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African American Studies (AAS)
Learning Services Building, Room 223
(520) 621-5665

Committee on African American Studies

Professor Joan Dayan

Associate Professor Brackette F. Williams, Director

Assistant Research Anthropologist Drexel Woodson

African American Studies Advisory Committee: Karen Anderson,
Ellen Basso, Myra Dinnerstein, Jesse Hargrove, Celestino
Fernandez, Macario Saldate, Rudy Troike, Carlos Velez-Iba$ez,
Fred Wiggins

The objectives of the African American Studies Program are to
provide students with opportunities to learn about the African
heritage in the Americas. Its curriculum is designed 1) to
explore past and present cultural, political, and economic links
between Africa and African descent populations in the Americas,
and 2) to provide a comparative interdisciplinary theoretical and
methodological examination of issues shaping the lives of persons
of African descent in the United States and other nations of the
Americas. The program seeks to accomplish these goals by 1)
identifying courses offered in other departments and programs
which focus on Africa or populations of African descent in the
Americas, and 2) providing a minor in African American studies
which provides different perspectives from which to examine
issues to which students are exposed. African American studies
courses are intended to supplement disciplinary offering as well
as provide students with perspectives from within and across
disciplines which challenge and question their established
theories, methods, and conclusions.

For the minor in African American studies, students are required
to successfully complete twenty-two (22) credit hours of courses.
Ten (10) credit hours must be taken in Area I and the remaining
twelve (12) can be taken in any one, not a combination, of the
other four study areas. Cross-listed offerings acceptable for the
African American studies requirement are included in the
appropriate study area described below. (Note: these acceptable
cross-listed courses may change. Students should seek advice from
the African American studies advisor to determine whether a
course is acceptable.)

Study Area I: African American studies theory and methodology:
examines the past and present research agenda of African American
studies. Courses in this area address the development of the
field in relation to changes in issues of concern to African
descent populations in the Americas. Courses in this area examine
problems in the institutionalization of African American studies,
the interdisciplinary nature of its methodology and theory; and
exploration of disciplines, scholars, and historical events which
have influenced the foci of its past and contemporary research
agenda--ten (10) credits.

AAS 220 Introduction to African American Studies (3)

AAS 222 African American Studies: A History of Ideas (3)

AAS 396H Honors Proseminar (4)

Study Area II: African American literature, literary criticism
and drama: examines historical developments and contemporary
variations in the literary and performing arts of African descent
populations in Africa and the Americas. Courses in this area
attend to the sociopolitical and economic context of artistic
productions with special attention to the implications such
contexts have for general literary and symbolic theories--twelve
(12) credit hours, at least three (3) of which should be devoted
to a course that explores the influence of gender on variations
in artistic productions.

AAS 478 African American Literature (3) (Identical with ENGL 478)

AAS 306 African Women in the Americas (3)

AAS 339 Introduction to African and African-American Art (3)
(Identical with ARH 339)

AAS 442 Writers, Women and the Gods (3)

AAS 450a-450b French Literature of Black Africa and the Caribbean
(3) (Identical with FREN 450a-450b)

Study Area III: African and African American history, politics,
and economy: examines the form, function and implications of
underlying processes in the historical formation of contemporary
demographic, economic, and political patterns that characterize
African descent populations in the Americas in comparison with
those of the African continent--twelve (12) credit hours, at
least three (3) of which should be devoted to a course that is
primarily focused on Africa, and three (3) to one that directs
attention to an African descent population outside of the United
States but in the Americas.

AAS 190 Introduction to African History (3) (Identical with HIST

AAS 435 The Coming of the Civil War, U.S. 1845-1861 (3)
(Identical with HIST 435)

AAS 436 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1878 (3) (Identical
with HIST 436)

AAS 468 Government and Politics of Africa (3) (Identical with POL

Study Area IV: African American society, culture, and the
individual: examines processes of cultural production,
institution building, and group and individual identify formation
among African descent populations in the Americas and on the
African continent. Courses in this area examine past and current
theories of culture formation, personality development, stages of
moral development, and sociopolitical integration with special
attention to their comparative implications among Americans of
African descent within and across the categorical distinctions
generally referred to as "racial groups," and "class strata"--12
credit hours.

AAS 329 Cultures and Societies of Africa (Identical with ANTH

AAS 351 Race and Class in Latin America (3) (Identical with HIST

AAS 487 Race and Public Policy (3) (Identical with POL 487)

AAS 495b Colloquium: Studies in Black America (3) (Identical with
HIST 495b)

160. Minority Relations and Urban Society (3) I II (Identical
with SOC 160)

190. Introduction to African History (3) I II S (Identical with
HIST 190)

220. Introduction to African American Studies (3) I Introductory
survey of the literature, history, culture and social issues
affecting Black Americans.

222. African American Studies: A History of Ideas (3) [Rpt./2] II
Enduring problems in the black experience through an examination
of some of the political and social ideas in the history of black

306. African-American Autobiographies: Women and Their Histories
(3) Exploration of the relationship of "so-called" subjective
writing to the shaping of history through the study of African
American autobiographies from Frederick Douglass' The Narrative
of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (1845)
through Booker T. Washington's Up From Slavery, DuBois' Dusk of
Dawn, Richard Wright's Black Boy, and Zora Neale Hurston's Dust
Tracks in the Road. (Identical with WS 306).

329. Cultures and Societies of Africa (3) II (Identical with ANTH

330. Minority Groups and American Politics (3) I II (Identical
with POL 330)

339. Introduction to African and African-American Art (3) I II
(Identical with ARH 339)

342. Writers, Women and the Gods: The Caribbean Novel (3) I
Examination of novels written by women in the Caribbean, with
focus on the turn to local, folk or "alternative" culture; the
uses of religion in narrative and as image; and the construction
of a uniquely female identity or voice. Since the 1960s, women's
writing in the Caribbean has helped to redefine fiction in the
Americas. (Identical with ENGL 342 and W S 342).

346. African Literature in Translation (3) II 1994-95 (Identical
with FREN 346)

347. The Old South (3) (Identical with HIST 347)

348. The South Since the Civil War (3) (Identical with HIST 348)

349. Images of Africa (3) I 1994-95 (Identical with FREN 349)

351. Race and Class in Latin America (3) II (Identical with HIST

384. Topics in African History (3) [Rpt.] I II S (Identical with
HIST 384)

396H. Honors Proseminar (4) I II

435. The Coming of the Civil War, U.S. 1845-1861 (3) I (Identical
with HIST 435)

436. Civil War and Reconstruction, U.S. 1861-1878 (3) II
(Identical with HIST 436)

450a-450b. French Literature of Black Africa and the Caribbean
(3-3) I II 1993-94 (Identical with FREN 450a-450b)

467. Race and Ethnic Relations (3) I II (Identical with SOC 467)

468. Government and Politics of Africa (3) II (Identical with POL

478. African American Literature (3) I (Identical with ENGL 478)

483. Urban Economics (3) II Open only to students who meet the
requirements for Advanced Standing as specified in the College of
Business and Public Administration section of this catalog.
(Identical with ECON 483)

487a-487b. Race and Public Policy (3) I (Identical with POL 487a-

495. Colloquium
b. Studies in Black America (3) I II (Identical with HIST 495b,
which is home)

596. Seminar
j. Issues in African Art History (3) [Rpt./12 units] I II
(Identical with ARH 597j, which is home)


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